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Panic attacks are no joke. To people who’ve never experienced one, or have only heard about them on television, it’s hard to understand exactly how debilitating they are for those that suffer from them. Most people that have panic attacks suffer with them for years without saying anything to anyone about them, afraid that people will think they’re simply being dramatic about a normal amount of anxiety, or that they’re mentally ill.

Doctors Often Don’t Take Panic Attacks Seriously

Describing panic attacks to your doctor can be difficult, and the only approach they seem to favor is drugging you with anti-anxiety medications, which can adversely affect your personality and your health. If traditional modes of treatment for anxiety don’t appeal to you, or if you’ve been having trouble explaining your malady to your doctor, therapist, or family members, you might be interested in this review of Panic Away. The program is an unorthodox but seemingly effective approach to dealing with panic attacks and eventually freeing yourself from the onset of severe anxiety altogether.

Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Out Help

Barry McDonagh - authorThe symptoms of panic attacks vary widely from individual to individual, so it’s difficult for doctors and therapists to treat. Barry McDonagh, the creator of Panic Away, pioneered his anxiety treatment program after suffering from panic attacks himself. He describes the onset of his first panic attack, and the fear he felt. Out of nowhere, his heart began pounding in his chest, accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of dread. The symptoms were so severe that he mistook them for a heart attack, although he was very young. He noticed that even though he felt so violently physically ill, he found that he felt embarrassed to ask any passersby for help, a common manifestation of a true panic attack.

That’s when he discovered that worrying about having another episode like the first one became another form of anxiety. Whenever he found himself out in public in a similar situation, he’d begin to dwell on the possibility of having another attack, and just the fear of it could bring on another attack. He went from being a calm and outgoing person to feeling on edge at all times.

An Unusual Method That Gets Rapid Results

panic away logoMcDonagh began to research the different methods that were currently available for dealing with anxiety attacks, and he didn’t like what he discovered. Doctors suggested drugs, and therapists suggested only coping strategies he could try to endure his attacks instead of trying to end them. Dissatisfied with any of the answers he heard, he came up with his own unorthodox method for fighting his attacks with metal maneuvers that countered his attacks directly. He calls his strategy the 21-7 Technique, and he’s turned it into a program you can take advantage of called Panic Away

Who Could Benefit From the Panic Away Method?

  • People who find themselves constantly anxious over mundane things
  • People who end up in the emergency room at the hospital, worried that about having a heart attack, but diagnosed simply as suffering from general anxiety
  • People with physical symptoms like heavy breathing, tightness in the chest, and a racing heartbeat
  • People who develop overwhelming fears of a mental breakdown if they are put in social situations they can’t escape from

If you’ve suffered from the following symptoms without knowing exactly what’s happening to you, it’s likely that you’re suffering from panic attacks:

  • Increased heartbeat without physical exertion
  • A tingling feeling in the stomach, often referred to as butterflies
  • Breathlessness
  • Blurry vision
  • Hot flashes
  • Numbness in the extremities
  • Hyperventilation
  • Tightness in the chest, similar to a heart attack
  • A feeling of confusion and fear, even in familiar surroundings
  • Feeling like you’re choking
  • Cotton mouth
  • Trembling

Anxiety Can Start a Circle of Fear Without End

If you suffer from any combination of these symptoms without any underlying illness that would explain them, you’re having anxiety attacks. The worst part about these attacks is that they make you feel like you’re having a nightmare while you’re awake, and the lack of understanding of what’s bringing on these very real and disturbing symptoms makes it hard to do more than withdraw from other people instead of asking for help. This feeling of a loss of control over your life begins a vicious cycle of fear that feeds on itself.

While many people are told that the disturbing sensations they’re feeling are all in their head, that’s not entirely true. Your body and mind work together to process outside stimuli and react to it physically. When you’re cold, you shiver without thinking about it. Human beings have a visceral, physical and mental reaction to danger, which is often described as the fight or flight mechanism. Your brain sends signals to your body through its autonomous nervous system to either run away or fight against an adversary. Panic attacks are your body calling on you to fight a foe that isn’t there, or run away from them. That’s why you feel an overwhelming urge to run away when you’re in a social situation and you suffer an attack. It’s a very real physical urge triggered by a misinterpretation of your surroundings.

Why the Method Works

The Panic Away method uses something called the 21-7 Technique. McDonagh calls it first aid for anxiety, and it consists of two separate components. The technique involves the opposite of the approaches suggested by many doctors and therapists. Instead of trying to distract yourself with happy thoughts when you suffer an anxiety attack, the Panic Away method counsels you to observe what’s happening to you, and embracing the feelings of anxiety that you’re feeling. With practice, you overcome the urge to fight or flee, and simply accept what’s happening. Confronting the urge to fight or flee has a calming effect that helps you overcome your anxiety. It’s like reasoning with someone that’s threatening you instead of fighting with them. It’s difficult at first to overcome your fear, but by defusing the situation, you return to normal. McDonagh coaches you to achieve this feeling in 21 seconds.

The second part of the technique is a seven-minute exercise that uses a combination of relaxation techniques that would work for anyone that’s just had a brush with danger and needs to calm down after the danger has passed. It works in concert with the 21 Second Technique to confront your anxiety and then calm yourself down when the reason for your anxiety has passed. Continued successful use of the techniques trains your mind and body to overcome fears of situations that formerly sent you into a tailspin of anxiety.

Panic away is available one of three versions:

  • Silver – You’ll receive the full Panic Away program in digital download form. Digital downloads let you begin using the techniques outlined in the program right away instead of waiting for a physical copy. The digital copy is optimized to be read on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Gold – If you’d prefer a physical copy of Panic Away, the Gold level entitles the user to the entire program, loaded on three CDs enclosed in a reusable case.
  • Platinum – Get the entire program shipped to your door, as well as available instantly as a digital download

Very few instructional courses offered online are available as both a digital version or a hard copy, even though a lot of people prefer to have the information available on disc if they ever need to refer to it again, so the Panic Away method is great if you’re concerned about a totally digital copy.


  • Very easy to read, and contains a great deal of scientific information without resorting to using a lot of medical jargon
  • The method is much less expensive than other treatment methods
  • Outlines real-life situations that users are likely to encounter in their own lives, and give you tips on what to do in many different settings
  • Designed to make a lifelong change in problems with anxiety
  • Panic Away offers users a true life changing approach to dealing with the debilitating physical, emotional, and social consequences of severe anxiety
  • The program explores the similarities and differences between panic attacks and obsessive compulsive behavior, which are often related
  • Offers useful information on parts of your diet that might exacerbate your symptoms of anxiety, especially artificial sweeteners that are suspected of causing multiple undesirable physical and mental effects
  • Turning the constant fear of a panic attack into a feeling of acceptance and calm
  • Defining and exploring the difference between situational and generalized anxiety, and how to treat each differently to get a better outcome
  • Encourages people that have suffered alone with panic attacks and anxiety to understand that there are many other people out there just like them, and that there’s something they can do to help themselves recover and thrive
  • Analyzes the role that medications can play in calming anxiety. The method is designed to avoid medications if possible, because they only treat the symptoms instead of attacking the underlying problem
  • Many testimonials indicate that the program works for a wide range of different people
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • The scientific information is presented in a very readable form, but it’s not heavily footnoted
  • There’s no guidance on what to do if the user doesn’t get results from the method, although it does offer a money-back guarantee

Final Word

The Panic Away method is great if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, and while it’s not a simple pill you can take to cure yourself, it’s easy enough to understand and implement while offering great results. It’s a sensible approach to dealing with a debilitating problem, and it cost pennies compared to one visit to a doctor’s office.

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