Which Whole Body Vibration Machine Should You Choose for Your Fat Loss Workouts? Read These Reviews to Find Out.


What are whole body vibration machines? They are machines the send vibrations through the body for the purpose of triggering a stress reflex from the muscles – sometimes they’re referred to as power plates. They are a form of passive exercise that produce results with little to no work (with the right machine). Users step or sit on the machine to receive the benefits of the vibrations. If standing, the users need to have their knees slightly bent. Models vary in design depending on the manufacturer, but all models work on the same basic premise.

How A Whole Body Vibration Machine Works

These fast and effective weight loss machines contain a plate the vibrates and this action sends energy through the body of the user. The plate vibrates pivotally, up and down, or side to side depending on the model. Settings vary between models, but the rate of vibration is controllable by the user. This triggers the muscles to contract and then relax in a repetitive fashion.

Health Benefits Associated with the Machines

Many experts say that just 15 minutes each day of using a whole body vibration machine will improve flexibility and circulation, and aid with weight loss. Users could also see benefits such as: decreasing cortisol in their system, which is the stress hormone, and build muscle strength or reduce muscle soreness after their workouts according to these same experts. Hospitals and physical therapy centers have even found these machines useful in rehabilitating patients after surgery or injury. Elderly users also can reap benefits in improved spinal and muscular stability, muscular tone, metabolic functions, and balance. Improving balance even prevents falls from occurring.

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Comparisons and Examples Of Quality Whole Body Vibrations Machines For Sale Today

The vibration machines are available in various models today depending on a user’s budget. Below, we are sharing 5 models that are customer favorites. Read these reviews to learn more and compare models:

1. Confidence Fitness Slim Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine in Black

Confidence Fitness Slim Vibration Machine
Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Machine [View on Amazon]
This vibration machine is compact enough to fit inside a home, but large enough to accommodate a 300-pound male or female. The plate allows freedom of movement through the various exercises that a user can perform on the machine. Yoga straps come with this model to work out the arms and upper body. Pulling against these straps in various positions will work different groups of muscles. This model comes with handgrips on top of the yoga straps. Confidence Fitness states that 10 minutes on this machine equals a full hour of traditional exercise. A user will realize results with this machine in just a short time by using it 2 to 3 times each week with 10-minute sessions. It is a #1 Best Seller by consumers.

Input power is 600W, maximum power is 1.5HP and input voltage is 200v to 240v. This model also has a speed range of 1 to 50, and a frequency range of 50Hz to 60Hz. The weight of the machine is 70 pounds, and its dimensions are 29″ x 27.5″ x 48″. Weight limit of 300 pounds for users. The vibration plate moves from side to side on this model. Runs quietly, which makes it ideal for home use.

This model has two negative points that are minor, but need to be mentioned. The directions that come with the unit are difficult to understand and the handlebars are a bit tricky to install on the unit. However, with all the positive and negatives taken into consideration, this is a quality machine that is priced right for almost anyone’s budget. I’ll give it a 4.5 star rating.

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slim body fitness vibration platform reviews

2. Hypervibe Vibrating Platform Exercise Machine

Hypervibe G-17 Whole Body Vibration Machine
Hypervibe G-17 Whole Body Vibration Machine [View on Amazon]
This model by Hypervibe is professional grade and even physical trainers and doctors utilize this model on a regular basis. It can produce up to 17.4Gs, which is double the force of competing devices. Force, such as this, produces better results, faster than other models provide for users. Hypervibe Vibrating Platform Exercise Machine is able to produce this type of force thanks to the powerful 900W motor it contains. This motor also comes with current overload protection.

It has a large LCD display that is easy to read, so the user always will know the vibration frequency. By the way, the frequency range is 6Hz to 28Hz with a G-force range of 0.8 to 17.4. This model provides pivotal platform movement, has an amplitude of 11mm peak to peak, weighs 110 pounds. Its dimensions are 29.9″W x 25.2″D x 55.1″H and the platform is 22.2″W x 14.4″D. It will support a maximum user weight of 396 pounds. Hypervibe has dedicated years to researching the ideal manner to bring whole body vibration to people and the Vibrating Platform Exercise Machine is one result of all their findings. This company is a leader in vibration equipment within this industry today.

Since this is a higher-end model, it is pretty expensive, but still has an affordable price compared to the price of other professional grade models. This model comes with resistance bands to work the arms and upper body, an interactive DVD, a 2-year warranty and user guide.

hypervibe vibration machine

Only two minor complaints about this model. One is that it is as noisy as a vacuum cleaner and the other is that the hex tools are not durable as they should be for long-term use. However, these are minor issues at best considering all the benefits the user will receive from using the machine. A user should consider this model when his budget allows. 4.2-star rating.

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3. Axis-Plate E6600

axis vibration plate
Axis-Plate E6600 [View on Amazon]
The Axis-Plate E6600 is another quality whole body vibration machine. It comes in four different colors including red, silver, black and white in case the user desires to match his decor at home. However, this is a minor benefit compared to the machines other features. Two motors provide a total of 1500W of power. A user can select from 60 speed settings, 3 user-programmable workouts and 3 pre-programmed workouts. This model also contains a BMI analyzer, lower and upper LCD panels and black isometric balance straps. These straps provide a whole-body experience when using this machine. The LCD panels are easy to read.

