What are the 5 Foods You Should Avoid on the Cruise Control Diet?


The Cruise Control Diet offers individuals who want to lose weight with a flexible diet program that makes getting in shape simpler. It’s designed to avoid all the limitations and strict rules often found in diet programs today. The program is created by James Ward, and while it only has a few rules, there are certain foods to avoid on the Cruise Control Diet. Here’s a closer look at the 5 foods you shouldn’t eat.

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1 – Low-Fat Yogurt

You probably think that low-fat yogurt is a great addition to your diet. After all, it’s low in fat. However, low-fat yogurt is one of the foods to avoid on the program. Why should you stop eating low-fat yogurt when it sounds so healthy? Unfortunately, this yogurt is often packed with artificial stabilizers, added flavors, artificial colors, and a lot of sugar to make it more pleasing to the eye and your taste buds. All the additives can add belly fat instead of helping you to lose weight. Don’t forget, your body actually needs some fat so it can absorb the vitamin D from the yogurt, and the addition of some fat keeps you feeling satisfied as well. It’s better to go with full-fat yogurt that is low in sugar and additives for better weight loss results.

2 – Artificial Sweeteners

Maybe you’ve been using Splenda or other artificial sweeteners to add sweetness without the calories. After all, it’s got to be better than sugar, right? Actually artificial sweeteners are on the list of 5 foods you shouldn’t eat. One of the big problems with artificial sweeteners is that they actually make you crave more sweets. While you shouldn’t deprive yourself of your favorite treats when you’re trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t be eating sweets all the time. The more artificial sweeteners you use, the more you’ll crave those unhealthy sweets. Some studies even show that artificial sweeteners may be harmful to your overall health as well.

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3 – Whole Grain or Whole Wheat Bread

Many people stop eating white bread because they have heard about how unhealthy it is. However, if you’re continuing to eat whole grain or whole wheat bread, you’re probably sabotaging your efforts to lose weight. This is another of the important foods to avoid on the program. While true whole grains, such as barley, wheat berries, millet, quinoa, and wild rice can be great for you, whole wheat breads and breads labeled “whole grain” are generally made with flour. In most cases, the whole grain or whole wheat bread has the same glycemic index of most white breads, which means they are still high glycemic index foods. Foods that have a high glycemic index are quickly turned into fat by the body, so they should be avoided.

4 – Dried Fruits

Fruits are amazing. They’re packed with many important nutrients and many include a lot of fiber. When you’re dieting, dried fruit probably seems like a freebie food. After all, it sounds nutritious. However, dried fruit has been depleted of all its water, which means that it’s more calorie dense than fresh fruits. It also takes a lot more dried fruit to make you feel full. Some companies even add chemicals or additional sugar to friend fruit. When you’re tried to lose weight, you should severely limit or completely avoid dried fruits for the best results.

5 – Orange Juice and Other Fruit Juices

Orange juice and other fruit juices also sound healthy, but they are on the list of 5 foods you shouldn’t eat on the Cruise Control Diet. Eating an orange is a great way to get important vitamins and minerals, and oranges are relatively low in calories. However, drinking a glass of orange juice is just like injecting yourself with several oranges. There’s a lot of sugar in fruit juices, you don’t get the fiber from the fruits, and the juicing process often destroys some of the beneficial antioxidants and compounds found in fruits.

Don’t let those foods deter you, as there are plenty of delicious and healthy foods/recipes recommended for people on Cruise Control.

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    • It was SO LONG! But I stayed with it. In the end I purchased the program . 39.00. No sugar no flour no bread no pasta. Nothing artificial processed or low fat. Crazy but it’s working. One week later I’ve lost 3 pounds and I’m not starving myself

  1. Dr. M. Joseph Ahrens

    Stating orange juice is an enemy is completely wrong. I think most of your information is correct, but even though orange juice (and grapefruit juice) has a lot of sugar (up to 33%), it contains polyphenolics such as hesperidin, naringin, tangeretin, etc that actually manage carbohydrate metabolism. This information is readily available in scientific publications, such as on pubmed. You can actually lose weight by drinking citrus juice and other tropical juices, unlike temperate juices such as Apple and grape.

    • I agree, and moderation is always a good way to go with fruit juices. Chances are you might just be a bit thirsty and vulnerable to drinking too much too fast. For this reason, fill your glass with mostly water, and ice if desired, and topped off with a bit of orange juice and unsweetened cranberry juice stirred in. Then splash in a smidge of tonic water and lightly stir. This is my favorite way to hydrate, if I’m not drinking a cool glass of tea or water. Cheers!

  2. I am a sandwich lover, a pasta lover, a dark chocolate lover so this diet would never work for me. I guess I will just stay a bit overweight since I am not willing to give up these things.

  3. I believe the key is staying focused on NOT over eatting.
    Dark chocolate is actually good for you.
    Cutting back on bread , pasta should help lose weight..

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