Complete Master Cleanse Recipe Guide for Anyone Considering the Lemonade Diet


The Master Cleanse is a healthy, natural, liquid way to detox your body. It helps your body get rid of impacted fecal matter and harmful toxins that accumulate in your system from improper eating, environmental pollutants and stress of everyday living. These toxins cause your body to develop ailments and health problems when you allow them to stay in your system. In the process of eliminating these harmful elements from your body, you also can lose excess weight easily through this ten-day program.

Part of this cleanse is a special lemonade, and people often refer to it as the lemonade diet, but there is more to it than just drinking this beverage. We provide you all the information you will need to participate in the Master Cleanse in this guide. You will learn what to do in the days prior to the cleanse, during the cleanse, and then how to come out of the cleanse back to a normal eating routine. Everything you need to know about the Master Cleanse recipe and process in one convenient place.

Benefits of the Cleanse

You can read a full Master Cleanse Diet review here, but the main benefits are as follows…

1. You eliminate the pollutants and toxins that are in your body from the water you drink to the food you consume each day. Even the air we breathe today contains pollutants! Our food is not as pure as it was at one time in our history. Foods contain all sorts of chemicals, medications and even hormones today unless they are organically grown or raised. When you eat the contaminated foods, toxins build up in your system and prevent it from functioning at an optimum level. In this condition, it is vulnerable to illnesses and even death. The toxins solidify in the muscles, joints and other parts of your body. Through the simple ten-day program of the Master Cleanse, you can remove the toxins from these areas along with your kidneys and digestive system. Just one ten-day session will allow your body to return to a healthy condition!

2. The lemonade cleanse, as some call it, is an affordable detox method. For just two to three dollars a day, you can participate in this cleansing program. That is just twenty to thirty dollars for the entire ten days.

3. Cleansing using this program helps to curb cravings of such harmful substances as cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and various drugs. When you participate in the entire ten-day program, you trigger chemical changes in your system that remove the craving for depressants or stimulants. You will learn that you just need clean living with healthy, natural foods to feel energetic and stress-free each day instead of habit-forming substances that lead to health issues over time.

4. Master Cleanse weight loss is possible, as you will shed excess weight not only during this ten-day program, but also afterwards, as long as you keep with a healthy eating plan. Past participants have lost as much as two pounds of weight each day on this plan. Of course, this figure varies and in those individuals that need to gain weight, they can realize a slight weight gain instead of weight loss.

5. Master Cleanse is ideal for building your blood and improving your circulation through its cleansing properties, and the valuable vitamins and minerals it provides the body.

6. Another benefit is the purification of cells and glands throughout your body.

7. You skin will have a youthful, vibrant appearance once again since you improve the flow of blood and nutrients to your skin with the cleanse.

8. Cleansing your system will cure both mild and serious health issues, according to the creator of this cleansing program, Stanley Burroughs.

9. You will kick your habit of eating junk foods. Master Cleanse eliminates your cravings for fatty, sugary, or salty foods. In addition, you will learn how nutritious organic, fresh foods are for your body. With this knowledge, you will avoid chemically laden foods, such as the processed food sitting ready for you on the grocery shelves today!

The Stages of the Master Cleanse Diet Plan

You will participate in three stages with the Master Cleanse detox diet, namely the ease-in stage, the ten-day lemonade stage, and the ease-out stage. Read more about how to do the cleanse here. The first stage helps your body prepare for the ten-day program in a gentle manner, the lemonade stage cleanses your body of all toxins, and the ease-out stage returns you to eating whole foods once again in a gradual manner. We will explain how to perform each stage of the Master Cleanse in the following information:

1. Ease-In Stage

It takes four days to complete the ease-in stage. You perform this stage to eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet in preparation of the lemonade-cleansing period. Just follow the sample days below to learn how to proceed:

Note: You must drink six to eight glasses of water each day throughout this stage along with the other instructions we provide in the following information. Water should be purified and contain no fluoride. Purchase bottled water if need be to ensure the water contains no fluoride.

Day 1:

Start eliminating processed foods on top of sugar, caffeine and alcohol. In addition, avoid consuming meat and dairy. This helps you become aware of the foods you consume, as they should be fresh, organic, raw and whole foods. Buy the foods you do not have in your house at present to prepare for the days ahead. Read on to discover what organic foods you will need to stock up on for this ease-in stage. You also need to buy a juicer if you do not have one. In addition, you will need some laxative teas in the lemonade stage, which you may buy at this time. Check with the health food store, as it should have the appropriate teas.

Day 2:

Eat only fresh organic vegetables and fruit. In addition, consume these foods raw whenever possible, as cooking kills the nutritional value. You also receive additional fiber by consuming these foods in a raw state. Examples of foods to eat on day two are organic carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and oranges. Of course, there are plenty of other possibilities. Select your favorites as long as they are organically grown.

