5 Benefits of Doing a Lemon Juice Cleanse


There’s a good chance that your gut feeling is that the lemon juice cleanse, or Master Cleanse, is all hype. After all, how can lemons offer the body any benefits? But as you take a closer look you’ll discover some of the benefits are worth it. In most cases, they go beyond what you’d expect from another fad juice cleanse.

Benefit # 1 – Your Digestion Improves

When you’re constantly chowing down on snacks and meals, your body becomes overloaded with food. Although some break down quickly, others take days to process in your body. As you follow the lemon juice/water cleanse, your body has a chance to process through these foods and remove them from your body. Another popular option is to use apple cider vinegar as the drink instead.

Once that is done and you finish your cleanse, you can move on to healthy, solid foods that have more nutritional value. With less of a backlog to process, your body can take advantage of those nutrient rich, whole foods right away.

Benefit # 2 – A Boost To Your Energy Levels

You’ll experience a boost in energy, as the toxins and artificial energy foods are removed from your diet. While caffeine and sugar may give you a spike in energy, it is short lived. Eventually, your body needs to have a continuous supply of them in order to function.

When you’ve cleansed your body and removed the dependency on these items, you’ll find natural foods give you the energy you need. In most cases, you’ll feel lighter and more lively in the process. It does mean you need to stick with a healthy diet after you’ve done your lemon juice cleanse. Just make sure that you stick with it and you’ll continue to see a benefit to your system.

Benefit # 3 – A Boost to Your Mental Clarity

Food has more of an impact on you than you realize. When you eat carbohydrate rich foods, they can begin to bog you down and leave you feeling worn out. You can boost your mental clarity by going through the lemon cleanse. While the first couple of days you’ll struggle as you think about food, your body will slowly transition into a clearer mental state that allows you to focus on the things that matter.

As you reintroduce healthy foods, you’ll find that they cloud your mind less than preservative filled foods. This is a benefit you cannot overlook because mental clarity is something we all need more of. Remember eating a balanced diet of healthy fruits, vegetables and lean proteins is essential if you intend to keep up with your newfound mental clarity.

Benefit # 4 – Healthier Immune System

Lemons are packed full of Vitamin C. This vitamin has been shown to help boost the immune system. With it, you can fight the common cold and heal wounds with minimal infection. If your vitamin levels have depleted, the lemon juice diet is a great way to get a boost of this essential vitamin.

Just note that is important to follow this cleanse closely. After all it is not designed to be a long term solution. But once you’ve completed the cleanse, your natural Vitamin C levels will remain up. You can then continue to maintain them by continuing to consume fruits and vegetables that have high levels of this essential vitamin.

Benefit # 5 – You’ll Begin to Make Better Eating Choices

Once you’ve successfully completed the lemon juice cleanse, you are less likely to go back to your old habits. For starters, you’ll begin to feel better than you have in years. That will entice you to continue to follow a diet and exercise plan. Additionally, as you reintroduce healthy fruits and vegetables you’ll find that you can adjust your cravings for those feeds as your body is no longer trying to feed an addiction it has. It’s a fast, simple and smart approach to take to a healthier lifestyle.

As you can see, the lemon juice cleanse is a great choice that does offer quite a few benefits. Take a moment to consider how it can help you to improve your diet and then take the first steps in improving your overall health. That is possible when you follow an effective program.

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