The Axis-Plate Elite 3300 Vibration Training Machine

Axis-Plate Elite-3300
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  • Axis-Plate Elite-3300
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It is currently one of the biggest trends in home exercise. Associated with sustainable weight loss, increased muscle definition, and even a decrease in back and other body pains. Vibration therapy could be the most important type of exercise of the modern age. Until a few years ago, you would have to undergo this therapy at a physio center or chiropractor, unless you wanted to spend thousands on a machine. Today this is not the case, and home units are becoming more affordable than ever before. The Axis-Plate Elite-3300 Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine sits at the higher end of the home equipment scale, but there are a number of retailers who offer discounted units.

Does this machine have the performance, and the value to make it a good choice for your own vibration therapy at home? Let’s find out.

Features of the Elite-3300

  • 1000watt motor for powerful muscle stimulation
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Pre-set workout routines to cater to different users
  • Solid construction
  • 400lbs weight limit
  • Detailed user guide

Our Review

One of the first things that you will notice about this machine is the fact that it is rated to cover users up to 400lbs in body weight. This is excellent for heavier people who are trying to lose weight, and the Elite-3300 is one of the best machines to lose weight with. Why? Because it offers zero impact exercise. For users that have been classified as overweight or clinically obese, normal exercise is not always recommended. Working out with this vibration therapy machine means that joins aren’t impacted, but muscles are still stimulated while metabolism is boosted.

When you look for one of these machines, you want one that can provide safe workouts. The pre-set routines are a big bonus with this unit. The first preset is designed for people who are trying to lose weight, but who aren’t in the best physical shape. There’s then an intermediate setting which provides a more intense workout, and then there’s the complete body sculpting setting. This is for fit individuals who want to tone their muscles so that they can look in shape, without grueling exercise sessions.

The 1000watt motor allows for 30 different speeds, which are cycled when you use the preset workout modes. This provides enough power to give an effective workout to people of all shapes and sizes. You can achieve the equivalent of 30 minutes of cardio by standing on the Axis-Plate Elite-3300 for just 10 minutes.


There are two built in electronic pads that will control the speed of the unit, and also allow you to set workout modes. The top panel offers full control, while the bottom panel offers you additional controls to change the mode and speed, or to power the unit off or on. Some may find the pads basic by today’s standards, as they’re made with simple membrane buttons and LED digital displays. A more comprehensive LCD display might have been more suitable for a modern exercise machine.

Disadvantages of the Product

Losing weight and staying in shape are possible with the Elite-3300, but it is not a perfect device. It requires some assembly (although most machines of this size do), and there are no wheels on the unit. This means that moving and storing the unit can be cumbersome.

Is it Worth It?

At the end of the day, this is a well-built unit, which lacks some of the flash of other units on the market. It allows for a high weight limit, and it provides powerful vibration and customizable workouts. It isn’t a bestseller by any means, but a solid choice. Read some of our other whole body vibration machine reviews if you’d like to see some more recommended options before purchasing.

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Summary: A well priced and durable machine which customers are generally happy with.

RatingRated 4 stars

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