An Honest 21 Day Fix Review – Read This Before You Buy!


Do Not Try Another Weight Loss Program Until You Read This 21 Day Fix Review

We all know that we should eat better and workout every day. So why are so many people overweight and unhappy? A big reason is an absence of making health a daily habit. The 21 Day Fix is a program that incorporates a comprehensive meal plan, portion control containers, daily 30-minute workout DVDs, and tally sheets.

Autumn Calabrese, the creator of the 21 Day Fix, created this program based on her own experience with staying in shape while working as a fitness instructor. She noticed that even when her clients were eating healthy they weren’t seeing the results they should. That is when she designed a simple portion control program to help her trainees keep from overeating and optimizing their results.

In this 21 day fix review, I will break down the main components of this revolutionary program for those trying to decide if it is right for them.

1. Skip Calorie Counting With Beachbody Portion Control Containers:

The meal plan revolves around seven color-coded BPA-free containers and their corresponding foods. This was designed to take the guesswork out of portioning out food.

21 Day Fix Container Breakdown –

Green – Vegetables
Purple – Fruits
Red – Protein
Yellow – Carbohydrates
Blue – Healthy fats
Orange(2) – Seeds & dressings

2. Eat Your Way To A Healthier You:

There is a comprehensive guide that shows exactly what foods go into which container and a sample complete week. There are also simple salad dressing, dinner, lunch, and breakfast recipes with container counts listed for each one.

The number of containers you eat per day is based on your current weight. This can change overtime as you lose weight or enter the maintenance part of the 21 day fix.

Thankfully, there are many resources to find amazing recipes that are approved in this meal plan. Not only do many blogs and social media outlets share plenty of information, but there is also a recipe book put together by Autumn herself with over 100 recipes.

A detailed grocery list for the 21 day fix can be found here.

3. If You Have Time To Watch TV, You Have Time To Do The 21 Day Fix Workouts:

The DVD’s have 6 30-minute workouts complete with a calendar to know which workouts to complete each day.

1 – Total Body Cardio
2 – Upper Fix
3 – Pilates Fix and Abs Fix
4 – Dirty Thirty
5 – Yoga Fix

These workouts incorporate two active rest days, yoga and pilates, to ensure that you aren’t overtraining. The only equipment needed is two sets of dumbells, heavy and light, or a resistance band. Optional equipment is a yoga mat and towel. The full schedule for the workouts is in this post.

4. Overall Pros and Cons Of The 21 Day Fix Program:

In this 21 day fix review, I want to give you both pros and cons for completing the program to help you decide if it is right for you.

Pros –

1. Easy to follow meal plan with portion control containers that eliminate the need to weigh or measure food individually.
2. Workouts are short but effective. Also, there are plenty of modifications if you are at a beginners level for exercise.
3. The lists of approved foods are so vast that you can make it work with your personal preferences or dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten free)

Cons –

1. Only 21 days. Even with the maintenance guide, it can seem like a short term solution to weight loss.
2. Doing the same workouts over and over after a few months can become mundane or not challenging unless you increase weight.
3. Keeping up with containers can be tough since they are small.

5. Jaw-Dropping REAL Results In Just 21 Days:

What I put in my 21 day fix review doesn’t mean much. What really matters is what kind of results people are obtaining when completing the program. Here are a couple of actual reviews from verified customers:

Ta Says –

21 day fix review

“Easiest weight loss regimen I’ve ever tried. Eat a lot of your normal foods and lose weight with just 30 minutes of exercise a day. I’ve lost 15 and 17 pounds in separate rounds within three weeks each.”

Shannon Says –

honest 21 day fix review

“I lost 5.6lbs by following the workout plan directly except for 1 day (I made up for it the next day) and the meal plan except for 1 meal. Lost my love handles and 4 inches. The results were not what I expected (I was hoping for more) and the total body fix workout would NOT load properly so I had to improvise. Wish the workout video worked properly but all in all, good program.”

Improve Your Self-Confidence In 21 Days

Whether you are looking to make a lifestyle change or simply to tone up, the 21 day fix program might be worth a try. This is a complete nutrition and fitness package with a simple eating plan, meal guide, portion control containers, and 30-minute workouts. Also, there are ample resources available due to its popularity to really tailor the program to your specific needs. Learning dialed in nutrition is just the first step to a long, healthy life for you and your family.


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