My In-Depth, Updated Old School New Body Review for 2018 – Can You Regain a Sleek and Youthful Body with This Program? (This Reveals Everything…)

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Is Old School New Body Legit? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Does it really work or is it another scam? Can you really lose weight and look younger? And is this the right program for you?

**Update January 2018** I’ve recently completed the Old School New Body program for the fourth time (as of January 2018) and have decided to update this review considerably for 2018. This guide, I hope, will offer the most comprehensive explanation of the program anywhere online and help anyone who is considering a purchase to make their decision. I hope you find it useful

Also, if you’ve arrived here from my Max Workouts article then welcome. I now refer everyone to this section who was researching Max Workouts – what you’re about to read is far superior. Read this before you buy. – Jason McKenzie

As you get older you’ve probably noticed your body just doesn’t have that youthful, sexy look it did 5 or 10 years back – I certainly have. After all, the aging process is always going to change the way that we look due to hormones and a host of other biological adjustments. Your body’s resting metabolic rate slows down markedly as the years go by. This is why extra care and attention will be needed in order to regain a truly sleek and attractive body.

That’s an overview of the program, now let’s dive into my personal review…

The Old School New Body Workout Review – What is The Program All About?

Steve Holman & Becky Holman founders of old school new bodyBy ingesting the right nutrients and performing the right fitness routines, you can potentially look a decade younger without devoting your life to the gym. That probably sounds like hype, but its no exaggeration according to the author of the program.

Steve Holman and Becky Holman‎ – Who are they?

This program was devised by a fitness and nutrition guru Steven Holman and his wife Becky Holman. Steve has years of experience in his chosen field. In fact, he works as the Editor-in-Chief of Iron Man Magazine.

Since he’s a powerful and influential editor, he’s talked with some of the world’s fittest people and has taken care to learn and record their secrets for maintaining fitness and a great physique regardless of age – young or old. When he was ready, Holman put all of these strategies into practice by creating what he calls the ultimate anti-aging fitness and nutrition program.

I have to admit, his description is fairly accurate in my experience. The program offers people a proven way to get the youthful look they crave in a simple and easy to follow manner.

*Important* Who the OSNB Program Is and Isn’t For (Myths Busted)

As we mentioned earlier, this program works for people of any age. It is particularly good at combatting the signs of aging, so people in their 30’s and older tend to be the biggest fans of Old School New Body. Other than that you’ll need to be someone who’s serious about getting in great shape without becoming a ‘gym rat’ who trains every day. Many success stories of younger customers in their 20’s also exist though.

This isn’t for anyone who:

  • Wants to get into serious bodybuilding
  • Wants a diet only, with no exercise
  • Is looking for magic-bullet that doesn’t require any real effort

I thought I’d get that out of the way before going any further. If you have seen negative feedback online, this is usually from people looking for this magic cure. Otherwise, you’ll see positive reviews.

Who is this training program for?

Old School New Body
  • Revving Your Lean Machine: The Truth About Soreness
  • Built For Life: Motto for a New You
  • Fat Burning: A Different Approach

What’s great about this program is that Steve and Becky prove it is useful for men and women alike.

OSNB is perfect for those who are just learning how to weightlift. If you are more experienced in the gym, your results may be different compared to a beginner.

In addition, the exercises that you’ll learn via the Old School New Body program is perfect for anyone who is outside of their twenties but wants to look younger than their age.

*Note for women – although ‘muscle building’ is mentioned a few times here, this program will not make women muscly. You’ll achieve the slim, lean, toned look.

This is about building traditionally attractive figures for men and women of any age, NOT hulk-like physiques.

Now let’s look at what you actually pay for…

How and Why the Program Works

It is very common to start losing muscle in your 30’s. This is bad for obvious reasons, but it ALSO means you won’t be able to burn off fat as effectively, which is arguably worse. Without this muscle at your disposal, you will lose vital fat-burning power.

The program will give you the ability to regain muscle, which will fuel efficient and super-charged calorie-burning.

By showing you how to gain lean muscle the program makes the task of staying slim and in good shape so much easier. It’s designed to help your body work more efficiently, in terms of calorie burning, so it makes rapid and sustainable weight loss an attainable goal.old school new body program

The program comes with everything that you need (full details below). It’s tailor-made to provide ultimate nutritional assistance, by letting you know the best meal options for muscle creation and a truly healthy and youthful body.

What Is Included in the OSNB Program?

When you choose this nutrition and fitness plan, everything you need to get going straight away is included. Each program package comes with an easy-to-understand handbook, which contains a wealth of anti-aging information. You’ll be able to access exercise plans, nutrition plans and action steps in one place. Several bonus guides are included too.