Day 3:

Switch to liquids only on this day. By doing this, you will let your body become used to the idea of no solid foods prior to the ten-day lemonade cleansing plan taking place. Grab your juicer and make your own fresh vegetable and fruit juices from the organic produce you purchased on the second day. For variety, make broth or soup from the vegetables.

Day 4:

Drink only fresh, organic orange juice on this day. In the morning, manually or mechanically squeeze organic oranges for at least two quarts of juice. Drink eight ounces of the juice several times throughout the day along with water. Then, at night drink a cup of a laxative tea. If you feel overly hungry on this day, you can add a tablespoon of organic maple syrup to your next glass of orange juice. Buy non-iodized sea salt, purified water if necessary along with organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and fresh lemons if necessary to stock up for the next stage of the Master Cleanse process.

2. The Lemonade Cleansing Stage

You will follow the same process for the entire ten-day period. The first part of this stage is the saltwater flush that you will need to drink each morning prior to consuming any lemonade. Measure two teaspoons of the sea salt into a quart of tepid water to make this flush solution. Consume the entire quart on an empty stomach. By doing this, you will flush out your system and be ready for the rest of the day. Now, proceed with the rest of the daily plan by consuming the lemonade in the recipe below:

The Lemonade Diet Recipe


  • 8 ounces of purified, lukewarm water
  • 2 tablespoons of organic, lemon juice (freshly squeezed and with pulp)
  • 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (make sure it is organic)
  • 2 tablespoons of organic, pure maple syrup (Grade B has the best combination of flavor and mineral content, but Grade C or Grade A could be used in a pinch)
Note: The recipe makes enough for one glass of lemonade.


Mix all the ingredients together in a glass. Do not make this lemonade up in large quantities, as it retains its nutrients better when you mix enough for a few glasses at a time. If you need to carry some to work with you, just mix enough for that day and then mix some fresh for the night when you are at home.

You Should Drink the Lemonade at Least Six Times Each Day for Ten Days

Drink this lemonade six to twelve times throughout the day, as you feel hungry. In between each glass of lemonade, drink at least eight ounces of water. You can drink more water than this, but try not to drink more than twice the amount of lemonade. End each day with one cup of laxative tea. Repeat the above process each day for the ten-day, lemonade stage.

3. Ease-Out Stage

After you finish the lemonade stage of the Master Cleanse plan, you will need to ease out of it gradually to return to eating solid foods once again. By going through this stage, you prepare your body gently to return to digesting solid foods, and prevent issues with your digestive system. Follow the three-day plan below to complete this stage:

Day 1:

Just as you did on the fourth day of the ease-in stage, drink only organic, fresh-squeezed orange juice mixed with equal parts of water during the morning and early afternoon. In mid-afternoon, prepare vegetable soup with a combination of fresh, organic vegetables, such as onions, legumes, celery, potatoes, carrots and kale. Tomatoes, green pepper, chili peppers and zucchini are other vegetables that will add flavor and nutritional value to your soup. In addition, you can add brown rice, but do not add any meat. You may add a few rye wafers to your meal, but avoid crackers and bread. If you have soup left, keep it in the refrigerator for the next day.

Day 2:

Drink the combination orange juice and water as you did on the first day during the morning. Eat more vegetable soup for lunch. Use up the soup from yesterday if you have leftovers or cook some fresh. For supper, eat whatever types of organic fruits or vegetables that you enjoy. You can even combine them into a salad. Still avoid meat, eggs, fish, caffeinated beverages, milk, breads and sugary foods at this point.

Day 3:

You can return to normal eating on the third day. However, it is advisable to start each day still with fresh, organic fruit or vegetable, or the special lemonade in the earlier recipe. If indigestion occurs frequently, then return to the lemonade diet until your body is ready to digest solid foods again without issue.

For optimum health, continue to eat a vegetarian lifestyle along with consuming fruits and nuts. Make sure all your foods are grown organically too for optimum results. Use nuts and beans for protein in your vegetarian diet to ensure proper muscle health on top of your other nutritional needs.

Exercise Is Important

Exercise throughout the ease-in, lemonade-cleansing, and ease-out stages. Physical activity not only keeps your body strong and your muscles toned, but it also controls your appetite. It will help you to stay on the liquid diet easier with less frustration.

How the Master Cleanse Works

Why are the Master Cleanse ingredients so successful at flushing toxins out of the system? How do these ingredients function in the body to produce healthy changes? Below, we provide an explanation of how each ingredient helps the body achieve the goals of this cleansing program.

1. The saltwater flush has a laxative-effect on the body throughout the digestive system. While the salt cleans the intestines of toxins and impacted, fecal matter, the water washes it out through your bowel eliminations. You will notice the effects of the saltwater flush within one hour of consuming it first thing in the mornings.

