Advocare Health Products Review: Does It Work?


Advocare is a multi-level marketing business (MLM) in the health and wellness sector. AdvoCare specializes in vitamins, weight loss supplements, and performance enhancing products. The founder, Charlie Ragus, started the business 16 years ago. AdvoCare is an abbreviation for ‘advocate who cared.’ They sell pills, powders, and bars. These are marketed towards athletes or those looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

AdvoCare developed what they call the 24-Day Challenge which is a supplement and nutrition program designed to help give you a major boost toward your goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get more energy, or just improve your life, they have the program for you. The challenge is not designed to have you significantly reduce your calorie intake, or switch to an extreme liquid-only diet. Instead, AdvoCare believes in designing a plan for you to make positive changes that can help you long-term.

Cleanse Phase

The 24-Day Challenge begins with the Cleanse Phase. This phase lasts for the first 10 days. The products that you use during this time period are designed to detox your body and get it ready to absorb a bunch of amazing nutrients! They’re designed to be used alongside an regular exercise program in order to get the best results.

Max Phase

Days 11-24 of the 24-Day Challenge make up the Max Phase. During this, you take another three products that help booster your energy and control your appetite. People who have followed the program notice a huge decline in their cravings for junk food during this phase. The products you take in this phase are also great to use after you’ve completed the challenge. AdvoCare believes in building nutrition into your every-day lifestyle.

AdvoCare Products

Herbal Cleanse System

This is one of the products used during the Cleanse Phase. These are capsules you take throughout the 10-day period. They’ll help your body detox and get rid of all of the bad toxins that have built up over time.

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OmegaPlex is a supplement that’s jam-packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids. They’re great to contribute to a healthy heart, nerves, muscles, skin, bones and overall health. This is also used during the Cleanse Phase.

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AdvoCare Spark

If you’ve heard of AdvoCare products, it’s likely you’ve heard of Spark. Spark is one of their best-selling products. It’s a powdered energy drink used to give you a better source of energy and mental clarity. Unlike many sports drinks, it contains 0g of sugar. Instead, it’s full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that all work together to give you the right kind of energy. Many energy drinks give you lots of energy at the off-set and then you experience a crash. You won’t get that with Spark.

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Meal Replacement Shake

Packed full of protein, healthy carbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals, this shake will keep you full and fueled. Many meal replacement shakes leave people still feeling hungry or unsatisfied. This one is designed to curb those hunger pangs and keep your mind off of food. It’s tasty too! Meal Replacement Shake is designed to be taken during Phase 2 of the 24-Day Challenge or used as a way to control your calories at meals on a daily basis. If you use this shake, it’s recommended twice a day for weight loss. For your third meal, you want to make sure it’s healthy and balanced. Don’t splurge and order yourself a cheesesteak!

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Metabolic Nutrition System

This product has three different options for you to choose from, based on your needs. The MNS® 3 is a supplement designed to boost your energy and control your appetite. If you feel like it’s not helping control your appetite, they recommend using the MNS® C, or the MNS® E* for a larger energy boost. This is used during the second and final phase of the 24-Day Challenge.

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Does AdvoCare really work?

If you do a bit of research, you’ll quickly find that AdvoCare customers love their products! The entire line receives raving reviews from a wide variety of people. Some like to use the products as supplements to their healthy eating lifestyle. Others find doing the 24-Day Challenge was motivating and gave them the push they needed to make a major change. AdvoCare isn’t designed to be a once-and-done or a fad diet. Instead, it gives people the tools they need to use it in their every day life. The founder knew people needed practical products.

AdvoCare products are an evergreen product in the nutrition field. They tend to be marketable no matter what the economic climate is. Since they focus around weight loss and general health improvements, it’s something people will always be in search of. Customers are constantly in pursuit of products to increase metabolism, give them more energy, and build stamina. AdvoCare provides these products.

So in a word, yes! AdvoCare does really work. While some see more dramatic results than others, the vast majority of customers find AdvoCare to be a positive change for their lives. As with anything, the way you use the product makes a difference. AdvoCare recommends following the 24-Day Challenge to get things kick-started. You of course, need to examine your daily eating habits as well. Making sure you’re exercising portion control and eating whole, natural ingredients instead of processed foods. AdvoCare provides a free downloadable Daily Guide to help you make healthy choices. It’s packed with recipes, checklists, and ideas if you need a little inspiration.


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While making a lifestyle change isn’t easy, it is absolutely possible! Following AdvoCare’s plan makes it about as simple as you can get. With a little commitment, investment, and determination, you’ll be well on your way to living a fuller, healthier, and happier life.

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