The authors have kept it simple. We don’t believe that you want an overly-wordy document that is torture to read. Filler is avoided completely and information included is the stuff that you really need, and things that work time and time again. If you like simple, direct instructions and explanations, you’ll love the program content.

A detailed look at the content…

The Main Old School New Body PDF Book

The core of this program is a system called the F4X Youth Enhancing Body System. This is where you’re told specifically, and in great detail, how and when to train including what to do on which day etc. Demonstrations of each exercise are also included. The book covers the nutrition side of things and explains how and what to eat. Nothing is left out here and the content is over 100 pages in length, but easy to get through.

In terms of equipment the requirements are very basic. You could certainly follow this program at home with a simple dumbbell set and a small bench. Obviously the gym will work too. Workouts are setup in a way which allows you to progress through them as you get stronger.

Let’s have a look in more detail at what the main course is comprised of…

The Different OSNB Phases (Exercises)

Here is how you progress through the program. There are 3 workout plans with different goals for each. They are very detailed and easy to start.

Firstly, We Have The OSNB F4X Lean Workout

This is where you’ll want to start if you’re anything less than a seasoned and experienced workout fan. Here you’ll quickly removed unwanted body fat and start to build (or increase) a foundation of lean muscle. This part of the program is referred to as the 20 minute fat blow torch and in total requires you to train only for 90 minutes per week. I found this workout plan very effective and easy to fit into my schedule. 3 x 30 minute training sessions and you’re done for the week.

Secondly, We Have The OSNB F4X Shape Workout

This workout is a slight step-up from the F4X lean workout. It will allow you to further develop your results and physique – building on what you’ve already achieved. If you’ve been training for a while I’d say you could start with this section; the guide has more info on this to help you decide. I moved to this phase fairly quickly after starting the program.

Thirdly, We Have The OSNB F4X Build Workout

This section is specifically for people who want to add more muscle mass quickly and easily. It has more of a focus on natural bodybuilding where you’ll achieve a lean but definitely ‘built’ look. I didn’t spend much time in this phase as my interest is more around burning fat, developing a small amount of muscle and generally looking lean and fit.

The first two sections were great for that. I still read through the F4X Build guide though and it gets into lots of detail on building serious muscle, with principles from professional natural bodybuilders who have competed at the highest level.

Looking at The Old School New Body Exercises and F4X Method

Here’s an example of what you can expect from this fitness program in terms of what you’ll ACTUALLY be doing to get results on a weekly basis.

The reason F4X method is effective is because it sets you up to train multiple major muscle groups in just 30 minutes. This is how you get real results from the program without much time commitment. The key is to stick with compound exercises that work large muscles and multiple muscles at once. There isn’t much focus on isolation exercises.

‘F4X’ might sound like some kind of secret or complicated protocol to follow however its just a method of knowing how many reps and sets to do for each exercise. It is extremely simple. The name ‘F4X’ is really just something mysterious-sounding for marketing purposes and to build intrigue really, nothing more. It works definitely, but just sounds more complex than it really is… see image below.

old school new body f4x exercises explanation

F4X, or “Focus-4 Exercises” includes the following 4 bodybuilding routines:

    1. Squats
    1. Incline Presses
    1. Bent Over Rows
  1. Upright Rows

These four exercises are what the workouts are designed around.

Other example exercises would be:

  • Over head press
  • Different forms of dumbbell rows
  • Squats and lunges
  • Different forms of bench press
  • Several others you’re likely familiar with already

Basically, simple and proven exercises that get results and burn real calories without any messing around. You won’t be doing any ‘fad’ style workouts, anything fancy or any boring cardio sessions. The above kinds of exercises plain work, so you’ll stick to those.

I found this refreshing and am glad with the results for sure.

Once again, this is set up in a way that people of any age can do it. No matter how young or old (within reason of course).

Click here to see more explanation about the phases and how they work

exercise examples from old school new body f4x methodOther Guides Included FREE When You Purchase

One thing the authors of this program have done is really try to maximize the value for money you get when you buy. At $20 the program is already priced much better than most others on the market. (For example, Max Workouts is between $40 – $140, Insanity is over $120… as are most of the Beachbody programs.)

I would have been very happy with just the main Old School New Body guide for my $20 and would of felt I had great value. There are 5 extra bonuses included for the same price as well though.  I’m sure if you tried hard enough you could find a free pdf version of this, but I have a moral dilemma with that. Especially due to the fact that it’s so cheap.

Here’s a quick overview of what they contain.

1. The F4X Quick-Start

f4x quick start guideThis is a shorter, ‘mini’ version of the main program.

