A Comprehensive Guide about hCG Drops


Ever wonder if there is a way you can lose one or two pounds of weight a day? How about a way to lose weight without any compromise on hunger and starvation? That’s what the power of hCG drops offers. So, are HCG drops really worth the hype? How legit are they? We decided to take a look.

What are hCG Drops?

In order to understand what hCG Drops are, we first have to look at what hCG is. Being the abbreviation of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, this is a hormone that is developed in the female body during pregnancy. It helps the female body keep their metabolism stable while the baby is being formed in the womb.

hcg drops brandsHCG Drops, however, are oral drops you can only take directly in the mouth. They mix in the bloodstream and alter the body’s metabolism, making you lose almost 2 pounds of weight per day, without feeling hungry. Crazy, right? The drops are not the same as the actual hormone but can produce similar results.

HCG Drops In Clinical Studies

HCG Drops have come a long way in terms of effectiveness and quality, and recent studies have proven that. The American Society of Clinical Nutrition conducted an experiment on 40 female patients, 20 with an administered dose of hCG Drops, and 20 with just a regular diet.

So why use the HCG drops to facilitate weight loss? Well, HCG drops are scientifically proven to be reliable and effective. HCG is a natural hormonal supplement associated with significant weight loss. HCG drops a replenishment of the similar hormone produce mostly common in pregnant women’s bodies.

Notably, HCG facilitates the burning of excessive fat in waist, thigh and arm areas of the body. Dubbed the HCG Drops Diet, the consumption of the hormonal drug is done in 500, 800 and 1200 calories eating system. Therefore, a simple HCG hormone ingestion will offset the weight loss process.

What Results Can You Expect?

Specifically, HCG is effective in reducing the body’s fat percentage, boosting metabolism and quick sliming of the body. When the ingestion of HCG drops is controlled coupled with an effective dieting plan, the rate of metabolism is boosted significantly. Extensive and consistent results will only be attained if you control the type of foods you are consuming. In general, HCG drops swiftly responds to weight loss and is therefore highly recommended.

results from hcg drops
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The final results after a week of administration and testing showed that the hCG group lost more weight and didn’t feel hungry when compared to the other subjects. The study concluded that hCG has a great and positive influence on weight, hunger and well-being.

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How do hCG Drops Work for Weight Loss?

Well, we discussed that a little bit in the topics above, but let’s get into the details here. The hCG hormone in the drops is a pro-hormone present in the female body during the period of pregnancy. When the baby is conceived, the hormone helps in balancing the others as deficiency can occur due to the baby.

hcg drops for weight loss

So, given the practical effect of hCG Drops in weight loss, the hormone enters the bloodstream, and suppresses the appetite of the subject, so he/she has a reduced feeling of hunger, and due to that they eat less, and because of that, weight tends to get reduced to a large amount per day.

How to Use HCG Drops:

The standard directions of HCG Drops tell you not to eat or drink it with anything else, including water, and to not eat anything proceeding the intake for about 30 minutes. The recommended dosage is about ten drops per dose, about three times per day, but you can alter the dosage depending on how much weight you want to lose.

hCG Drops are the best way you can lose weight in a short amount of time. Although you can also opt for other types of weight loss techniques like low-carb diets, you’ll get the feeling of hunger. There are mixed receptions about the influence of HCG both in society and science, with some people saying that they had no difference whatsoever, to people who are saying that they lost as much as three pounds a day.

Dosage of HCG Drops

  • HCG dosage is majorly administered from 10 to 12 drops 3 times a day
  • HCG drops diet dosage plan consist of two primary parts that all facilitate the weight loss processes.
  • The first part involve taking sublingual drops of HCG to help in suppressing hunger and burning of fats that are stored in the body.
  • The second part entail consuming a diet which is low in calories followed by a coinciding injection of the HCG to suppress appetite and hasten weight loss.

Side Effects of HCG Drops

Some of the common side effects associated with HCG drops include light-headedness and headache, dizziness, skin irritability, constipation, numbness and cramps. Others include leg cramps which is very rare.  Taking HCG is  not advisable for pregnant ladies, lactating women, and people taking medication.

Depending on the brand and ingredients, you may not see the effects you want. You also need to follow the diet to a T. Below is a video from Dr. Oz explaining just what to expect from hcg drops vs other forms of hcg.

Want To Try The Drops For Yourself?

When making a decision on the best HCG drop to use, you should first ascertain the quality and the stipulated success rate. If you are interested in trying out HCG drops for yourself, here are two brands that have high ratings on Amazon. You can click the links to read more about the individual products themselves. Another company that usually runs pretty good prices and has good testimonials is HCG Complex (check them out here).

These all are hormone free. For the ones with the actual HCG hormone injections, you’d need to get a prescription from a doctor.

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lean 40 slenderizing hcg drops

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Another popular brand is HCG triumph. (no picture)

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