P90X3 Schedule: Effective Workout Or A Waste Of Time?


P90X3 workout schedule

Updated February 2018. The P90x3 has become a very popular workout but if you are reading this, you are probably not sure if it is right for you. There are likely a number of questions you have about P90x3. We’ll try to answer all of your queries in this extensive review of Tom Horton’s workout bundle.

The Questions You Probably Have about P90x3

  • How close is it to its predecessors P90x and P90x2?
  • Do you have to do the first two to get to the third?
  • What equipment do I require to do P90x3?
  • Is it really just 30 minutes?

We will answer many more questions over the course of this review about P90x3 and you can decide whether or not this program is right for you.

The P90x3 workout helps cut the fat and gets right to the heart of the matter in regards to the routines. Its predecessors P90x and P90x2 have been successful in what they set out to accomplish, but why?

The answer is this: workout intensely for 90 days, but P90x3 goes a step further. The three in P90x3 stands for 30 minutes. There is very little downtime in these workouts, saving you much needed time. The workouts change very quickly, which you can argue is just as good as taking a break. To be clear, it is not 30 minutes of going 100 percent, because of course, that is not healthy.

The History Of The P90x Program

P90x was developed a little over a decade ago by fitness guru Tony Horton along with Beachbody. It essentially changed the landscape of at-home exercising.

This P90x made intense workout something soccer moms could do every day. The infomercial for P90x is among the most famous adverts on television today. P90x, or Power 90 Extreme, was able to develop a strategy to combine rapid muscle building and quick weight loss in a matter of only three months.

A number of things were a part of the original P90x including:

  • An excellent nutrition plan
  • Sports exercise
  • Body-weight cross-training
  • Quality supplementation

More than four million people purchased the first P90x. Other iterations of the program came after:

For a number of reasons, the subsequent programs did not sell as well as the original. One concern many consumers expressed was the length of time involved, which in many cases was an hour.

The fact of the matter is many people, especially as they get busier and/or older, don’t have the time to get an hour of exercise in everyday and are looking for something that’s intense but doesn’t take a lot of time.

P90x3 is that product, as it is shorter and easier to do than its predecessors. Still, if done properly will give you the desired results.

The Ultimate and Deluxe kits come with the Ab Ripper disc. The Ultimate package includes equipment.

P90X3 DVD Workout Base Kit - Tony Horton
  • With P90X3 you get a whole workout in half the time.
  • With P90X3 you get a whole workout in half the time.
  • Includes 16 extreme 30-minute workouts, Fitness Guide, Nutrition Plan, Workout Calendar, "How to Accelerate" DVD, and...

The Equipment You Will Need

Probably little to none, but here are some suggestions that will make it better for your workout experience:

  • Cross trainer shoes
  • Dumbbells/Resistance bands
  • Medicine ball
  • Pull up bar
  • Stability balls
  • Yoga Mat
Tom Horton with USA flag
Tom Horton

What You Get with the P90x3 Program

You can choose from three different kits when buying P90x3:

  • BASE Kit
  • Deluxe Kit
    • Includes resistance band, three more workouts, and pre-workout supplement.
  • Ultimate Kit
    • Includes chin-up bar/assist, more supplements, and a yoga mat

Here are seven additional things that come with the P90x3 DVDs:

  • Fitness guide
  • Nutrition guide which can be customized
  • Workout calendar
  • DVD entitled How to Accelerate
  • 24/7 support online
  • Can upgrade free to get express shipping
  • First 90 days you can get your money back no questions asked

It should be noted that the new meal plans will also have a vegan option available.

P90x3 Is Much Different Than Its P90x Counterpart

The guy who developed the original P90x program, Tony Horton, found a way to take everything he knew from the program and put it into 30 minutes. While you will need some dumbbells, this program can be done by someone who is not in shape and get some really great results.

With P90X3, you get to work your abs, back, biceps, legs, and triceps. You will also be doing some yoga and pilates during the course of a week.

Who Is The P90x3 Program For?

The P90X3 program, like its original counterpart, is based on a cycle of 90 days and you get a calendar to track your daily workout progress.

Here’s who P90X3 is for:

  • You loved the first two versions of P90x but want a shorter version
  • You want to stay motivated in your workout by yourself, but you still want a trainer
  • People who are busy and on the go
  • If you enjoyed Focus T25 and had a desire for more of the strength work
  • You want to take your exercise routine to the next level

P90X3 also has three blocks consisting of one month apiece. This is because the program is intense and entails several workouts.

What’s Wrong with P90x3?

The Base package does not include the ab routine. While your abs do get worked out as part of the P90x3 workout, you need to purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate kits. It’s possible to get the Elite package separately, but if you want the options of the Ultimate or Deluxe kits along with the equipment, purchase them both. Another thing worth mentioning is that the workout CVX does not go beyond week 8.

If You Didn’t Do Well with P90x, You Likely Will with P90x3 

Many people had trouble finishing the original P90x, mainly because of the time demands mentioned earlier. Tony Horton acknowledged this and worked with the Beachbody crew.