The only aim of this guide is to allow you to get started immediately with minimal fuss. Workouts and exercises are included without some of the more in-depth content included in the main course.

Read this to get started, then go through the rest of the content once you’ve begun.

2. Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets

ultimate fat burning secretsThis is a short and to-the-point guide which teaches you some little-known tricks for increasing your rate of fat loss by adding or removing specific foods to your diet.

It is a helpful companion to the nutrition guide in the main course book.

Alcohol and fat loss is also covered in this guide. Actually, Steve’s thoughts on this topic were very interesting to me as I certainly enjoy a drink with friends 🙂

Basically, you’ll learn how to minimize the effects of alcohol on your physique.

3. Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets

ultimate muscle building secretsA couple of extra tips and tricks for anyone who has a focus on building more muscle than the average user would.

The focus here again is on lean muscle, not hardcore bulking or anything related to non-natural body building. Basically, if you want to quickly put on some extra pounds in the form of muscle then these tips will be helpful.

*Disclaimer: I didn’t personally use any of the tips on this particular muscle building bonus guide, as it wasn’t aligned with my personal physique goals.

4. Ultimate Sex & Anti-Aging Secrets

ultimate sex and anti aging secretsThis guide is insightful for sure! It covers topics related to increasing sex-drive, eating and working out for better sex, tips to live a longer life and things you can do to reduce wrinkles.

That sounds like a lot, and it is.

This bonus guide isn’t related to the main F4X training system, but aims to help you achieve results in other areas of your life. I enjoyed it and the advice given seems sound.

5. Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets

ultimate health and happiness secretsAn interesting look on how to be happier in life by ‘choice’ and how much your mindset actually effects how much you enjoy your days.

I’d come across all of the principles listed in this section already, but they are definitely effective.

This is a quick read and would definitely be beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their outlook on life to make it more positive.

6. Audio Bonus Interviews

The final bonus is a collection of audio interviews you can listen to from John Rowley – a well-respected friend of Steve and Becky Holman. (the program creators). Topics include all kinds of training, healthy, weight loss and anti-aging advice.

I’ve listened to about half of these in the car and found them interesting.

More details about individual bonuses (and their specific benefits) are listed here on their explainer page.

OSNB Program Advantages & Disadvantages

Here’s an in-depth summary of what I did and didn’t like about this program.


  • Suitable for almost anyone

This is a rare benefit. Most popular workout programs are aimed at the younger demographic. Old School New Body can not only be used to great effect buy teenagers and people in their 20’s, it is ideal for people 40, 50, or 60+ who want to get their fitness back and start to feel much younger – with a physique to match. It includes workout routines for men and women.

  • Doesn’t take much time

A MAJOR reason I love this program and decided to go through it for a fourth time is that 90 minutes per week is all you need to see results. I’ve tried other programs which require 2, 3 or 4 times as much in terms of time commitment to train each week. 3 x 30 minute sessions is what OSNB is built on – almost anyone can fit that into their life.

  • Created by ‘real’ experts

Steve Holman, the main author, is a massive name in the fitness industry. He’s been an editor for Iron Man Magazine as I noted earlier. Too many programs are created by unknown ‘gurus’ who hide behind their online presence and have no verifiable credentials. Steve is the real deal and a trusted public figure, which is a refreshing change.

  • Lots of success stories

I don’t have permission to publish customer results or before and after photos on this page, however if you click here and head over to the official OSNB website you can see them. These are verified purchasers who have given Steve permission to share their stories.

  • Comprehensive, but not overwhelming

I feel that the program includes just the right amount of information. Enough for you to understand the principles fully, but not get bogged down in crazy science or theory. You understand why you’re doing everything the program teaches. The content is well-written and easy to understand. The quick start guide also makes it very easy to begin right away.

  • Finally… The pure value for money

You’ll be hard pushed to find a better deal than Old School New Body. At $20 it is one of the lowest priced programs on the market, however it over-delivers vs. almost everything else massively. Also, if you somehow felt you didn’t get your money’s worth the program also comes with a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked, which is valid for a full 60 days.

I’d honestly be shocked if you felt the need to use this, but it is available if you do.


  • This isn’t a magic bullet

Really I should put this in the advantages section because magic bullets are usually scams. The truth though is that many people will see the term ‘F4X System’ and think this program contains some kind of secret that allows you to get in great shape by cutting corners or using diet loopholes. This isn’t the case. This program requires work and commitment to see results. If you can’t commit to 90 minutes per week though then no program will work for you.

  • Content is all online based

This isn’t a physical book or DVD set like some other programs. Your content is online, downloadable guides  – you can print it all off if you like. For me this isn’t an issue, however, I understand that some people would prefer an actual book to hold or DVD set to watch, fair enough. Digital content does however mean you get instant access within seconds of your purchase and you save on shipping costs.

