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If you’re dealing with Type 2 Diabetes and you’re looking for a way to lower your blood sugar and improve your overall health, the Diabetes 60 System may be an excellent option for you. Suffering from diabetes not only brings physical challenges, but it can be expensive too. This system is designed to help you manage your diabetes efficiently. Here’s am in-depth Diabetes 60 System review to help you learn more about the system, how it works, what you get with the program, and the pros of cons of using it to manage your condition.

What is the Diabetes 60 System?

This is a program that has been designed by Dr. Ryan Shelton to help eliminate the stress that comes from dealing with diabetes from your life. It focuses on helping you control your blood sugar so you’re able to significantly lower your daily doses of insulin. By getting to the root of the program, the system works to reduce your daily suffering while saving you money.

This program lasts 60 days. Interestingly, it also provides you with a money back guarantee guarantee, so if after this two month period you’re not seeing the promised results, simply ask for a refund. The program is not just for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes – it can offer results to those with prediabetes as well. This program is physician-approved and it teaches natural, safe ways to treat prediabetes and diabetes with a small time investment each day.

Millions of people suffer from diabetes, and many people spend a significant amount of money on injections and medications. This program has been designed to be affordable, safe, and natural. The program is safe for children, men, and women, so everyone with diabetes can benefit from the system.

About the Creator

Dr. Ryan Shelton created the Diabetes 60 System, and he’s a licensed medical Doctor with more than a decade of experience. According to Dr. Shelton, Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed. He spent a lot of time doing medical research and working to find the root causes of diabetes and he feels that his system can help prediabetes and Type 2 diabetics to improve their condition, no matter their weight or how severe their diabetes is when they get started.

Dr. Shelton spent time doing studies with his medical research team, and he found that using short, simple exercises can help control diabetes. These exercises that he recommends are based upon the idea of high intensity interval training, often simply known as HIIT. Using the discoveries found through research, the Diabetes 60 System was created and based upon HIIT.

According to Dr. Shelton, using the system will help diabetes not only improve general health, it will help them lower their blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and even result in weight loss.

What You Get with the Diabetes 60 System

Of course, before purchasing the Diabetes 60 program, you’ll want to know what comes with the program. Once you make your purchase, here’s a list of things you receive with the program:

  • The Main E-Guide – The main E-Guide is the most important part of the system, and the doctor offers a closer look of the life a diabetic person lives. He also explains what occurs to your body if you have diabetes, including the main symptoms you deal with, different types of the disease, and how insulin works within the body. The main guide also provides some movements that help treat diabetes, as well as a scientific explanation of why and how these movements are so effective for treating diabetes.
  • 8-Week Protocol – When you purchase the diabetes reversal program, you’ll also be provided with an 8-week protocol. This uses weekly charts to show what you will need to do to see the results you want over the next 60 days.
  • Helpful Videos – Helpful videos also come with this program. A qualified instructor offers information on the types of exercise that offer the best results for diabetes. It’s also explained how and why most diabetics respond to these types of exercise. Not only will you enjoy some great exercise advice, but you’ll learn about the science of why certain types of movements really work.
  • Health Tracker Software – One of the bonuses that come with the Diabetes 60 System is health tracker software. This software will allow you to keep track of the progress you’re making when you’re doing the anti-diabetes movements that come with the program. You can download the software, add in your height, weight, blood sugar readings, blood pressure, and various other measurements. The software takes that data, analyzing it to come up with a detailed report of how you are progressing.
  • Tasty, Healthy Recipes – Another bonus you’ll enjoy when you get this program is a collection of tasty, healthy recipes. While movement is important, the doctor also notes that a healthy diet is essential to controlling and fighting Type 2 Diabetes as well. You’ll enjoy a collection of more than 500 recipes that are packed with nutrients. Dinner, lunch, and breakfast recipes are all included, and the recipes use natural, safe ingredients.

The Benefits of Dr. Shelton’s Diabetes Program

Some of the pros the system has to offer include the following:

  • Pro #1 – The Program is Backed by Science – Dr. Shelton has spent a lot of time researching diabetes and the effects of HIIT on diabetes. Other studies have also found that using HIIT to treat diabetes has been effective at lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Pro #2 – Natural and Safe – Another pro of this program is the fact that it’s natural and safe. All of the remedies included for diabetics are risk-free, natural, and based upon science.
  • Pro #3 – Great for Busy Diabetics – Many people are extremely busy today, and trying to fit exercise into a busy lifestyle is often difficult. The great thing about using HIIT based movements is that they can fit into a busy schedule. Many of the sessions can be done in 10-15 minutes, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on this program, yet you’ll still enjoy seeing results.
  • Pro #4 – Simple and Easy – The entire system is very simple and easy for anyone to understand. Dr. Shelton uses simple language, ensuring that anyone is able to follow the instructions of the program without a problem.
  • Pro #5 – Great Guarantee – Dr. Shelton believes in the system he has created, and he’s willing to offer a great guarantee. A 60 day money-back guarantee comes with this system, so if you don’t end up seeing the results that you want, you can get a refund of your money without a problem.
  • Pro #6 – Reasonably Priced – This program is easily affordable. You don’t have to dump out a lot of money to buy and use this program. It also has the potential to save you a lot of money in the future.

Some downsides of the program

Of course, while Diabetes60System.com offers many pros, you also need to consider a few cons, including:

  • Con #1 – You still need to consult a doctor – You should never use this system to replace the advice and supervision of your medical doctor. It should be used along with your current diabetes management plan for the best results. It’s a good idea to talk to your physician before starting this system as well.
  • Con #2 – Only Available in Digital Formats – There’s no physical product that comes with this system. The entire program is a downloadable product, and there is not an option to buy a physical version. For those who don’t care for digital products, this may be a problem. You will get instant online access though.
  • Con #3 – You Won’t See Overnight Results – You’ll have to put in some work to see results, so you shouldn’t expect to see results overnight. You will need to put out some effort to see the transformation that is promised by this program.

The Bottom Line

Does it work?

Overall, Ryan Shelton’s Diabetes 60 can definitely deliver great results for those who want to reverse prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes the natural way. While HIIT may not be a brand new concept for those who want to reverse diabetes, this program offers step-by-step instructions that offer clear direction to individuals who are ready to make a change.

This program also offers a great solution for individuals who are very busy, since it can easily fit into even the busiest schedule. The program is backed by science and is designed and approved by an actual doctor, which is definitely an advantage. For those who want to naturally reduce problems with diabetes, this program may offer an excellent choice to consider.

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Summary: Overall a very solid, step-by-step method for dealing with diabetes. Customer results speak for themselves with this product. Recommended.

RatingRated 4.5 stars

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