6pm.com’s Amazing Deals & Coupons Make it Our Favorite Site for Buying Discount Workout Gear


The online store 6pm.com has a huge reputation for offering some of the best discounts and coupon codes available anywhere – we absolutely love it for buying workout gear at great prices.. It has a huge selection of shoes, clothes, bags and accessories in one very convenient location. This is a wonderful place for that fashionista who loves to shop for brand name fashions and get great bargains. The Defend Your Health team frequently buy workout gear from this site.

This fashion outlet, which was formerly named Shoedini.com, was first launched by eBags, Inc in 2005. The company’s main focus is on pricing and discounts, with incredible offers and promos to be found all year round. In addition, it has a selection of merchandise that you may not be able to find elsewhere. These are all things that make fashionable and trendy shoppers squeal with joy. Imagine being able to find a very inexpensive outfit in your hard to find size. What a rush!

Products and Brands

6PM.com LogoTake your pick and purchase spectacular gym wear fashions for the whole family. You’ll find both trendy and classic fashion pieces. Not only can you find action wear that is comfortable, but it is also very stylish as well. Choose from exercise clothing such as hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, shorts, shoes and socks. They are available in polyester, cotton, elastane, spandex, viscose, mesh, rayon and nylon materials. In addition, clothing sizes aren’t going to be a problem because they are available in petite, regular, plus size for the women, and big and tall for the men.

Most importantly, the prices are so low that you can pick a lot of different pieces to build up your gym wardrobe. This online superstore has discounts so low that you can buy more clothing, shoes and accessories for less money, especially when you use one of the man 6pm.com coupon codes available online. Hint – we list them all on this page! So buy an extra shirt or two to go along with those shorts. Get quality gym wear with brand names such as Puma, Guess, Cole Haan, Clarks, Bench, Billabong, RVCA, The North Face, Volcom, Body Glove, Nike, Adidas, Rip Curl, New Balance and Roxy.

The Zappos.com Influence

In 2007, Zappos.com purchased 6pm.com from eBags Inc. Zappos.com owns 6pm.com, and Zappos.com is owned by Amazon. But 6pm.com operates as a totally independent company. The CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, recognized that not all shoppers are looking for the same things in terms of the shopping experience. They have different needs and preferences. Some shoppers are only looking for fantastic bargains, no matter what the consequences may be. However, there are others that would much rather pay a little extra for merchandise and get top notch customer service as well.

This is why 6pm.com was acquired by Zappos.com and became its sister store. It is setup to be the discount store for Zappos. Shoppers go to Zappos for high end products, and shop at 6pm.com for bargains and deals. Zappos eventually wants to remove all sale advertisements from its site. The goal is to appeal to customers who like exceptional customer service more than other aspects of shopping such as bargain prices.

The prices at 6pm.com may be deeply discounted, but this does not mean that the company sells knockoff or fake products. Many times the 6pm.com products are taken from the Zappos website and placed on the 6pm.com site with deep discounts. This is because Zappos only offers discounts up to a certain point.

Understand that this does not diminish the value of customer service at 6pm.com. Its customer loyalty team is available to help during regular business hours. However, unlike with Zappos, which focuses on providing spectacular customer service, 6pm.com puts the emphasis on providing a large selection of deeply discounted products to bargain hungry shoppers. The following are a few ways in which 6pm.com likes to focus on its pricing strategy:

6pm Coupon Code and Pricing Discount Strategy

6pm.com is legendary for its daily deals, coupons, end of season sales and discounted prices in general. When it comes to gym wear, you can score some pretty good prices on fashionable clothing. Imagine getting the season’s latest running shoe arrivals in all of the latest styles and colors for a fraction of what you would pay at other online sporting goods retailers. Get a 6pm.com coupon code and get an even deeper discount.

