Why You Need To Try A Workout Challenge


Why Should I Take On A Workout Challenge?

A workout challenge is a great way to compete against others as you race towards a common goal. The purpose of a workout can vary – weight loss, target body part (abs, glutes, etc), days spent on the workout, the list goes on. Although the challenge can be different, the goal is the same – improvement.

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Participating in a workout challenge brings many advantages. Here are some we’ve listed:

1. Encouragement.

If you struggle with getting yourself to the gym, a workout challenge is perfect for you. What’s better than encouragement to get you going? Giving up won’t be as easy when you have others pushing you on from the sidelines. If you’re looking for that perfect beach body, here’s a great bikini challenge to encourage you: 30 Day Bikini Beach Body Challenge.

2. Common Similarities.

It can be difficult to stick to a workout when you don’t have people to support you. Through a workout challenge, you’ll find other people who share the same goal. Finding like-minded people is one of the best ways to get fit!

3. Support.

After a long and exhausting day, it can be hard to find the motivation to workout. Sometimes more desirable things come up and we put our workouts on the back burner. It always helps to have a group that can understand your problems and temptations and helps you along the way. Who knows, you may even form a family of sorts to help you with your goals.

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4. Advice.

When you join a workout challenge, you also get access to guides and experts who can offer you advice and expertise. Not sure if you have the right form while practicing your exercise? There will be an expert to set you on the right track.

5. Competition.

There’s nothing like a little competitiveness. Competition helps create motivation and gives you strength and determination.

6. Enjoyment.

Every workout becomes pleasurable when you can share it with someone. Whether you have a small group or a large one, working with other is challenging and fun!

7. Health.

Working out will increase your health and fitness. This can create an immense sense of well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, give you better parameters overall, and improve the quality of your life.

8. Charity.

When you sign up for certain workout challenges, you also lend your support to serious causes. The Australian Strong Women Challenge is a three-week challenge that focuses on strength building and lends support to women fighting against oppression and injustice. Just $26 dollars can give two women a year’s worth of food crop seeds. At $1,500, you can help organize a protection program that women will run in the case of an emergency.

9. Accomplishing Goals.

A sense of accomplishment makes the sweat and tears completely worth it. You’ll have a sense of achievement at the end of a workout challenge.

Workout challenges can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. If you’ve decided a workout challenge is right for you, here are a few you can try:

The Dumbbell Challenge

For this challenge, there are five sessions. Each session has 20 alternating curls, floor press, shoulder press, and bent over rows. These are scattered among 40 mountain climbers, squat thrusts, reverse lunges, and hollow hold flutter kicks. Your pattern should be: 40-20-40-20 and so on. The rest period is 3 minutes between sets. If you’re new to workouts, this challenge isn’t recommended. However, if you’re up for a serious challenge and you’re an expert level, this one is right for you.

The Giant Set Challenge

With 10 seconds between each movement and a minute to two between sites, you will need to finish 5 complete sets. These will consist of five counts of deadlifts, bent over barbell rows, chin ups, and reverse dumbbell flys. Although less strenuous than the first challenge, this still requires a certain amount of know-how and experience.

The 20/20 Challenge

You should complete 5 rounds with 30 seconds between sessions. The pattern should be 20-10-20-10, until the end of the first round. The session includes 20 squats, front squats, front raises, forward lunges, and reverse lunges.

Don’t like these challenges? Don’t worry, there are other challenges for you to choose from: The 1-Minute Challenge, the 2 Mile Run Test, and the Kettlebell Challenge.

Have fun and we wish you luck!

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