Is The Powertec Fitness Workbench Multi System a Good Buy For Your Home Gym?

Powertec Fitness Workbench Multi System
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Home gym technology has consistently been innovated over the years with certain brands at the pinnacle of that success. This “multi” fitness workbench from Powertec is undeniably a very solidly built piece of equipment.

Before this model, most home gyms incorporated lighter free weights and were built from cables with minimal weight limitations. Now with standalone leverage engineering allowing a five hundred pound max (2x more than much older types), this unit will definitely hold enough weight for even the more avid fitness fanatics.

We’d highly recommend you check out the Powertec Fwitness Workbench Multi System as an option for your home gym. A newly designed multi-workout system that features isolateral arms for the bench press station, allowing users to exercise each arm independently or lock both arms in place for the regular conventional bench press.

Built as an all-in-one system with very spacious clearance, that makes it very possible for up to three people to use it at one time – perfect for couples or smaller group workout sessions. The inner leg pull handles give you additional exercises with more than 12 single stationed machines. It offers very comfortable back padding on the seat which is well positioned for lower back support and its weight capacities are Press Arm: 500lbs, Squat Lever Arms: 500lbs, Let Lever: 400lbs, Abs Crunch: 100lbs.

Highly ideal for all types of bench press, triceps pull-down, squat, lap pull, deadlift, abs exercise, rowing exercise, calve raise, shoulder press, preacher curl, and shrug workouts for anyone wanting to build muscle or lose body fat. Depending on how creative you are with it, the Powertec allows you to create a custom exercise which fits your own personal style and preference. You could potentially say goodbye to your expensive gym membership because with this solid full gym at home you can get most major varieties of exercises in a very simple and compacted unit.

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Summary: A high quality product from Powertec that offers a lot of functionality, good build quality and a competitive price tag.

RatingRated 4.5 stars

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