These are items such as shoes, sports tees, running shoes, training shorts and capris. The items have known brands such as ASICS and Skechers. Most of these items are more than 20% off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Some of them are discounted by as much as 50% of the MSRP. The bargains are even better when you can find applicable 6pm coupons to use with your order. Most of the time, these products are much cheaper than what you can find anywhere else. For instance, the following are examples of some of the bargains that are found on 6pm.com.

  • Brooks Pure Project 9” Woven Shorts for Men– This item is listed as 33% off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $75.00. It has a price tag of $49.99 on 6pm.com. It is also sold on Amazon and Zappos. For the man who wants to save money, purchasing these shorts from 6pm.com is the best option. You’ll get the same great shorts, but for a much cheaper price.
  • Fila Turbo Fuel 2 Linear Energized Shoe– This item is being sold for 53% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $85.00. It has a price of $39.99 on 6pm.com. It is also being sold on Amazon.
  • ASICS PR Lyte Short Sleeve Top-This item is 40% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $38.00. It sells on 6pm.com for $22.99. Amazon and Zappos are also selling it.  Once again the clear choice for the bargain driven shopper is 6pm.com.
  • Nike Men’s Hoodland Suede Boot – This shoe is 19% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $80, and is being sold at 6pm.com for $64.99 with free shipping.  Amazon is also selling it. 6pm.com gives its shoppers what they want when it comes to the lowest prices on the internet.

6pm.com always has one day sales, coupons and clearance items. But you have to shop fast in order to lock down the prices for these items. Unfortunately, everyone else is trying to find the bargains just like you are and if you don’t act quickly, you can lose them. Please note that just because you place an item in your shopping cart, there’s no guarantee that it will still be there when you are ready to checkout.

This is especially the case if you wait too long to move through the checkout process. For instance, if someone else is ready to purchase the product and your item is the last one in stock, you’ll lose it. This must happen a lot at 6pm.com because it is addressed in the fine print on the website. Unfortunately, this is just a casualty of bargain hunting.

Free Shipping

What many online shoppers come to realize is that 6pm.com offers a daily bargain when it comes to shipping. All products are shipped for free, without the need to redeem any kind of promo code or offer. There are no minimum thresholds that have to be met in order to get free shipping. This means that you get ground shipping at no code on everything that is purchased, every day, and it does not matter how much it weighs or costs. It may take five to ten days for your order to arrive, but it does not cost anything extra. If you need to get it delivered faster, there are ways to expedite your order, but it will cost extra. There is a $15 charge for 2 day delivery and $25 charge for 1 day delivery. Please note that 6pm.com does not ship outside of the United States.

6pm.com Complaints

All great websites are going to experience a few hiccups here and there. Read customer reviews for any website and there will be a few unhappy customers, and 6pm.com is no exception. One of the main complaints that 6pm.com customers have concerns the return shipping policy. The company does not pay for return shipping, even if they messed up the order. Some customers feel that this is one of the reasons that the site does not list customer testimonials on the site. Maybe the company doesn’t want these types of complaints to be visible to other potential customers.

Other customers complain that they have received used or damaged goods. They basically think that they are getting Zappos’ damaged or used goods for a much cheaper price. Although 6pm.com has wonderful prices that you cannot find anywhere else on the internet, many customers complain that you are taking your chances each time that an order is placed. Some of these same customers claim that they will never shop at 6pm.com again.

The Thrill of Shopping

The funny thing is that there are some customers that love 6pm.com so much that they are willing to take their chances. They reason that companies make mistakes. These customers are willing to keep products that are damaged or used. They don’t want to pay for return shipping, but they also don’t want to miss out on the chance to get additional deep discounted products. The company 6pm.com provides the thrill of shopping, and this is something that many customers cannot do without.

All in all, 6pm.com strives to cater to the shopper who wants to pay bargain prices for brand name merchandise. The company makes shopping fun for bargain hunters. Check out our list of 6pm coupons below to get the very best prices available anywhere online. We update them daily!

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