They ran hundreds of tests across several fitness levels and age groups. What they learned was participants in the tests that went through the 90 days dropped a third of their fat. The kicker: it was a half hour less than the length of time of the original p90x program (60 minutes).

man making a protein shake at the gym

Why Do the P90x3?

Here are four good reasons to give P90x3 a chance:

  1. It’s just 30 minutes each day. It’s not a lot of time and can bring you a lot of benefits each day.
  2. There is a 90-day money back guarantee with no strings attached. Like the other P90x programs, this one takes 90 days and carries a guarantee for that length of time. You can decide as you are trying it whether or not you like it.
  3. The producers are very honest with you. They, like you, know there is no quick fix to get in shape. It is important to get the work in, and this is what the people at Beachbody recognize too with the wide array of exercises incorporated into the program.
  4. Affordability. Just three monthly payments as well as express shipping free of charge. It can cost $15-$25.

Types of P90x3 Schedules

There are four types of schedules in the P30x3 program.


This schedule is for anyone who desires a routine and wants balance focusing on both strength training and cardio. You will burn fat, build muscle and improve your balance and posture.


For anyone desiring a more toned look rather than building muscle. Along with getting toned, the focus will also be on flexibility, getting more mobile and cardio.


What else needs to be said? You’re bulking up and building muscle. This is ideal for anyone who might feel a little too skinny or athletes who want to build more muscle. It will be important to follow the nutrition guide closely as well as focusing on sets and reps.


This is just for a select few. It is necessary to go through the p90X3 program at least one time. You then start it again and do it twice.

Why Do People Love the P90X3?

The biggest plus about this program as has been previously alluded to that it’s only 30 minutes, where you can do it early in the morning or during lunch.

The other plus is the excellent results you get from 30 minutes and following one of the four P90x3 schedules.

P90X DVD Workout Base Kit, Home Gym Bodyweight Exercise Program, No...
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  • CHALLENGE YOUR MUSCLES: Get lean, bulk up, or grow stronger, with an endless variety of mix-and-match routines. Muscle...
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Types of Workouts

There are a number of workouts in P90x3 all lasting 30 minutes apiece. They are broken up into a number of groups.


  • Challenge
  • Eccentric Lower
  • Eccentric Upper
  • Incinerator
  • Total Synergistics
  • The Warrior


  • Agility X
  • Decelerator
  • Triometrics


  • Accelerator
  • CVX
  • MMX

Core, Balance, and Flexibility

  • Dynamix
  • Isometrix
  • Pilates X
  • X3 Yoga

The exercises in the P90x3 have gone through some refinement and the Yoga is done in all of a half hour.

These workouts overall are very intense. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and give it a shot and let us know what you think.

Cold Start

A warm-up workout lasting 12 minutes. It entails a little running, twisting and yoga. This is good for people who want to wake up early in the morning and get right to it.

Total Synergistics 

This exercise fully engages your core and is also all balance. There are pull ups, push ups, balance moves, and some yoga postures.

Agility X

There are a lot of coordination drills and jumps involved in this, best described as sort of a speed-plyo. It’s comparable to Shaun T’s Asylum Agility. It won’t be too difficult without the video, but it can be a nightmare if you do follow it.

X3 Yoga

Yoga is vital for a more complete fitness program as you get older, as it is important for flexibility and mobility. It is helpful for back pain and keeping your joints moving.

The Challenge

This consists of a lot of push ups and pull ups. It can be a real nightmare all in a half hour. This is comparable to the P90x version but it is faster and there are fewer breaks.

How it is broken down:

  • One pushup and pull up per set
  • Do each set two times with a one minute break in between
  • The goal is to select two numbers (eg. 25 and 10) and stick with them throughout the workout.)

In theory, it sounds simple, but it can get very difficult very fast.

No products found.


This is essentially a cardio workout using weights. It is a decent workout, but if you are used to a hardcore intense workout it might leave you wanting more.

The average person will likely use a 10-pound weight during this exercise, but it’s probably better to use a medicine ball. The reason for this is to avoid any accidents to your private parts. As it might not be the most intense workout out of all the P90X3 workouts, it might be advisable to use the T25 Core Cardio instead.

The Warrior

The Warrior, designed by the P90X team while visiting with members of the United States military, is a very intense cardio workout, unlike CVX.

The moves in The Warrior consist of super burpees and elevator push-ups that will be sure to get your heart rate going and leave you satisfied after a half hour. You should be able to do this exercise without any equipment in a smaller space if you need to.

Here’s how it works:

  • One upper body exercise
  • An interval
  • One core
  • One lower body (explosive)

The moves are not repeated. This should go by fairly quickly.

man working out lifting weights with helper


This workout focuses on flexibility, your range of motion, and stabilization. Dynamix functions as a recovery exercise and you should be working to activate and elongate.

Dynamix is more isometric than Yoga and the stretching in the program is set up to give you a better range of motion.

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  1. diet is a must, i been doing P90X3 and have 2 weeks left but barely lost any weight, my diet was awful, i am going to do a round 2 and this time with diet, the program is amazing on every level.

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