5 Things to Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair: Read Before You Color!


Your hair can show a lot about your personality and, to some extent, even reflect your character. That’s because we really attach great importance to our hair color and why you may be wondering about dyeing your hair.

And that may be why we even have hair color stereotypes and even assume that people with certain hair color have matching personalities. Many of us even follow these stereotypes on the subconscious level when choosing a new hair color.

We all used to think that darker shades are associated with something mysterious and lighter ones are viewed as fun and sexy. Women who prefer red and black short hair are often  perceived as self-contained and independent ladies and so on. We really believe that… ironically.

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Of  course, having the same color for a long time can become boring, and maybe you’d like to do a makeover that includes dying your hair. However, before dyeing your hair, ask yourself – should I dye my hair? 

Because when you’re looking for a new hair shade, you may feel like you`re picking a new personality for yourself. And even if you don’t feel it’s a big change, it may affect the way others perceive you.

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So, before dyeing your hair, think it through. Consider the following before taking the big plunge. 

5 Things to Think About Before Dyeing Your Hair

Before making any changes to your hair color, consider the following and take our friendly advice below:

1. Choose A Color That Works Well With Your Skin Tone And Lifestyle

Are you wondering what color to dye your hair? It can actually can be quite difficult to pick the right color for dyeing your hair, as you have to take into account many different factors. Consider the natural color of your hair, your skin tone, your wardrobe and, of course, any potential workplace restrictions.

Figuring out your skin tone is the crucial first step. You’ll want to brighten or deeping your skin tone, not give it an off-color cast. And if your workplace is rather conservative, you may need to avoid overly bright or unnatural shades.

Either way, an upgraded hair color can deliver a change in your life. It can make you feel more confident if you choose the right one.

2. Apply A Good Hair Mask The Day Before Dyeing

If you’re thinking about dying your hair, prepare ahead of time. You should always keep your hair well hydrated, especially before you`re going to color it. And in this case, you can use a professional-grade hair mask to protect it.

A hair mask prep will definitely help you to hydrate and prepare your strands for the grueling coloring process. It will be even better to apply the mask and leave it in for a bit longer than the mask recommends (according to its instruction) to be really sure that your hair is moisturized thoroughly.

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3. Expect Your Hair to Suffer Some Damage

Think once more time about dyeing your hair and the influence of those chemical on the health of your air. It’s quite common that color can be hard on your strands. Foreign chemicals that are used to dye hair might leave it at a risk of breaking easily.

A professional colorist will necessarily tell you about this risk, depending on the type of your hair. And the lighter you plan to go from your natural color, the more extensive the damage will be.

So even with that risk, you should try to keep your hair healthy, and if you don’t plan to be a victim of a bad dye-job, consult with a professional colorist and follow their care instructions. 

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4. Be Ready To Visit The Salon Regularly

The decision to dye your hair requires keeping your regular hair appointments. For example, you may need a touch-up at once a month. Choosing the right color and dyeing your hair is only half the battle. Keeping that color fresh for long periods is not a walk in the park.

To help keep your new color looking good, you can purchase a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner that will keep your new color from fading. However, when your roots start growing, the only thing that can help you is a hair appointment!

5. Protect and Preserve Your Hair Color With Sun Protection

Once you’ve dyed your hair, the sun can become your greatest enemy. Under the impact of direct sunlight, your hair color can turn brassy and dull a lot quicker than before dyeing.

You shouldn’t overlook this problem because it can spoil your new look and damage your hair. Scarves, hats and UV-protection sprays are the things that you can use to protect and preserve your new hair shade.

To Dye or Not to Dye

Dyeing your hair is a cool way to upgrade your image if done right. However, be sure that you`re ready for such a drastic change. Also, if you don’t know what you are doing, home coloring can easily damage your hair as well as your look.

Spend enough time to decide what tone youd like to have, and most importantly, what tone will look good on you. Don’t try to color your hair at home by yourself! Spare no expense, visit a salon where you can consult a professional colorist and have a successful makeover.

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