Does The Cruise Control Diet Actually Work For The Average Customer?


While many diet plans are full of restrictions, the popular Cruise Control Diet offers a more relaxed approach to eating healthy and losing weight. Created by James Ward, this program claims to help dieters stop the yo-yo effect, helping them lose weight and keep it off for good. Of course, if you’re considering this diet, you probably have one questions – does t really work? Here’s a closer look at the diet, how it works, and the results you can expect if you try it for yourself.

The Secrets Behind the Diet

The weight loss program is based on several rules that are very simple. However, these rules are important and you’ll need to follow them every day if you want to see weight loss results. The first rule to live by is that processed foods are bad for your body. Processed foods make the body store fat. It’s important to avoid processed foods on this diet (especially these 5).

The second rule is that natural, whole foods are healthy for your body. They also help your body to burn more fat. The third rule encourages you to enjoy some cheat foods now and then. After all, you don’t want to feel deprived while you’re on the diet. The last rule of the diet is to avoid trying to calculate your daily calorie intake. The better option is to listen to your body. Only eat when you really feel hungry and don’t stuff yourself when you already feel full.

How Does the Cruise Control Diet Work?

The core of the program is a 74 page plan that comes with helpful information, grocery lists, meal plans, recipes and more. The author of the program urges individuals to read all the information so they are able to understand the concepts behind the diet, which improves the chance of success. Since the plan urges you to eat only when you’re hungry, you’ll automatically begin cutting calories. Eating the right foods, such as protein and healthy fats, will keep you feeling satisfied.

When you begin changing your diet, your body starts to rely on body fat when it needs energy instead of the simple carbs you used to eat. This change results in you feeling hungry less often, which ultimately aids in weight loss as well.

What You’ll Eat on This Diet

What exactly will you be eating on this diet? The plan encourages you to eat whole foods instead of packaged, processed foods, although cheat days are allowed. You’ll eat lean proteins, delicious vegetables, tasty fruits, and healthy fats on this diet. The diet program also includes many different recipes that will offer you delicious ways to cook these healthy foods so you enjoy all the great flavors.

Does the Diet Offer Results?

Now, the big question – Does the Diet work? Many individuals who have tried it note that the diet provides great results, in fact the official site has a whole page of testimonials. While the program doesn’t promise miracle weight loss, it does help most dieters lose 20-30 pounds in about eight weeks. The best part is that it’s a natural way to lose weight and you won’t be wasting your time counting every calorie or wasting money buying pills and supplements.

The diet uses three phases to help you lose weight. The first phase helps to reset your metabolism and get your insulin levels under control. It also helps to rebuild the natural hunger instinct so you know when you’re really hungry. This keeps you from overeating or eating when you’re not hungry, which offers weight loss results.

The second phase of the diet allows you to have a couple cheat foods each week. The third phase of the diet helps you burn fat rapidly, and most people lose weight the fastest during this phase of the diet. During this phase, many people also begin feeling better, enjoying more energy and better health.

Of course, the key to getting great results with the program is to carefully follow it, without deviation. Individuals who follow all the rules of the program do see excellent weight loss results without all the restrictions and calorie counting that comes with many other diet programs.

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