Iaso Tea Reviews – Here is What You Need to Know!

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What is so special about Iaso Tea?

This “miracle” tea, as referred to by some Iaso drinkers, contains a variety of natural ingredients meant to cleanse the digestive system by ridding the body of harmful toxins, including parasites. Though unpleasant side effects come with true detox processes, this tea delivers on its promises of detoxing the digestive system, increasing weight loss and increasing an overall sense of well-being. Many other Iaso Tea reviews forget to go over some important details such as this. We’ve got answers for you.

iaso tea reviews

Nine different herbs complement each other to achieve these results in the body. And, drinking this tea, as recommended – two times a day for a specific length of time – should deliver the results promised by Total Life Changes for most tea drinkers choosing Iaso.


iaso tea ingredients
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The combination of herbal ingredients to achieve the positive effects promised includes blessed thistle, chamomile, ginger, holy thistle, malva leaves, marsh mallow, myrrh, papaya leaves and persimmon leaves. These ingredients work together to give you the weight loss and detox that you want to see.

Why Choose Iaso?

According to the Total Life Changes website, this blend of herbs aides in weight loss through detoxification. Other results include increased energy, mental clarity, and overall sense of well-being. The ingredients have all been shown to achieve a specific health benefit as well, which is another factor in making this tea product a smart option. It also adds to the company’s reputation as a health-focused entity that can be trusted, increasing the customer’s trust in the products a company offers.

What’s the Scoop on Iaso?

What are the Iaso Tea Reviews? As the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.” This is true when it comes to herbal tea options as well. With a wide array of tea choices on the market for detox and weight loss, comes many different perspectives from tea drinkers. These perspectives help us to make our own choices as we consider, and maybe even dismiss, what others are saying. Regarding Iaso Tea – individuals are sharing a variety of perspectives – as expected!

Image source: https://iasoteareviews.net/iaso-tea/ingredients/iaso-tea-ingredients/

Iaso Tea Reviews Citing the Pros

From reviews on health websites, many comments include the overall well-being benefit with weight loss as an added plus to daily use. It’s also available at many locations, making it easy to find in a local store, worldwide. Another common feature many comment on is the positive reputation of the manufacture, Total Life Changes, stating that this company offers a wide range of healthy products that deliver on promises, as mentioned above. Also, the variety of ways the tea can be prepared was cited several times by Iaso tea drinkers, including the option of adding the leaves to different foods.

Personal Review: As an Iaso drinker, I find the taste to be enjoyable compared to other teas available. Some detox tea options are not pleasant at all; with their use comes the reminder of why it was chosen – as a detox or weight loss aide. This is not so with Iaso. Though my purpose is not for weight loss, the benefit of detoxification along with the great taste makes this a staple in my coffee and tea cabinet.

Reviews Citing the Cons

iaso tea pros and cons
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After reading through reviews, a common one indicates the cost as an issue. Several tea drinkers state the price as “too expensive” compared to other herbal detox tea options. Also, the detox symptoms – many claim they are unpleasant. These are a part of any detox, so these comments are actually positive. These unpleasant symptoms such as frequent urination, loose stools and other side effects. These further provide evidence that the tea is an effective detox option, as promised.

Personal Review: The only con I can cite is that this tea is promoted as a weight loss aide. I think this undermines the tea and prevents those searching for tasty teas from considering it. The actual flavor it delivers and the associations we make with “tea breaks” – a few minutes to detach from the day, or a few minutes away from the hustle of meeting deadlines and a tight schedule. As for the taste, there are no cons. It is just as enjoyable as other herbal teas on the market. In my opinion, the cost is a little high, but not a deterrent from making the purchase.

The Iaso Tea reviews include a range of opinions. Some more valid then others, but all helpful when considering this product for personal use.

Is Iaso Total Life Changes Tea Worth the Cost?

Final thoughts: Overall, this is one tea I recommend in my yoga circle and to my closest friends. We share health tips and herbal tea options often. This is especially true during stressful times like the holidays.  Detoxing helps with regaining mental clarity to deal with stress in healthy ways. As for the cost– It’s not incredibly high. A few extra dollars spent on personal improvement leading to a better sense of well-being is always worth it. Check out more details about this product on Amazon!

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