7 Skin Care Secrets For Sweaty Athletes


What Is Sweat And How Can It Harm You

Sweating is the production of fluids your sweat glands secrete. Athletes face a lot of problems from sweating. These problems are mainly skin-related issues. Sweating not only removes salt from our body but in many cases, it can be the reason for our skin damage.

When we workout in the sun, the UV rays, and sun cause premature aging which can get worse with your sweat. Not only this, there are many other damages that can occur, such as, when we block our skin’s sweat glands and the sweat cannot evaporate by getting to the skin’s surface. This can cause inflammation which will cause rashes or red bumps on the skin and if you do not treat it properly then it might even cause infection.

Dehydration is one of the most common issues that happens when we sweat. We try to treat it by drinking water or energy juice, but the small amount of dehydration can cause over-dryness which leads your skin feeling itchy and disturbed.

So how can we prevent these major problems? Well, not everyone is an athlete and not everyone will have an experience regarding this matter, hence I researched only what the professionals say about this issue, as they have experience and will know what works. So, let’s look at the top 7 skin care secrets for sweaty athletes from a professional fitness instructor.


#1 →  There are many workouts which leave you hardly any time for a proper shower, so what can you do in such situations to keep your skin healthy? Here is an easy and inexpensive solution: baby wipes. Preferably with aloe in it, and wipe the open parts of the body before working out. With this easy method, and it certainly consumes no time, this can leave your skin clear and glowing

Spray Tea

#2 → Now, when we were discussing the solutions to this problem, Mr. Fahid came up with a very strange skin boost. Tea. Green tea, herbal tea, peppermint tea, chamomile or lavender tea.

But you don’t have to drink it.

Mr. Fahid suggests to brew any of our chosen tea or all in one and put it into the refrigerator. Then pour it into a spray bottle. After a sweaty workout session, we can use it as a toner. Remember, the teas can be a mixture as well. Peppermint tea works as an energizer for our face, green tea is anti-oxidant rich, lavender and chamomile tea can calm our faces and senses.

Pull Your Hair Up

#3 → If you have long hair, keep it above your face. Contact of hair irritates the skin and this minor contact can cause rashes and pimples. Therefore, it’s a simple and easy tip to stay away from acne caused by sweating.

Change Your Clothes

#4 →  We may have noticed that in the weekly routines of our games or workout, athletes may remain in their sweaty clothes. This causes irritation. It is suggested that athletes change their sweaty-wet clothes within 30minutes of their sessions, and if that becomes too hard, they must dry their bodies with a towel.

Wash Your Face

#5 →  We apply many skin care products (powder, face cream, etc) and these remain on our faces. You should wash your face before your workouts as well as after you workout. If your sweat glands are open and the skin care products remain on your face, it can cause damage if it is too late.

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#6 → Athletes produce more sweat than an average person and as a result, they produce more dead cells too. These are the biggest reasons for acne as they trap oil and dirt in our body. So the suggestion is to use mild exfoliant two or three times a week and to avoid exfoliants that contain ingredients like an apricot seed or groundnut. Use a washcloth with mild pressure in a circular motion for a couple of minutes. This procedure is for both your body and face.

What to eat

#7→ You should try eating whole-grain foods. They are the most helpful in terms of treating damages or preventing damages by sweating. Foods high in calcium and fiber are very helpful!

Athletes tend to get very little time for surfing the net or taking proper care of themselves as they are always busy with games every week, working out or training sessions. They might face many different health problems because of sweating. This is why I have tried my best to write about all major/common problems that athletes face with their solutions as a professional instructor and I expect that they will try these methods and get positive results!

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