A Complete Review of The 3 Week Diet Plan: Does It Work & What Results Can I Expect?

The 3 Week Diet
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Want to lose weight and start to feel better about your health and appearance? The 3 week diet claims to be able to offer both of those things in a relatively short time.  If you’re wondering if there is any truth in those claims then this in-depth review article should prove very helpful.

Of course, this diet makes bold claims of results in its advertising – definitely the norm in the diet market. If you follow the program as it is written, you are apparently guaranteed to lose 12 – 23 pounds of fat in as little as 21 days. They say this isn’t muscle mass or water weight you’re losing either. The diet promises that you are losing even the most stubborn fat on your body. Some skeptics have cited there is no scientific evidence to support these statements. Defend  Your Health have taken a skeptical approach when looking into this diet to determine determine if it holds any merit, and if you should try it.

Who Created The 3 Week Diet?

 Brian Flatt Profile PictureThe 3 Week Diet was created by Brian Flatt. His experience with sports nutrition, personal training and acting as a health coach for people give him some real world experience in this area. He has had time to build up the program and to see it in action with his clients. But his experience doesn’t stop there. He also graduated from San Diego State University in California. His degree is in Biology, which suggests he understands the human body and how diet can affect it.

Be Prepared to Read

There is an incredible amount of information you need to read as part of this program. Each individual manual focuses on a specific section of the program. Since the goal is to work through as much weight as possible over the course of three weeks, it is important to read these items closely and to go through each one step by step. Even skipping over something that seems small and insignificant could prevent you from losing extra weight during this time.

You begin with the instruction manual. This is an overview of everything. As you read it, you’ll go behind the science of things and understand how the body uses the foods we consume. This is important to read, as it will give you something beyond what you’re supposed to do. After all, you might not understand why you can’t swap out a piece of chicken for a piece of pork. Or why eating a particular vegetable and taking the recommended supplements help with burning fat off your body. However, the entire process is laid out for a reason and that is explored in this manual.

Next is the workout manual. This is where you really begin to melt the fat off your frame. This section of the program is filled with exercises you can do from home. After all, not everyone has a gym that is affordable or that is near him or her that they can use. This section of the manual breaks down everything you need to do over the course of a week to lose weight. It doesn’t include long treadmill sessions and slinging 100 pounds of weight. Instead, everything you need to do is laid out in the manual. Just follow the directions and you are ready to go. If you do have access to the gym, there is an entire section devoted to equipment based exercises you can also include in your plan.

The diet manual then comes into play. This manual is designed to help you to determine the right meal plan for your body. It explains what foods you need to consume and how much you need to eat to properly burn the weight off your body. Additionally, it explores foods that will counteract with your exercise routine and prevent you from losing the weight you want to.

Finally, you need to read the mindset and motivation manual. This is different from other diet programs because this goes into helping you wrap your mind around the program. It gives you insight into why you are doing things and gives you the motivation you need to succeed. You are after all devoting three weeks to the program and should want to see yourself succeed. All that is possible when you continue to follow the plans that are detailed in this manual.

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So Does It Work?

Does the program actually work? Many people who attempt the program have found it does actually help them to lose weight. But most people are on the low end of the 12 – 23 pound range. Some don’t even reach the low end goal. There is a reason for that.

The truth is, a person who weighs 120 pounds cannot safely lose 23 pounds in 3 weeks. It isn’t possible, as it takes a considerable amount of time. The other problem, is that someone that thin losing that much would put significant strain on the body. The chances of them losing from eating the prescribed low calorie diet wouldn’t leave them excess calories to burn off and the physical activity it would require would be intense.

A 340 pound male who is doing their first diet and exercise program, is likely to see the 23 pounds of weight loss in their first week. Not only are they carrying the excess fat on their body, but the calorie reduction alone would help them to lose 2 – 3 pounds a week alone. After all, it takes almost 3,000 calories for a man that size to maintain his size if he lives an inactive lifestyle.

When you approach it from that standpoint, you can see how the program can definitely benefit everyone. But you do need to keep your weight loss goals realistic during that period of time. If you are sensible about the entire process, you can lose some amount of weight during the three week period. Just be realistic about it.

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Will I Put On The Weight Again In Three Weeks?

This question is one countless people ask. The truth is that you probably will. Why? Because you are unlikely to continue eating a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet and doing the intense workouts from the program. If you do manage to adjust your lifestyle, then you could easily keep it off.

Just be smart when you do this. The program is designed to be maintained for only a three week period. It is not designed to provide someone with a healthy diet and exercise program that they can continue for a lifetime. If you plan on going beyond the initial diet, it is a good idea to begin exploring similarly themed diet and exercise plans that will build off your experience.

What Other Benefits Can I Expect From The Diet?

Besides weight loss and motivation, you’ll discover there are other benefits to the Three Week Diet. For example, you’ll find that your blood work will actually improve during this time. As you burn off the extra weight, cholesterol levels improve, the heart can strengthen, and you’ll begin to feel like you have a renewed level of energy. At the same time, you’ll be dropping the fat and looking better than you have in years. Thanks to the exercises you’re doing, you should notice them in targeted areas like the stomach, butt and thighs.

Workouts are also incredibly fast when you are doing this program. Instead of dragging your exercise routine out for hours, the intense program is designed to have you done in 30 minutes. In some cases, you might even be able to complete the workout in as little as 20 minutes. More important, these workouts can all be done from the comfort of your own home. That means you won’t need to worry about exercising in front of people that you don’t know.

Are There Any Cons to The Three Week Diet?

There are a few cons that you need to be aware of if you are considering this diet and exercise plan. The first is that the diet has no scientific references associated with it. While Brian does touch on his views on the subject matter, there is nothing to support those claims. For those who see red flags for diet and exercise programs, this is a very real concern that you need to consider.

The digital nature of the book is also an issue. Because of the exercises and meal plans, you may want to bring it into the kitchen or a large room to exercise in. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a tablet or a laptop, you are stuck running back and forth from the computer to review what you are doing.

Losing 23 pounds over the course of three weeks is also fast. If you don’t build up muscle at the same time, you’ll experience sagging skin. This sagging skin is often unsightly and is an area of concern for some people. While there are things you can do to help tighten skin such as using cocoa butter, nothing short of surgery will help you to remove the extra skin. The safest way to avoid loose skin is to lose weight at a rate of 1 – 2 pounds per week over a period of time.

Can I Start Today?

While the program does claim to have a doctor trusted seal of approval, your physician might have reservations. It is important you take the time to sit down with a healthcare professional and discuss the options you have. Your doctor fully understands what your current health profile is and will know if there are any underlying concerns that must be addressed. After all, these concerns might prevent you from successfully completing this diet and exercise program.

Otherwise, if you have a clean bill of health, there is no reason why you cannot start the program today.

Remember, there are dozens of diet and exercise programs on the market. The Three Week Diet program is a great choice for those who want to quickly lose a small amount of weight in a short period of time. Beyond that, you need to decide what lifestyle changes you need to make to continue to keep the weight off and if you plan on losing any weight beyond the initial amount you lose in those first 21 days.

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Summary: The Three Week Diet Plan offers a legitimate weight to lose body fat in a way that is both healthy and safe in well under a month. Highly recommended for anyone in need of quick weight loss results.

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