Learn About Dr. Charles Livingston from FatLossFactor.com


If you’ve heard about the Fat Loss Factor weight loss program, you may have heard about Dr. Charles Livingston. However, many people are not familiar with Dr. Livingston’s work and his wealth of knowledge, which led to the creation of this diet program. Here’s a closer look at the man behind the Fat Loss Factor.

Dr. Charles Livingston is the man who actually created the Fat Loss Factor, which is often referred to as the Dr. Charles diet program. He is a Chiropractic doctor from the state of Indiana who works at Palmer College of Chiropractic. He’s college train and is a board certified chiropractic physician. An honor graduate, he’s used to working hard and studying, which resulting in the career path he has chosen.

Dr. Charles is also a certified wellness practitioner and a well-known public speaker. He’s written multiple books and gives educational seminars around the world on multiple topics. He’s a great motivational speaker that enjoys sharing information on cleansing, exercising, and eating healthy. He’s spent a lot of his adult life studying these topics in depth, and he continues to build programs, write books, and give lectures that share the information he’s discovered through his studies. Some of the topics covered by his books and seminars include workout routines, cookbooks, healthy eating, raw foods, liver cleansing, and detoxification.

Dr. Livingston HeadshotThe main thing that sets him apart from other creators of weight loss programs is that Dr. Charles actually lives what he teaches to others. His physical nutrition, and athletic conditions show that he follows his own teachings, which is why so many people trust the Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles. He works hard to be a good example to his patients, which is why he developed information products to help others learn how to achieve the success he has enjoyed.

While Dr. Livingston has created several products, two of his most popular products include:

  • Cellulite Factor System – This program, developed by Dr. Charles, is a four step program that individuals can use to help reduce cellulite. The program offers information on what cellulite is, how it occurs, and how individuals can eliminate cellulite.
  • The Fat Loss Factor – Another Dr. Charles diet program, is one of the most popular weight loss programs available today. The program focuses on eliminating excess waste and toxins from the body, which helps the body go back to its natural fat burning state. It also helps to retrain and educate the mind to get rid of old habits, replacing them with healthier, new habits. We reviewed the program in full here.

In multiple interviews, Dr. Livingston has been asked why he decided to create FatLossFactor.com. According to Dr. Charles, he became tired of watching people throw away their money on weight loss pills and fad diets that didn’t work. He realized that fad diets only result in short-term weight loss and these diets will not offer long-term weight loss that most people want. The body cannot operate efficiently when it’s starved, and he wanted to offer people the information they needed to enjoy lasting, healthy weight loss.

According to the Doctor, he spent years helping his personal clients in Indiana. After seeing great results, he decided to start sharing his plans with other people. With many Americans dealing with obesity, he wanted to share information with Americans on how they could still enjoy eating while losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle.

His program not only offers information on detoxifying the body, it offers information on healthy eating. Charles believes that the toxins found in the liver can restrict fat metabolism, which results in obesity. His program works on cleansing the liver, jumpstarting weight loss while improving liver function, immune function, and metabolism. He also includes workouts that individuals can use to boost their fat burning results as they go through the program.

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