The plate’s dimensions are 27.25″ x 20″, which makes the plate wide enough to allow unrestricted movement during workouts. Axis-plate E6600 is durable enough to handle a maximum weight of 400 pounds. The long handles on the machine add versatility to the workouts. Complete user guide comes with this machine along with the 120v grounded power cord. This machine’s dimensions are 29″W x 30″D x 56.5″H.

One issue with this machine is the rubber pad on the plate gives off a tire-like odor that permeates the room. The odor subsides over time, but it is a minor disadvantage to the machine when a user first receives it. Another issue is that the machine is not as quiet as Confidence Fitness is in #1. However, users will not consider it overly loud at the same time. All features and issues considered this machine deserves a high rating, so I’ll give it 4 stars.

axis plate e6600 reviews

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4. Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager

Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager
Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager [View on Amazon]
This is a lower end power plate since it does not provide as many features as some other models do to users. The vibration speed levels are 1 through 20. The extra-large console has a 3-LED display, which provides time, speed, and body fat readouts and also is easy to read. Users can enjoy 3 pre-programmed programs for their workouts and perform a body fat scan on their bodies. The latter is through the BMI sensors located on the handrails.

Using this model on a regular basis helps to improve the nervous system, according to Sunny Health & Fitness along with increasing circulation and bone density. The anti-static, anti-jamming design makes the model convenient to operate. Transportation wheels on this machine helps the user move it from one place to another without hassle. Comes with an overload current protector to prevent issues caused from power surges.

Dimensions of this unit are 25″W x 48.5″H x 24.5″D and it handles a maximum weight of 260 pounds. Assembly is required and a 90-day, limited manufacture warranty comes with the unit. Input voltage is 110V/60Hz, input power is 250W and amplitude is 0-10mm.

The user manual is not as in-depth as it should be for ease of installation and usage. It also leaves out detailed information on the frequencies that other makes and models include in their manuals. However, if a user has a tight budget this lower-end model is a good deal and performs effectively for its present price range. I’m happy to give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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5. DKN Technology Xg10 Series Whole Body Vibration Machine

DKN Technology Xg10 Vibration MachineDKN Technology Xg10 provides a low-magnitude, low-speed platform that is effective enough for use in both fitness centers and home gyms. Its gentle vibrations travel from up from the feet to the rest of the body for an effective, whole-body experience. Even though the vibrations from this model are gentle, they are strong enough to cause muscles to contract 20 to 50 times a second depending on the setting.

One feature that sets this model above numerous other models of the whole body machine is its integrated personal coach that the machine includes for users. This guides the users through the various workouts. Users can perform the exercises fully understanding the proper method for each position.

This model holds up to 4 program profiles and has 7 frequency settings that range from 20Hz to 50Hz. Amplitude is 3.9mm, interval setting is at 5Hz and the acceleration is 12Gs. DKN Technology Xg10’s structure contains carbon-reinforced, high-density steel. It is a heavy machine at 161 pounds and comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame and body along with a 2-year warranty on its electrical parts. The motor is AC 3.2 K/N that powers this machine. Maximum user capacity is 330 pounds.

Dimensions for this machine are 25″W x 59″H x 29″D. The plate vibrates in the vertical direction and has an open design that is unhindered by any handlebars. However, two upper-body straps, an interactive DVD, a high-density thick mat comes with the model along with its other offerings. It has a compact footprint compared to equivalent models found in fitness centers. The programs include Abdominals, Total Body, Lower Body and Upper Body. The touch screen console allows the user to adjust the necessary settings to make his workout ideal for his body.

This machine is such a quality machine that it is difficult to find a downside. However, the fact that the user needs to sign for deliver may be considered as a downside for someone who has a busy schedule. In addition, the price may be too high for those on a limited budget. The machine also heavy enough to need a firm floor under it for support. When all features and issues are considered, though, this is a quality machine that richly deserves a 5-star rating. Anyone in the market for a whole body vibration machine needs to keep this model in mind when his budget allows.

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xg10 whole body vibration machine reviews

Which Model In These Reviews Is Best For Your Needs?

First, if you are placing the machine in a fitness center, you must be sure it will stand up to the constant use. Models #2 and #5 are prime examples of models that will be ideal for this type of use. However, if you are just placing one in your home, you only need to analyze your budget, body weight and the features you desire on the machine. Only you can decide which machine is best for your needs and situation. The models listed above are our recommendations for the ones we feel provide quality performance for their cost. As with any type of exercise, check with your doctor before using one of these machines. In addition, prices subject to change from time to time on any of the above models. If used correctly, any of the models in this overview can help you get in shape.

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Other Models On Sale to Consider:

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If you find whole body vibration machines to be out of your price range, a great place to find sale or used models for a lower cost is on amazon.

whole body vibration machine from sonic life

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