How To Lose Weight Fast At Home (Top Exercises For Best Results)


Top Exercises to Lose Weight At Home (Fast And Effectively)

Want to get back to your fitter self without exercising? Well, you are not alone for sure. However, you need to make some really serious lifestyle changes so that you can go through the fitness regime at home and get back to your fit self.

One important thing to remember is that the extra calories you consumed has resulted in the excess weight and so you will need to also work hard to make sure that you get back to your slimmer and healthy self. This usually means incorporating a healthy diet again. (A popular one right now is the Wild Diet)

Most of the exercises do not require big machines and gym when you’re thinking about exercises for how to lose weight at home fast. Usually, incorporating your own body weight is an extremely effective way to burn that pesky flab. Because you are using your own body to shape and strengthen it!

Well, here are some of the exercises (for both men and women) that you can do with great ease and for FREE:

1. The Basic Crunches


Crunches are easy and do not need much time in the day. All you need to do is to set a dedicated amount of time everyday and do your crunches. Nothing else is as effective as crunches when it comes to burning the belly fat. This exercise is on the number one lift when it comes to burning fat at home. So why wait for next year? Start your crunches now. Once you start with the basic crunches, you can also try out different variations when considering the exercises for how to lose weight at home fast.

Here is a list of 25 considerations to finally lose that belly fat! 

2. Regular Push Ups


All that you need to do push up is a horizontal place of your size. Well, you need not invest anything special for this exercise except your determination to lose weight at home. This is a basic exercise that just requires you to simply lower your body down and up at the same time. You need to place your hands right below your shoulders, and hold your body straight at the same time. By bending your elbows you need to lower your chest and push back into the initial position. If you feel that this is difficult for you, you can still make it easier by placing your knees on the floor and train your arms, chest and shoulder.

3. Try the Bridge

Usually the bridge exercises strengthen the whole abdomen region and hamstrings. This exercise is considered to be the basic exercise that will help you in spinal stabilization. Put your arm by your sides and lie down on your back. Maintain a straight posture of your back and keep your feet on the floor while you bend your knees and raise your hips. Just hold it for around 30 seconds and let it come back down gently to your initial position and repeat again. Make sure that you try this same set for a few minutes to feel the burn.

4. Do the Plank Crawl

One of the best variations in planks will involve crawling. This is an exercise that will help you to tone your abs, back and shoulder as well. The crawls help to work out on your upper body and lower body as well. You need to get into the push up position if you want to do a plank crawl. Then balance on your forearms, toes and elbows while you lower yourself down. Now you need to use one of your arms to balance and come back to you initial position. Then alternate your arm and repeat the same position. During your exercise routine you need to maintain a strong body, but while doing these you need to also decide on the difficulty level.

5. Hip Flexor Stretches

The health of your hip flexors has a lot to do with belly fat and overall fitness. This is because your hip flexors effect both your upper and lower body. Tight hip flexors may be part of the reason for your back problems and belly fat. Here are some stretches to loosen those hip flexors and get jump-started to that weight loss. The great thing about these is that they are simple and can be fit in somewhere in your daily routine. If you find that this is the source of your stunted fat burning, you may even want to consider the popular at-home fitness program, Unlock Your Hip Flexors (read our review here).

6. Try Stomach Vacuum Exercises

These are low-intensity exercises and will not put much pressure on your heart. The greater part of the emphasis is on breathing. The position is quite similar to what we regularly call a cat stretch pose. The exercises are also known to strengthen the core of your body. The exercise is simple and will help you in reducing the belly fats and here are the four steps that you can take:

Support your body on your hands and knees as you go down.

  • Take a deep breath and then loosen your abdomen.
  • Tighten your abdomen muscles as you exhale.
  • Hold the same position for around15-30 seconds depending upon your limitation, and repeat the sets.

Once you master the basic stomach vacuum exercise, you can also try to include the variations in your exercises.

7. The Oh-So-Loved Squats


Squats help you in getting a fit body without investing in any gym equipment. These are effective and provide great results for your legs and buttock. Squatting is easy because you just need to do it the same way you couch. Or you could also try to sit with your knees bent close to your heels and keep your thighs parallel to the floor. If you feel that this difficult routine, you can still try to do it by simply sitting on a chair and standing up. All you need to do is to repeat the same process a number of times in order to benefit in the long run.

Exercise Needs Dedication

When at home, make sure that you don’t make friends with the couch so to speak. If you really want to remain fit, you will also need to have proper dedication so that you can rigorously follow the weight loss schedule. At times, it may be easy to make excuses for not doing exercises at home. But if you have the proper dedication and know what you want from your workout regime, you will stick to the healthy routine. An easy way to combat this is to get involved in a popular workout program you can do from home that you know achieves results.

Another way is by taking charge and buying that cool new fitness gadget you’ve been eyeing up. (We’ve listed some of our favorites here) Once you start taking your health seriously, your body will thank you. It’s time to invest in yourself.

There are lots of possibilities even with simple exercises that you do at home. If you are careful with your diet and follow regular exercise regime then you can be sure to lose weight. Ensure that you are consistent with your regime and maintain a proper schedule at the same time. Being healthy and losing weight is a competition against yourself, so you need to consistently put up your best foot forward and enjoy the long-term benefits of even the simple exercises at home.

Exactly How Long Will It Take To See Weight Loss Results?

If you go *too* fast, you may be hurting your body more than helping it. That’s what happens when people do fad diets. They end up gaining all the weight back (and then some). If you stick to these traditional (but tired and true) exercises, you will notice a difference in your body (not drastic) in a few days to a week. In a month, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the progress you’ve made and the new tone you have. Keep that in mind when doing these workouts. If you’re searching for how to lose weight fast from home, these are the exercises that are safe and rather quick.

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