Profile of Wes Virgin: Creator of The Fat Diminisher Diet System


If you’ve heard of The Fat Diminisher Diet System, then you’ve heard the name Wes Virgin. A man committed to helping people to achieve an ideal weight and to improve their health at the same time. He is also the father of two children and enjoys spending time with them. They are his motivation for staying healthy and happy. In his program, Wes has people determine the things and the people that they love the most in the world and to use them as a motivational tool for success. He then recommends that participants help to give their new found passion for a healthier lifestyle to the people they care about the most.

Wes explains his background and career in detail in this video presentation

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Wes Virgin PictureWes Virgin promotes himself as a trainer, but he is also a motivational specialist who has been helping people across the globe with their weight loss efforts. By teaching them how to improve their diet and to do simple exercises, they are able to shed inches and actual pounds of fat from their body. When they continue to follow the program as laid out by Wes, they can permanently transform their lives and enjoy a longer and fuller life without many of the dangers associated with obesity. This includes not only risks like diabetes and heart disease, but also the damage to joints and the spine that can appear years later.

The Fat Diminisher Diet System isn’t the first venture into weight loss for Wes Virgin either. He started his motivation weight loss career as the founder of 7 Day Fitness. This is an interactive community where people from all walks of life are able to get together and transform their health. It includes things like community support tools, constant communication with online friends and tools to help you review the progress you are making in your diet. This is a strongly bonded community and one that proves incredibly beneficial to people.

But having a support system people could turn to wasn’t enough for Wes Virgin. He realized he also needed to lay out a plan that helped people to burn real fat and build muscle on their frame, while eating healthy foods and meals. While he was quickly being regarded as a virtual fitness guru, he wanted to be known for helping people. That is why he began to create The Fat Diminisher Diet system. This system would help people to approach health and fitness in a new manner that actually delivered results. He used the latest research to create a fat burning diet and combined them with an exercise routine that could be done in the home or at the gym. He then offered insight into why a person should consider making these positive changes in their life and explained the reasoning behind certain steps that were taken.

He understood that people could see the words written on the page, but not understand the why. It is the why that helps people to get past their frustration and to actually make the choice to work on their physical fitness. After all, people can see specific exercises on a page, but have no idea why they are doing them in a certain order.

The exercises and posture that Wes teaches in his program are the same ones he learned in the Army – (he also uses specific strategies related to herbs for weight loss). When he first joined the armed forces, he was ridiculed for being a skinny kid who didn’t have any muscle mass. But after he joined the Army, the intense workouts began to help him to bulk up his body and for the mass to build on his frame. Before he knew it, people were taking notice that he was starting to look stronger and they wanted to know why. It turned out the exercises and diet he was eating had significantly improved and as a result, he was able to make physical progress beyond anything he ever could before.

Wes Virgin certain is a fascinating man who has plenty to offer those who choose his Fat Diminisher Program. With exercise in health and fitness and the drive he learned in the Army, you can definitely count on him to help you to take your diet and exercise to the next level. Just be sure you talk to your physician before you begin any exercise program to determine if you can safely participate. Click here for a discussion on how the Wes Virgin program works – it is always best to be well informed before making a choice.

You’ll learn a lot more about Wes in this video explaining his approach to fat loss.

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