A Beginner’s Guide to a Leptin Diet: Meal Plans, Rules and Results


With so many diets out there you might begin to lose track of all of the different options, especially when it comes to choosing a diet. One of the newest and most trendy weight loss diets to partake in is the leptin diet. This diet is great for those looking for portion control and to cut back on the amount of food that you consume.

What is the Leptin diet?

There’s no need to worry because this isn’t the kind of diet that has you eating leafy greens and crazy healthy foods all the time. A leptin diet helps you evaluate how much you eat when you eat and what you are eating. Knowing this helps you to become more aware of your eating habits and to gain more control and power over your weight. It’s important to be informed about how this diet can help you.

The Leptin Diet Book By Byron J Richard really helped me to lose 10 pounds in just under 3 weeks. It’s the best guide for planning your meal plans and people review it to be the best book out there on the Leptin diet.

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After a meal, bloating and feeling full is something you can probably relate to. The hormone, leptin, is responsible for this sensation that you get when you can’t possibly eat anything else. Leptin sends a message to your hypothalamus your brain to tell you when you are full.

What Does Leptin Do For Your Body?

Appetite Suppressor

Leptin will work in your body to tell you when you are full, which means the more leptin, the less hungry you will be.

Fat Storage Control

The hormone has control over which nutrients will be converted and stored as fat.

What is Leptin Resistance?

Leptin resistance is a symptom that develops when your body doesn’t produce regulated levels of leptin, which regulates your appetite. Leptin resistance is more common in women but is not uncommon to occur in men.

If you have low levels of leptin, you are more hungry and your body tells you to eat out of a feeling of hunger, rather than eating to get the necessary nutrients in your body. Also, even if you eat, you may still experience the feeling of hunger.

Leptin resistance is caused because of unbalanced and unhealthy diets, specifically carbs. A lot of it has to do with unregulated fructose and sugar levels. This causes a lot of fat buildup in and around your liver, which is not healthy in general.

5 Leptin Diet Rules You Must Keep

 1. Food or Snacks After Dinner is a No-No

If you are someone who can’t go a single day without a midnight snack or a second dinner, you are not going to like this first rule to the Leptin diet. In order to see successful results, you must not eat a thing past dinner time. If you tend to eat later in the night, it is harder for any diet to have an affect on you and your weight.

2. Eat Protein for Breakfast

Dinner is most likely your biggest meal of the day and the leptin diet requires the opposite. In order to increase satiety and Leptin, you must make breakfast your main focus. Almost every leptin diet plan has a breakfast dish that is high in protein. Protein in the morning not only helps you to wake up, but it also helps your metabolism and your body to be ready to digest what you eat for the remainder of the day.

3. Do Not Eat Until Full

One trick to a leptin diet is to finish a meal right before you feel full. If you do this, the full feeling will usually catch up to you in about 10 to 20 minutes. As you continue on the diet and improve your eating habits you will start to feel full earlier on in a meal, helping you to not overeat.

4. Three Meals a Day is a MUST

You might have heard before that eating small snacks throughout the day is effective in helping you to lose weight because you eat less at one time. Although it seems you may be eating less, are you actually? Your metabolism isn’t meant to deal with continual eating and snacking all day. From personal experience, this has just led to an increase in the total amount of food consumed in one day.

If you eat three meals a day with no snacking and you allow 5 to 6 hours in between meals, you will start to notice a difference in your food intake and hopefully your weight.

5. Limit Carb Intake

When on a leptin diet you have to face the fact that you need to reduce the number of carbs you eat. Now don’t take this the wrong way. You do not have to eliminate carbs entirely, because of their importance to the body and well, they taste good.

Your body uses up carbohydrates as a first resort, so if you are eating only carbs your body won’t use up all of the stored up energy, or fat. If you’re not sure how to do this, using a Leptin Diet cookbook can be really helpful.

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List of Leptin Diet Foods to Avoid

Leptin resistance is certainly not something you want to deal with on a leptin diet. “Leptin resistance diet” In order to be successful with a leptin diet, there are a few foods that you should cross off of your grocery list including:

  • Soda, even diet soda
  • Anything with artificial sweeteners
  • Energy drinks
  • Soy products (soy discourages weight loss)

Leptin Diet Food List to Enjoy

While you are on the leptin diet it is not only important when you eat, but what you eat. So the next time you go to the grocery store, you can use this food list as a guide for what to buy. Worrying about counting calories isn’t a concern, but what is, is that you have a well-balanced diet.

When you are eating out you should be able to find something on any menu. It is suggested that you follow 400 to 600 calories a day with 40% fat, 30% carbs, and 30% protein.

These are some of the main food items that will help you stick to the leptin diet “can-have” foods:

  • coconut oil
  • avocados
  • omega 3 fish oil
  • all types of nuts (specifically cashews, macadamia nuts, almonds, peanuts, and pistachios)
  • animal fat (lard)
  • red meat (lean)
  • turkey
  • chicken
  • fish
  • eggs
  • vegetables

Leptin Diet Results

Lots of people have had success with the leptin diet, but like all weight loss methods, you must diligently follow the plan and exercise for maximum results.

Also, avoid cheat days because if you cheat once, you’re more likely to cheat again.

Watch the video below to be inspired to start your own leptin diet weight loss journey.

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