5 Things Every Bodybuilder Should Know Before Buying a Bed


As a bodybuilder, we do not doubt that you know everything about your sport. You know which foods are the best for muscle growth, and which ones you must avoid. You’ve mastered all the right techniques that will help you give 100% and that additional 10% more. You know what it feels like to wake up after a hard workout and be so sore that you are hobbling the next day.

But do you know how sleep can affect your performance?

For many people, when it comes to optimizing their workout and muscle growth, getting a good night’s sleep is only an afterthought. However, sleep plays a vital role in your workout performance. Better sleep can help you improve your focus and strengthen the muscles that get broken down during training. Your mattress can either make or break your sleep satisfaction. 

If you have decided to say goodbye to your old bed, take a look some of the most important sleep considerations for bodybuilders of all ages, as well as some mattress buying tips.

Why is Sleep so Important for Bodybuilders?

Numerous studies have established a direct link between healthy sleep habits and better workout performance. Well-rested bodybuilders are faster, stronger, and more focused. They also react quicker than those who do not get enough sleep every night. Additionally, proper sleep is important to bodybuilders because it’s crucial both for muscle recovery and muscle growth. A good night sleep will help everyone who exercises regularly to build muscle, strength, and endurance efficiently.

Bodybuilder sleeping in bed


Bodybuilders face unique considerations when it comes to sleep. Poor sleep leads to longer recovery time and diminishes your motor skills, meaning workout performance will also decrease. For example, a sleep-deprived athlete can never withstand strenuous physical exercise every day without experiencing any consequences.

When we sleep, our body regulates the production of the stress hormone known as cortisol. Sleep deprivation causes cortisol levels to rise, and high cortisol levels interfere with our body’s capability to create glycogen and carbohydrates.

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Glycogen and carbohydrates are essential to provide bodybuilders energy boosts during high-endurance activities. It is not rare that bodybuilders rely on supplements to replenish their glycogen and carbohydrate levels. However, without getting a good night sleep, it is impossible to recover and restore your energy fully.

To conclude, bodybuilders and others who engage in sports that involve strenuous physical exercise, require more sleep than people who don’t exercise on a daily basis. An average person requires 8 hours a sleep per night in order to function normally the next day. Adult bodybuilders need around 10 hours of sleep per night if they are training or competing on a regular basis. Getting enough sleep is vital to ensure strong workout performance and a speedy physical recovery.

Mattress Considerations for Bodybuilders

When shopping for a new mattress, the most important factors to keep in mind are firmness, conforming, support, and temperature neutrality.

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Firmness can range from soft to very firm. You measure it on a scale from 1 to 10. Mattress firmness depends on its topmost layers. Topmost layers are the comfort system of the bed. Firmness preferences vary from one person to another and usually depend on the person’s body weight and sleep position.

People who weigh 130 pounds or less feel more comfortable on a medium firm mattress (between 3 and a 5). Heavier sleepers that have more than 230 pounds typically prefer firmer mattresses (between 6 and an 8). Light sleepers prefer softer mattresses because they allow them to sink deeply and experience great comfort. Heavy sleepers prefer firmer mattresses because they sink too much in the softer ones and often experience discomfort. Since bodybuilders definitely weigh more than 130 pounds, it is best to opt for a mattress of medium firmness.

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The firmness of your mattress also be chosen depends on your sleep position. If you are a side sleeper, you will need a bed that conforms to your body and targets pressure buildup. If you sleep on your stomach, in order to avoid spinal misalignment and pressure buildup in the neck and shoulders, you should get a firm mattress. Bodybuilders that sleep on their back are in a position that naturally aligns the spine in a proper position so they can choose a firmness that simply feels most comfortable.


A mattress that conforms to a sleeper’s body forms a deep, contoured impression that helps properly align the spine.  Apart from proper alignment, is also helps to relieve pressure along the shoulders, neck, back, and hips. Beds that have a high level of conformity help bodybuilders ease soreness caused by exercising and weight lifting.


The support of a bed should not be mixed with firmness. It is regulated by the layers located below the top layers known as the comfort system. A quality mattress should withstand the sleeper’s weight and gently push the body back, creating an even surface that will keep our spine straight during the entire night.

If your mattress is sagging, its support system has deteriorated, and you should consider replacing it. Sleeping on a saggy mattress will cause back pain over time.

Temperature Neutrality

Every adult naturally sleeps hot or warm. However, since bodybuilders have a faster metabolism, they usually sleep hotter than the general population. In order to have a better night’s sleep, seek a bed that promotes airflow and is designed to regulate your body temperature by absorbing and removing excess body heat. Best mattresses for hot sleepers are all-latex mattresses because they retain less body heat. If you are a hot sleeper, avoid memory foam because it has a tendency to trap heat.

Other Factors

Apart from the mentioned, bodybuilders should also consider factors such as cover fabric and size when buying a mattress. Mattress covers are important for bodybuilders. Covers that are made Celliant can help improve circulation, speed up muscle recovery, and regulate body temperature faster.  Celliant is also used to make athletic attire because it helps athletes preserve energy during the highly demanding athletic performance.

When it comes to size, since many bodybuilders are typically larger and taller, standard mattress sizes may not accommodate them appropriately. If you are particularly tall or large, you may sleep better on a larger and longer bed such as King and California King size mattress.

Keep in mind that sleeping on a quality mattress is equally important to shape the path of your safety and performance as gloves are for weightlifters and supportive shoes are for runners. By not sleeping well, you are working against your health and fitness goals. Sleeping on a quality mattress will ensure you get a good night sleep and always be ready for your next day performance and high-endurance activities.

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