Lean Belly Breakthrough Review (Update 2018) – Is It Legit Or A Scam?


It seems that every diet plan, weight loss scheme, or new breakthrough program gets called a scam by someone. Especially if they seem to work “too well,” critics are falling all over themselves to destroy any hope they work.

If you are an older adult, you know that your time is limited, but a healthy weight is essential. So, you already heard about Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick’s Lean Belly Breakthrough 2 Minute Ritual. Now you want to know if it is too good to be true. Your search for an honest review of The Lean Belly Breakthrough ends here.

Lean Belly Breakthrough books.

What Is Lean Belly Breakthrough and How Does It Work?

Lean Belly Breakthrough is a pdf-formatted book and videos that reveal a 2-minute daily ritual to burn belly fat fast. That doesn’t seem like enough to deliver on its promises, but it’s deceptively simple.

This step-by-step plan is designed to help you melt off a full 1 pound of dangerous belly fat -- not per week -- per day.


This program aims to reduce belly fat, reverse diabetes, and prevent heart disease. That is a tall order, but so many users report exactly these results, including the founder’s family. It isn’t JUST the ritual, it is the entire PDF and its lists of the best foods to boost your weight loss. Learn to really utilize herbs and supplements (such as those also recommended in the Venus Factor Diet). You can ramp your metabolism into a fat burning machine.

Real fat losses, all without a restrictive diet.

What Makes Lean Belly Breakthrough Unique

Photo of slender woman jumping for joy. No intense exercises, no restrictive diets, no tasteless foods, no dangerous supplements.

This program offers many unique features that aid in blasting away belly fat. There are many others like it, such as the Lean Belly Prescription PDF, but they are not the same.

Unique and Useful 2 Minute Ritual Videos:

Five unique exercise video routines make up the 2 minute rituals for the best results from the Lean Belly Breakthrough PDF. Free yourself from the notion that being over 50 means you can’t shed that belly.

In fact, you can do the whole program in only about ten minutes a day.

Food list that truly works:

This program isn’t just a few videos, it's also a comprehensive dietary tool. They list foods that can slow your progress, or even cause health problems. Also, they list the powerhouse foods and herbs to rev up your belly fat burning.

Taking control of your body’s fat-storage hormones with herbs is easier than you think. Those herbs won’t just help control the hormones in that way either. Did you know that some herbs, minerals, and spices can clean your arteries? How about boost your libido?

Menus and desserts(!)

With Lean Belly Breakthrough recipes -- and list of desserts that are actually good for people with blood sugar imbalances -- you won’t get bored. You won’t feel trapped into a diet that makes you feel depressed.

Most notably, this amazing program’s recipes can reverse diabetes and heart disease.

Dr. Heinrick’s targeted fat loss plan

Dr. Heinrick’s targeted fat loss plan: Evan lost 11.5 lbs in 13 days. Before and after photos.

Along with Dr. Heinrick’s genius hacks to get at the fat in the places you want to lose it, you get information about signs of being at the risk of a heart attack. And, methods to prevent them. Not to mention, all the steps you need to follow to stay healthy. If you want to drop belly fat and the health problems that come with it this

Tools to make the Lean Belly Breakthrough work for you

This program offers yet more value in information that will help you harness your sleeping metabolism to lose belly fat! Not to mention the tracking sheets to follow your daily progress in your fat loss journey.

The Lean Belly Ritual is all you need to start attacking fat. Without restrictive dieting, high gym membership fees or expensive equipment.

What is the 2 minute ritual to lose belly fat?

The 2 minute rituals are the life change that must happen to lose belly fat. These videos help you actually burn away that stubborn fat, using Dr. Heinricks and fitness trainer Bruce Khan’s extensive knowledge. Completing these videos each day, and following the program, result in big time belly fat losses.

How Does This Lean Belly Breakthrough Ritual Work?

This program uses the foods you eat, and the daily 2 minute ritual, to melt the fat off of your belly. It boasts solid, well-respected workout techniques that have stood the test of time to maximize the benefit for you. You know your belly fat is a ticking time-bomb when it comes to diabetes and heart disease. So, this program is perfect for you.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is specifically created by a personal trainer and a doctor to help men and women over 50. It may not work for all of them -- only those who really want to lose the belly fat and reduce their risks. Heart disease and diabetes are silent killers. To fight them, it takes commitment to the program.