  • No video content

Some competing programs to contain videos of how to do all the exercises in their programs. This does however increase production costs greatly, and those costs are passed on to the customer. At $20, Old School New Body doesn’t contain videos. I really didn’t need them though and neither will you. All the exercises are well known and well documented in 30 second YouTube ‘how-to’ videos by countless other people. Just use those if you can’t work things out from the pictures and explanations in OSNB.

Price – Is it affordable?

As stated above, it’s pretty cheap to buy OSNB. At a low price you get complete access to all the guides along with the beginner programs. If you want additional support, you can upgrade to VIP Coaching.

Max Workouts (And Other Workout Programs) vs Old School New Body

The reason I recommend Old School New Body over Max Workouts goes as followed. For starters, this product is suitable for beginners and more experienced users. Not to mention, OSNB is suitable for all ages and is more affordable. Seniors can see benefits from this program vs a high-intensity regimen like Max Workouts.

The Old School New Body program isn’t only designed for people who are no longer lucky enough to be in their 20’s. Unlike many other popular fitness and weight loss programs on the market it is suitable for people of any age – young or old.

Well known programs such as Max Workouts, Insanity or P90 pretty much exclude lots of people over a certain age because of their very high intensity. I like Old School New Body because it can be used by the 18 year old who’s just getting interested in working out or the 60 year old who wants to turn back the clock and dramatically improve fitness and physical appearance. It is also for both men and women alike.

This system recognizes the natural signs of aging and shows you the best way to offset these changes, with a mind to developing wonderful figures or physiques.

Before and After Results EXPOSED (Where To Find Pics)

old school new body before and after results

As stated previously, I don’t have permission to share these, BUT, they can be found on their site. Here’s Becky’s results from the program. And if you search for “old school new body before and afters” you’ll see even more crazy results (from both men and women). So if you’re worried about the legitimacy of the program, read the plenty of blogger reviews online that show it’s power.

If You Just Skimmed Through This Article, This Video Explains What To Expect:

Final Old School New Body Review Thoughts Summary

By now, you’ve gotten a pretty good sense of what this program will provide. If you like what you’ve seen and you think you have the drive to work hard for a short period of time per week then I definitely recommend buying. Despite some of the negative feedback out there, this is not a gimmick and I’m not really sure why there are people out there giving it a bad rep.

You can probably tell by now I’m a huge advocate of this program – I’ve gone through it four times.

By selecting this Iron Man Magazine-approved fitness and nutrition system, which is perfect for those who don’t want to look and feel “over the hill”, you’ll jump-start weight loss and build plenty of lean and sexy muscle. In addition, you’ll be able to change incorrect eating and hydration patterns which may have significantly aged your body as well.

Should You Buy Or Leave Behind For 2018?

It’s true that no program is a real fountain of youth. However, this one comes pretty darned close. Since it actually addresses the physiological changes that come with getting older you can expect real results when following Steve’s guide. I am still amazed at how much more energized and ‘alive’ I feel.

We’re supposed to become happier as we age. Part of that is being easy in our skin. If you don’t feel comfortable with the body that you have, self-love may be harder to come by. The secret of aging gracefully is learning how to stay fit. Once you’ve used this program, you’ll know what it takes to look younger than you are and to feel great as well.

For $20 with a 60-day money back guarantee this is a literal no-brainer. You won’t find better value for money and I couldn’t stand behind the quality and effectiveness of this program any more strongly.

The best price available is here on the official site.

Click here now to see more details about the program and/or buy.

Click Below to Get The Best Price on Old School New Body

Summary: One of the most impressive fitness plans we’ve used. Everything you need to get in fantastic shape without devoting your life to the gym or following overly restrictive diets.

RatingRated 4.5 stars

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  1. Purchased the book a few years back, 2014. Am a firm believer in the workouts and information written by Mr Holman. I have found the dumbbell routine works well for my fitness journey. Lifting at 70% with 8×8 routine. Am 57 and highly recommend the book for the workouts and information on training and nutrition. Good article am in much agreement. Thanks Bruce G

  2. Just purchased Old School New Body. Guess I’ll see just how amazing the program is. My complaint is that when I clicked “purchase ” I was annoyed to be told my purchase wasn’t complete. I had to scroll though 6 or 7 (I lost count) very lengthy dialogues (by some guy named Rowley) for other products for additional $$$. I was warned that if I used the back button I may have multiple charges. This is obviously a marketing strategy.
    Seeing a comment that weight loss is 30 o/o exercise and 70 o/o diet made me question my purchase of Old School New Body. Did I just waste $20?

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