An Honest Review of the Wild Diet: Can You Really Burn Fat Without Counting Calories?


People are going WILD over this new diet. Is it truly a revolutionary way to lose weight or another fad? We decided to find out if the Wild Diet is living up to the hype. Here’s everything you need to know.

Over the years, the number of people who carry extra pounds has gone up, yet the attempt to lose weight has gradually decreased. Between 1988 and 1994, women seemed more interested in weight loss compared to their interest between 2009 and 2014. Researchers suggest that some of the reasons behind their lack of interest are the fact that so many diets have failed, causing them to give up.

There is no denying that a failed attempt at losing weight can leave many feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. So many diets have strict requirements, yet they provide little to no results. That does not mean that all diets fail. In fact, the results of recent diet plans are wildly surprising.

The Wild Diet proposes an interesting way for people to lose weight. Rather than counting calories, dieters can eat what they want while training their body to burn fat.

the wild diet

What Is The Wild Diet?

The Wild Diet suggests people can eat the foods they love while losing weight. Abel James, the writer of The Wild Diet, released his fat burning information April 2015. The idea behind the diet is to stop stressing over calories consumed and instead focus on quality. The belief is that by consuming healthy, organic foods, your body will learn to burn fat instead of sugar.

In other words, you can still enjoy a bowl of ice cream or bacon with your eggs in the morning for breakfast. You can still consume fatty creams and butter. The diet encourages people to eat these foods because they are a source of high-quality fat, which is supposed to be good for your body. Essentially, the diet enables you to dump carbs created by processed foods from your body. Here’s a video explaining the diet in more detail:

Can The Wild Diet Help You Lose Weight?

The idea of a diet that allows you to lose weight while consuming all the foods you love and enjoy seems unreal. However, research suggests that heavily processed foods are far more damaging than you might think. Chemically processed foods differ from organic foods because chemically processed foods contain considerable amounts of sugar, which creates unwanted fat buildup in the body.

Additionally, you don’t have to give up cheese on the Wild Diet.

…Yes, you read that right.

Shed Fat Eating Real Food

So how exactly is it possible to shed pounds by eating real food versus processed food? Simply put, organic foods do not contain chemical preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients that contribute to weight gain. Organic meats from grass-fed animals contain healthy fat rather than the hormones and chemical ingredients pumped into animals that produce processed meats.

The founder of The Wild Diet stresses eating a diet that is like what your grandparents consumed. By re-training your body to consume healthy foods, you are also teaching your body to burn fat. You do not have to count calories because organic foods typically contain a lower number of calories compared to processed foods. Therefore, you are lowering your caloric intake without even trying.

How Does The Wild Diet Work?

Most diet plans frustrate dieters because they seem too strict or complicated. Dieters are often told to pay attention to the nutrition facts. Namely, you are supposed to pay attention to sugar content, fat content, and carb content, and calorie content. The Wild Diet supposedly does away with all of that. Dieters can ignore the nutrition labels in favor of paying attention to food ingredients.

what can you eat on the wild diet
The Wild Plate

Some of the benefits of The Wild Diet include:

  • High-quality, tasty meals: Rather than reaching for pre-determined, pre-packaged diet meals, you are encouraged to prepare your own tasty meals from foods you already love, if they are organic.
  • Fat consumption: Unlike many other diets that encourage you to stay away from bacon and butter, The Wild Diet encourages the consumption of grass-fed butter or bacon, eggs, and meat that comes from pasture-raised animals.
  • Ingredient labels: Ingredient labels are much easier to understand compared to nutrition facts because there is no math involved when reading nutrition labels.
  • Food identification: Aside from the fact that you are consuming healthier foods, you can also learn where your foods come from, such as your local farmer’s markets or butcher.
  • Total body workout: The Wild Diet also features a Wild 7 Workout, that focuses on total body fitness rather than wasting time with ab workouts or bicep workouts.

