What Kinds of Foods, Recipes and Menus Can I Expect in the Venus Factor Program?


Venus Factor is a powerful weight loss program designed for the needs of women, created by fitness and nutrition expert John Barban. The program understands each woman has their own individual needs. With that in mind, customizable nutrition plans are available. These plans consider the body type of the individual, their fitness level, age, height and weight. A menu is then provided to help the individual follow the diet plan accordingly to meet their needs. This is a useful way to lose weight without having to decide on a menu that provides you with all your nutritional needs.

For each item on the menu, the Venus Factor breaks down the calories and gives insight into why you’re at the current calorie threshold. This detailed information is designed to offer you some insight into what it takes to maintain the current weight you are at, and what needs to be removed from your diet. As you begin to progress through the program, specific foods will begin to be removed from it. Hot button trigger foods that cause over eating will be among the first to go.

Once you’ve removed these foods, other dishes will follow. The program will help you to reduce the amount of soy in your diet, sugar, artificial sweeteners and empty calorie beverages. Nutrient dense foods with low calories like vegetables and fruits are then increased to help you maintain better nutrition. A healthy balance of grains, breads and pastas are then added to help you balance all your nutritional needs.

Because of the unique design of the program, the amount of food you consume increases as your Venus Factor exercise and workout intensity increases. This is a reverse taper protocol. As you exercise more effectively and do more, your fuel needs increase. The foods you end up consuming will quickly break down and you’ll continue to burn fat and build muscle, without ever feeling hungry.

Part of the appeal of this program are the ‘eat up’ days. These are days where there are zero restrictions on the foods you can consume. If you want to eat chocolate cake, you can. If you want to gorge on Taco Bell, that’s available to you also. The only limits you have are that your total calories consumed over the course of the day cannot exceed your maintenance calorie limit. So if you have 1,500 calories you cannot exceed that point. Considering chocolate cake averages 349 calories and a taco bell taco has about 200 calories, this can add up quickly.

The rest of your days are limited as to what you can eat. A breakfast may include a cup of coffee with half and half and a sweetener. You’d then have a large egg and a few slices of Canadian bacon. Lunch would then include ground turkey, tomato, lettuce, salsa, corn tortilla and a small apple. Dinner would then include items like a chicken breast, squash, kale, onion, sour dough bread and some cheese.

Dishes are created based on the ingredients on the list. The focus is on creating healthy dishes that are good for the body. All without sacrificing taste in the process. Snacks are then available to help tide you over when you are hungry between meals. This includes options like yogurt and string cheese. A banana may also be consumed as a sweet treat for dessert.

As you go through the ingredients, you aren’t required to make the dishes they offer you either. The program allows you to improvise with everything that is available. If you want to make a chicken grilled cheese sandwich with vegetables, you have that option. It is important to not use more than the allotted ingredients and maintain the calories, fat and portions that are set for the best results though.

As you continue to follow the plan you’ll find that you aren’t as hungry as you once were. Instead, you’re enjoying whole and healthy foods that leave you feeling full. Before long the lifestyle change won’t seem like an extreme jump and you’ll have a healthy, slim body you can take pride in, all thanks to Brad Pilon and the Venus Factor.

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