Profile of Stanley Burroughs: Creator of the Master Cleanse / Lemonade Diet System


Stanley Burroughs created the Master Cleanse when he published the book, “The Master Cleanser” in the 1950s. Decades after its introduction, the program continues to be a popular detox diet program that multiple celebrities have used to eliminate unwanted pounds while cleansing the body. Below is a closer look at the life of Stanley Burroughs, as well as a look at how he created the famous diet.

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The Early Life of Stanley Burroughs

Stanley Burroughs, who has also been known as Aaron Hayes, was born in 1903 in New York. He spent most of his childhood in Detroit, Michigan, and then migrated and settled in the city of Portland in the 1930s. Burroughs got married, and that union brought about three daughters. He divorced his first wife and then remarried, moving away to California and seeing very little of his first family. While he was very interested in the lumber industry, Burroughs was also interested in investigating alternative health theories as well. Throughout his career, he lived in Hawaii, Oregon, and California.

Burroughs is well-known for his creation of the Master Cleanse diet, although the diet was only one of the various alternative health practices that he would promote during his life. He also was a huge advocate of deep tissue massage, light therapy, and deep reflexology. Many individuals are unaware that he was a nudist and vegetarian as well. His alternative health practices were first started while he lived in Portland, and he spend much of his time practicing reflexology and conducting lectures on alternative health practices.

The Later Years of Stanley Burroughs

In 1991, Stanley Burroughs died while he was in Newcastle, California. He was 87 years old and the cause of death was acute pneumonia. According to his death certificate, he also had various leg fractures from a fall, as well as a urinary infection. An autopsy was never performed on Burroughs.

Controversy Surrounding Stanley Burroughs

Unfortunately, Stanley Burroughs encountered a lot of controversy and legal issues that were related to his alternative health practices. A look at the case, “People v. Burroughs, 35 Cal.3d 824 (1984), shows some of the legal problems he had. At the criminal trial, he was convicted of the unlawful sale of cancer treatments, felony practicing medicine without having a license, and second-degree felony murder. He was charged with the murder because the jury found that the death of a patient was the result of Burroughs practicing medicine without a license.

According to the facts provided by the California Supreme Court, Lee Swatsenbarg and Burroughs first met to talk about his alternative methods of curing cancer. The method included using vigorous massage, a unique “lemonade diet,” and the use of colored light exposure. Burroughs told Swatsenbarg that he had treated thousands of other people successfully and suggested that he buy a copy of the book “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment.”

After reading the book, Lee decided to have the 30-day treatment while avoiding any contact with his regular physician. During this time, Lee was told to drink herbal tea, salt water, and the special lemonade without consuming anything else during the 30-day treatment period. At Burroughs request, Lee purchased a lamp that came with special colored plastic sheets, which were used to expose him to various colors of light. Burroughs also provided multiple massages for an additional fee for each massage.

Instead of getting better, Lee began to deteriorate rapidly within a couple of weeks. He became weaker and developed a fever as well. However, Burroughs counseled him to continue with the plan and had him postpone having the bone marrow test that his doctor wanted to perform.

Through the following week, Lee became sicker and started vomiting frequently while experiencing severe pain in the abdomen and other areas. Burroughs did deep abdominal massages for a couple days and Burroughs let Lee know that he was expected to recuperate soon.

Unfortunately, Lee never did recover and instead, he began to suffer from excruciating pain and sever convulsions. He also began to vomit even more often. The family started to panic after Lee began convulsing a third time after another abdominal massage. The couple stayed at Burroughs home for the night about three and a half weeks into the 30-day treatment plan. There, Lee had a massive hemorrhage in the abdomen and died. All the evidence that was presented at the trial suggested that the hemorrhage that occurred was directly related to all the abdominal massages that were done by Burroughs.

Although the California Supreme Court reversed the second-degree murder conviction, they did uphold other convictions and believed that he was potentially susceptible to an involuntary manslaughter conviction. Although this case was the most serious of his legal issues, it was not the only conviction that he had along the way. He was also convicted of practicing medicine without being licensed in 1960.

The Legacy of Stanley Burroughs

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Today, Burroughs continues to be well-known for the “lemonade diet” that he created. Although many individuals continue to use this famous Master Cleanse recipe with varying success, some believe that the diet has the potential to be harmful. Dieters should note that Stanley Burroughs was not a medical doctor, which means that many of the things he presented within the book, “The Master Cleanser,” are not supported by any substantial medical evidence. Despite the lack of medical evidence behind the diet, many individuals continue using the diet and it continues to be one of the most popular detox diets. Many online reviews and bloggers offer real-life testimonials saying that the diet has really worked for them, helping them detoxify the body and lose excess weight.

While some individuals have used the diet with success, it is important that individuals trying the Master Cleanse talk with their physician before going on the diet. It may be unsafe for individuals who have medical problems, such as diabetes, but you can try this diabetes system. It is also essential to avoid doing this cleanse for an extended period. Some other popular weight loss programs which include cleansing, and are supported by more backing and happy “customers” are Cruise Control and Venus Factor. Use those two links to read in-depth reviews by our team here at Defend Your Health.

Happy Cleansing!

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