2. Organic, fresh lemon juice not only cleanses the digestive tract and intestines similar to the saltwater flush, but will also kill intestinal parasites. The juice also increases bile production and aids with liver functioning. Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C, and provide other important nutrients, such as vitamin A, thiamin, niacin, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and more. Remember, the lemonade of the Master Cleanse program is your only nutrition for ten days, so these nutrients play a crucial role in sustaining your health during this time.

3. Cayenne pepper improves blood flow throughout the body and calms the digestive system. In addition, it provides relief for cramping and other gastrointestinal problems. You also receive vitamins C, K, A and B from this pepper on top of dietary fiber, potassium, protein, calcium and iron.

4. Grade B, organic, pure maple syrup provides more than just sweetness to the lemonade. Maple syrup offers the body nutrition with calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and other minerals. With all these nutrients, it boosts the efficiency of the immune system and provides protection to the heart. The syrup also is the primary source for your body’s calories during your ten-day, lemonade-cleansing period.

5. Does water also play an important part in this program? Of course, it does, as it hydrates your body, flushes out toxins, and diminishes the feelings of hunger. Water should be free of all contaminants and chemicals, including fluoride. If necessary, buy bottled water if your filter system does not remove fluoride. Regular tap water will not be effective in the cleansing, as it contains too many chemicals and other elements that will add toxins to your system rather than cleansing it.

6. Laxative teas stimulate bowel movements to expedite the cleansing process. Senna, cascara sagrada, dandelion and chickweed teas are just some examples of the laxative teas you can use during the lemonade-cleansing stage of the Master Cleanse program.

When you consume all these ingredients according to the instructions above, you cleanse your body of toxins and other unfavorable elements that cause illness and health issues. You also feed your body important nutrients throughout the process to maintain your health and wellbeing.

Who Makes an Ideal Candidate for This Program?

The ideal candidate for this program is anyone whose body feels sluggish, ill, or unhealthy in other ways. In addition, those who are overweight could benefit from this ten-day plan. Always check with your doctor to ensure that your medical condition will allow you to participate in an all-liquid diet. Pregnant and nursing women, and diabetics also should clear it with their doctor before participating in this plan. If you eat pure organic foods and seem to have no health issues, you may still want to participate in this program periodically throughout the year just to ensure you stay in ideal health.

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Master Cleanse FAQs

Q: Can I use a different sweetener than pure, maple syrup?

A: Pure unsulfured molasses and pure, unrefined sorghum syrups are also ideal if you prefer the flavor. Most people prefer the flavor of maple syrup, though, in the lemonade.

Q: Why can’t I just use honey as a sweetener?

A: Honey must not be the sweetener in your lemonade, as it is nectar that has been predigested by the bees. They then regurgitate it to create the honey. According to Stanley Burroughs, the creator of the Master Cleanse, honey can cause issues in the human body and is low in calcium.

Q: Should I keep taking my prescription medications?

A: Never go off your prescription medication during this program. The benefits you receive from this cleansing may lead to your doctor adjusting your medications after the fact, though, but always stick to a medication schedule until your doctor changes it.

Q: Why should I use only organic foods and ingredients?

A: You should use all organic foods and ingredients since they are free of the chemicals and toxins you are cleansing and flushing from your system with the Master Cleanse program.

Q: How will my body react during the cleanse?

A: You may experience dizziness, feelings of hunger, and headaches during the first three to four days of the lemonade stage. Typically, these symptoms pass after four days. The symptoms usually coincide with the saltwater flush, as this flush brings about large bowel movements, which are at times, watery in nature.

Q: I feel weak when participating in the lemonade stage of this cleanse. Is this a sign I need to stop the plan?

A: You may decide on your own to stop before the ten days are up, but this weakness is from the toxins leaving your body. Make sure you are adding the right quantity of the ingredients to the lemonade and remember that you can drink six to twelve glasses of lemonade a day. If you are only drinking six glasses, increase as necessary up to twelve a day. The weakness should pass.

Q: How much weight loss may I realize through participating in this program?

A: Most people lose about one to two pounds of weight a day during the lemon stage of the Master Cleanse if they are overweight. People, who need to gain weight, though, could gain rather than lose weight. An important bit of information to remember here is the fact that this program was not designed for weight loss. The plan is for improving your health and the weight loss may occur as part of the other benefits your body receives from your participation in the program.

Q: Can I take cayenne pepper in other forms if I do not like the flavor of it.

A: Cayenne pepper does come in capsule form, but you still need to make sure it is 100% organic. If you have just started on the lemonade stage, try it is few more days to see if you adjust to the flavor. You will receive ongoing benefits throughout the day when you add it to the lemonade.

Q: What would be your next best recommendation if I don’t want to do this?

A: Definitely this program from Liz Swann-Miller – a detox and smoothie/juicing expert and Amazon best-selling author.

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