If you are tired of worrying about that dangerous belly pooch, and want to know that you are doing the best you can to get and stay healthy, you should try this inexpensive miracle.

Who Is Bruce Krahn? Review Of The Founder

Photo of Bruce Krahn holding his two baby sons.


Bruce Kahn is a personal trainer who has worked with celebrities like Nelly Furtado and Criss Angel. He was pushed into action when belly fat nearly cost him his father-in-law. At 10,000 feet, in an airplane, that heart attack changed Bruce’s goals in life.

Dr. Heinrick saved Bruce’s father-in-law with this revolutionary program. This team was the key to creating a well-balanced approach to fighting belly fat for older adults.

Here is more about that emotional event:



You want to know what scammers don’t do? Offer you your money back if their “fake” product doesn’t work. Guess what? The low price, only $37 dollars, of this PDF represents zero risk to you. If this program doesn’t work as promised there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

Let’s be clear here, you get instant access to the PDF, and the entire program, for under $40. If it doesn’t work, you get your money back. And, since we know it was made by professionals who really care about your life, you don’t have to worry about it not working.

Other Lean Belly Breakthrough Reviews

The Lean Belly Breakthrough has a ton of reviews. And, like any program that doesn’t fit into the narrow minds of some, there are some bad ones out there. People have a lot of money to make selling you diet fads, and don’t want you finding out you don’t need them. While some people believe that all new diet methods are fads, and fakes, when you look at this one it is obviously based on good, solid methods.

Bruce: THe information you share in your presentation has changed my life and health forever. What was most helpful to me was the part near the end where you describe the simple ritual I used to lose 25 pounds of deadly belly fat and get off my dangerous prescription drugs. Thank you! Rachael

Here is how it has worked for others, and what other reviewers say:

Lean Belly Breakthrough testimonial: It's true - 9 pounds of pure belly fat in 3 days and another 30 pounds one month later (before and after pics).

The Friendly Look did a 2017 review of the Lean Belly Breakthrough:

“If you will follow this program faithfully, then it will work for you faithfully. The truth is, you have nothing to lose even. This program is a 100% safe one that will not put you at the risk of anything. So if it does not work for you, at least it will not hurt you. (Oh, and it will work for you). Also, if it does not work, it is guaranteed that you will get your money back.”

Lean Belly Breakthrough testimonial: She lost 7 pounds of stubbornbelly fat the first 3 days and another 22 pounds on month later. (Before and after photos)

Benefits of the Program

  • This program does not involve dieting, drugs, or any unnatural substances or activities
  • It is a 2 minute ritual that can change your life (by changing your health and self esteem)
  • A list of foods that boost your libido, help your weight loss and fight diabetes and heart disease
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to get and do

Risks of the Program

There really is no risk. The diet plans are good for you, and nothing about this plan can hurt you. The 2 minute rituals were put together by an experienced personal trainer. The diets by a doctor.

That means that you have nothing to lose. If you put in the time, it is a program that will give you results.

How It Compares (About the Competition)

While no diet and exercise program is perfect, the Lean Belly Breakthrough, shouldn’t be confused with the competition. The Lean Belly Prescription and Belly Fat Breakthrough are just two of them with names that are so similar, it’s hard to tell the difference. Then you have the Flat Belly Blueprint.

None of them have the kind of team that created the Lean Belly Breakthrough.

That being said, you can always see if this is the right program for you by reading reviews of the other recommended workout programs here.

What We Think - Is This An Effective Weight Loss Program?

It is perfectly clear, yes, it works for those who are willing to commit fully. Just like any weight loss option, new piece of exercise equipment, or workout plan: it can only works if you use it right. But, with such an easy to follow plan, perfect 2 minute daily ritual, and low price, all you need to do decide that it is time to lose that fat.

Interested in trying it or learning more? Visit their site below:

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More about the Lean Belly Breakthrough program:

To learn more about this effective belly fat fighter, visit their website:


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