Should You Buy The Bowflex Xtreme SE Home Gym to Achieve Your Physique Goals? Read This Review to Find Out

Bowflex Xtreme SE Home Gym
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Working out at home is becoming an increasingly popular trend these days and there are many reasons why consumers choose to do so. The inconvenient extra travel time to the gym, the waiting in line to use certain equipment and the ego that can permeate in a commercial gym environment is enough to cause a majority to choose a simple yet effect home gym option.

Home training machines like the Bowflex Xtreme SE have become very popular among home fitness enthusiasts (Check out Customer Reviews Here!). Bowflex has been around for years, getting better with each passing year and each new upgrade; as their gear becomes more resistant to wear and tear and the capabilities of their units expand. They call this machine “Xtreme” for a reason. It comes with a default weight resistance of 210 pounds, but can be upgraded to 310 and 410 pounds respectively. 60+ gym exercises can be utilized on this simple and compact machine.

Close Emulation of Free Weight Lifting

While most people prefer to use free weights, the Bowflex is renowned for its close emulation of free weight results. Using a bow-like technology for resistance, stabilizing muscles and tendons come into play while bring utilized and can make for a great workout. With powerful results as if you built your muscles using original free weights; it’s physical fitness you’re going for while staying in the comfort of your own home and this Bowflex Xtreme brand delivers.

The Xtreme SE Takes Up Little Space

One big advantage with a machine like this home gym is that it takes up much less space than free weights ever would. It folds up compactly, fitting neatly in one section of your garage or home corner spot. Keeping the accessories stored is also very easy and straightforward.

Sturdy and Strong

The unit itself is sturdy, as are the accessories that come with it. Having personally owned a Bowflex Xtreme SE Home Gym, I can say that I’ve tested the bars pretty extensively and they held up to all the heavy use I put it through. I found that my physique got quite ripped from using the Bowflex Xtreme SE Home Gym and while the guys on the commercials may be pretty boys, it’s a good bet that most of their bodies were indeed acquired using this unit. It takes the same amount of time, as if you were to use free weights and other equipment in a large, commercial gym, so eventually a person can get quite a nice build on them.

Literal Entire Body Workouts

With the ability to utilize sixty or more exercises using exceptional machinery like this, a user can keep everything tight and strong without all the extra baggage. Super tall people don’t have to worry about the unit being too small, as it boasts a full height of 6’11”. From the much-loved bench and shoulder press to lat pull-downs and calf-raises, there isn’t any exercise you can think of that the Bowflex SE Home Gym doesn’t cover.

Some Exercises Can Be A Bit Hard To Manage

While this home gym delivers great performance, for the most part, there were some exercises being a bit hard to manage. The squat apparatus was hard to get used to and wasn’t to my liking, but there are plenty of people who are quite content with the squatting options.

If you’ve been weight training for several years you’re probably wary what this total home gym can do as far as emulate free weight training results. Due to the somewhat controlled movements of this machine, the Bowflex will yield some amazing results just as free weight training would and is kinetically possible. For the closest emulation of resistance and for people who perhaps aren’t into Olympic Weightlifting or similar competitive sports, this home gym will get you fit and reaching your exercise goals.

This is for those who are conscious about remaining slim and perhaps don’t have the time, money or patience to attend a commercial gym, which is a good majority of us. This is a great workout apparatus to have around your home, even if you don’t plan on using it as your main source of physical, muscular fitness. Perhaps it’s your fallback unit when your favorite gym is closed or you’ve currently moved and need something in a pinch. Staying ahead of their competition with class and elegance, the machine gets the job done for a large growing audience of dedicated fitness connoisseurs.

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Summary: Overall, customers have been satisfied with this Bowflex system. It offers a good level of functionality and build quality for the price.

RatingRated 4 stars

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