Our Comprehensive Review of Tom Venuto’s Program – ‘Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle’


Easily one of the most well-known weight loss programs on the planet today, we wanted to look into the reasons why hundreds of thousands of people (way more than 300,000 at last count) from all over the world have decided to take advantage of the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle system to apparently get ‘the body of their dreams’. Here’s what we found…

Created by legendary fitness expert, nutritionist, and all around “health guru” Tom Venuto, BTFFTM is a stripped-down and simplified program that aims to give you everything you need for kicking your metabolism into high gear, and transforming yourself into a fat burning furnace. The key is to focus on making just a handful of simple lifestyle changes.

Intro to Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Just about every other popular fat loss program on the market today such as Venus Factor, Fat-Diminisher or The Fat Loss Factor focuses very heavily on one of a couple of things, in particular either:

  • The food you put into your body on a day to day basis


And while both diet and exercise are absolutely mission critical to fuel and challenge your body so it can carve away fat and build muscle, they are just single pieces of the puzzle –  they aren’t going to be enough to get you where you’re trying to go all on your own.

You’re going to need to lean on the power of combing the right eating habits with smart exercising and real training – not just fooling around the gym every once in a while or eating a couple of healthy meals each week.

Tom Venuto – Program Creator, Fitness Model and High-End Personal Trainer

This program focuses on the strategies that fitness experts the world over, Hollywood superstars, models, and some of the healthiest (and most attractive) human beings on the planet understand to squeeze every single drop of leverage out of every single workout and calorie.

As simple and straightforward a body transformation guide as there is, absolutely everything that has gone into this program is focused on doing one thing and one thing only for you:

  • Helping you unlock all of the biochemical secrets your body instantly reacts on that will melt fat and build muscle on autopilot!

We found the content to be fairly powerful stuff.

Now, you might be thinking that this is a program like every other out there, but this isn’t the case in our opinion.

Unlike many faceless fitness ‘programs’, Tom Venuto has always put his face and his name on this package, standing behind absolutely everything written in it.

Tom doesn’t have the choice to just cut it and run. This is someone with a reputation and a fitness model career to protect.

No, this is a program that is going to help you get results. It’s a program that has worked hundreds of thousands of times in the past, and will work millions of times more in the future. That’s because it’s built entirely upon real science, real biochemistry, and the relationship between your body, your food, and the way that you exercise or train.

There isn’t really any kind of “mumbo-jumbo” content in the program that’s not backed up with both science and results.

The Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle system is, in our opinion, the real deal when it comes to completely transforming your body.

Backbone of the Program

Completely overhauled and revised in 2014, the new version of the program builds upon all of the information that was first laid down in the earliest version of the book (the one that hit the market in 2003), but also offers a lot of new material, content, and research that makes the entire program even easier to follow along with.

According to Tom, nearly 25% of all the material in this book is absolutely brand-new, and of the 75% of the material that is a “holdover” from the first edition has been tweaked, tested, modified, and altered to help you burn fat and build muscle far more efficiently than you ever would have been able to in the past.

The backbone of this program is all of the insider information that Tom puts at your disposal from his experience in the fitness model and high-level personal training world.

We’re talking about insider information that a man that has been on the inside of the “fitness and wellness cartel” for decades has been able to pull out of the best of the best across the globe, synthesizing and condensing all of it into easily digestible chunks of info that you can put into play immediately.

What Is Included

When purchasing the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program, you are going to get immediate access to a downloadable digital copy of the content while at the same time having the chance to buy the hardcover version as well.

Not only will you get the foundational elements of this program condensed in just a handful of easy to follow chapters, but you’ll also get “cheat sheets” to help you speed up your fat loss and muscle building journey and program guides that offer you step-by-step training programs to build the body you want.

Tom simplifies everything dramatically so that no one is going to be confused, frustrated, or at a loss.

The content itself is fairly follow-along in nature so you can just implement one step after another. As long as you’re actually able to follow the system (no one but you can do that of course) and trust that it will produce results, then you’ll certainly be impressed with what you achieve.

How the Program Actually Works

The whole idea behind the program (as outlined above) is to effectively combine smart dietary choices – without destroying your ability to eat your favorite foods – with effective minimalist style exercises that give you all the results you’re looking for without nearly as much effort as most people believe is necessary.

You can follow this complete program right in the comfort of your own home (with next to no equipment whatsoever), and you won’t have to bail on all of your favorite foods, either.

One thing this program definitely emphasizes well is the dramatic results you can achieve with just a few subtle changes.

What Does the Program Deliver?

The BTFFTM program will:

  • Help you lose fat faster than you would have been able to on your own
  • Give you a proven system to follow that melts fat and builds muscle (at the exact same time)
  • Outline a step-by-step training program that you can use to achieve extremely impressive results

Obviously there’s a lot more you’ll take away form the program, but those are what we see as the the 3 main benefits.


The biggest plus-points of the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program would have to include:

  • Having everything completely laid out for you from start to finish with zero guesswork
  • Taking advantage of a smartly designed program that can be customized to any person
  • Access to the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle community that makes everything a lot easier going forward


This is not to say that everything is sunshine and roses – though it’s pretty close in our opinion.

A couple of drawbacks we found:

  • There are no videos to help you understand EXACTLY what the exercises should look like, feel like, and be performed like
  • Because there are so many people using this program customer service can be a little bit slow (but will always respond within 24 hours)

These “downsides” aren’t deal breakers at all though.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, it’s going to be a lot easier to create the body of your dreams if you follow the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program rather than trying to go it alone, or rely on a program which isn’t as comprehensive.

If you follow step-by-step directions, pay attention to the tips and tricks, can’t work as hard as you can, you’ll have the body that you always wanted without having to fight it every step of the way.

There is a reason why hundreds of thousands of people trust Tom Venuto over everyone else to help them get into the best shape of their lives, to drop hundreds of pounds of fat, build dozens and dozens of pounds of muscle, and generally take themselves look just they way they want.

If you yourself are ready to get into the best shape you’ve ever been, to finally feel healthy, fit, and confident, and to do so by making smart decisions and never leveraging any pills, any drugs, anything fads, or any out there gimmicks of any kind whatsoever, this could be the perfect program for you.

That concludes our review of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle – one of our top recommended programs for getting in the best shape of your life.

You can purchase the program here for the lowest available online price.

Want more info on Tom Venuto? Check out this video from his official YouTube channel:

If you’re still looking for an alternative, we’d suggest looking at Max Workouts, as this training system also focuses well on the balance between both eating and training efficiently for fat loss.

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