Last Minute Fitness Tips To Get Fit For Summer


We’re now deep in to US summer time, and everyone wants to look good at this point in the year. Unfortunately many people have recently realized that they didn’t work hard enough over the last few months to shed those unwanted pounds.

It could have been a new diet plan, a new workout schedule or just a commitment to cut down on alcohol or junk snacks. At the time it sounds great. It sounded easy and a sure fire way to ensure you look your best this summer. Inevitably though a large percentage of healthy and fitness goals are never met. So what can you do?

Quick ways to get in shape for the summer

Lucky for you we’ve put together a shortlist of healthy strategies that will give you a great chance of dropping a few pounds or more within the next month or so. Any of these will work if you stick to them, so pick the one that applies to you and make sure you commit for at least 4 weeks. If you do, the results should be favorable.

1 – Cross Fit

This is one of the latest fitness crazes. It isn’t easy, but it is effective. Cross Fit involves going through short but intense workouts designed to melt away fat quickly and put you in truly awesome shape. Undertaking this training a few times each week for the next month should really allow you to lose some weight and tone up at the same time.

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2 – The Paleo Diet

Another recent craze over these last few years; but also one that is actually effective. Paleo (pioneered by Robb Wolf) doesn’t focus on training or working out, but on eating whole foods and cutting out processed items that do your body no-good and cause fat storage.

A Paleo lifestyle mostly involves eating meat, fish, fruits and vegetables – so you should see why its such an effective way to lose some excess fat. Because the diet is so popular there are literally 1000’s of delicious recipes available for free online, so you can still enjoy awesome meals.

3 – Bodyweight Exercises at Home

If you’re short on time, hate the gym but want to get fit then consider setting aside 10-20 minutes daily to run through a bodyweight workout routine. You don’t need weights to challenge yourself physically, build strength and improve the way you look. Simple exercises such as squat jumps, press ups and planks can be super effective.

With a quick google search you’ll find a whole host of fitness sites dedicated to bodyweight training. You can also see some thoughts of ours on other home workout options here. Using a combination of these you’ll very easily be able to make yourself up a routine of 6-10 exercises which can be performed in a circuit. Do that 3 times per day (mix up the routine) and you’ll see great results after a month.

4 – Try the Fat Loss Factor or The Venus Factor (Women only)

Regarded as one of the most successful weight loss and fitness programs of all time, The Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles is a proven and surefire way to start on the road to achieving your ideal body. Results are quick and the program is easy to follow – suitable for both men and women. An alternative but equally well rated program for women only is The Venus Factor program.

There you go. 4 quick and dirty ways to get at least some way towards your fitness goals this summer.

Here’s to your awesome beach body!

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