With other diets, many people must give up the things they love most. Coffee, for instance, is a much-loved morning beverage. With The Wild Diet, you can have your coffee and drink it, too. Rather than pouring copious quantities of unhealthy fat into your coffee every morning, you are encouraged to add organic butter. Buttered coffee contains healthy fats that are good for your body.

This Meal Plan Compared to the Competitors

Although The Wild Diet is relatively unique in many ways compared to other diets, other diets are similar. Of course, understanding the difference between The Wild Diet and the competition can help you understand what makes The Wild Diet a desirable choice. It’s even supported by Beachbody’s own Shaun T.

Wild Diet vs Paleo – What’s the difference?

The Wild Diet is like the Paleo Diet in many ways. For starters, both diets encourage you to focus more on the foods you eat and less on nutrition labels. Both diets also encourage you to eat whole foods rather than processed foods. However, the Paleo Diet seems to ask dieters to give up a bit more compared to The Wild Diet.

Here’s an article from Abel explaining the various health concerns of going fully raw or paleo:

BUT…Is The Wild Diet Plan Healthy?

The Wild Diet plan is a healthy alternative to many other diet plans. To begin with, diets that limit caloric intake are not right for everyone. A diet that tells you how many calories you should consume does not take all factors into account. For instance, a person who is overweight and inactive might consume fewer calories compared to someone who is overweight, yet physically active.

The Wild Diet is healthy because it encourages healthy eating without severely limiting your food intake. Rather than encouraging unhealthy periods of fasting, eat when you feel hungry. You do not have to worry about portion control or weighing in how many grams of fat you eat. Studies show that focusing on food quality is far more important than focusing on calorie intake.

how the wild diet works
source: Pinterest

Is It Worth the Money?

In truth, by organic, whole foods will cost you more than purchasing heavily processed foods. Therefore, you will notice an increase in your grocery bill. To begin with, you will want to purchase The Wild Diet: Go Beyond Paleo to Burn Fat, Beat Cravings, and Drop 20 Pounds in 40 Days. The paperback version of the book written by Abel James will cost you less than $20 on Amazon.

Also check out The Fat Burning Man. This is The Wild Diet website operated by James. The website provides helpful insight and information into the ins and outs of the diet, including the cost. Just to give you an idea of price, organic coffee typically costs 47% more than processed coffee. Similarly, organic milk costs 72% more and organic eggs cost 82% more.

Although your grocery bill will rise, your health will improve. If you think about it, you would likely shell out more money for health issues created by processed foods than you would for organic foods. Therefore, the cost is worth the improvement to your health. Your best bet is to check with your local farmers and organic markets to see what deals you can find on organic produce.

The Wild Diet Before and After Results

The Fat Burning Man website features some before and after photos of dieters. Within just 30 days, many dieters were able to shed approximately 20 pounds*. (*Results may vary, just like any diet)

According to the before and after photos, looked like healthier, fitter versions of their former selves. Where there was once a man or woman carrying around some extra pounds stood a smiling, happy, healthy looking person.

the wild diet results
Founder, Abel James Before and After Results of The Wild Diet, via

By switching up your food intake so you consume organic foods, you can expect to see results rather quickly. As with any diet, you tend to lose most of your weight within the first week. Although you will experience a higher amount of weight loss in the first week, your weight loss experience is rather evenly balanced.

Several positive reviews reflect the success of The Wild Diet. For instance, one dieter mentioned weight 184 pounds as of July 12, 2015, and down to 170 as of September 13, 2015.

Another dieter mentioned successfully losing and keeping off 30 pounds. There are, of course, some dieters who did not experience success, but the majority felt that the diet plan worked for them as promised.

Kurt Morgan lost 50 lbs from the diet on ABC’s hit TV Show, “My Diet Is Better Than Yours” (in which founder, Abel James is a host). And while the original premise of this diet was geared towards men, but it has since been featured in publications such as Women’s Health and People magazine.

is the wild diet for women
Testimonial of the Wild Diet from Maral

Check out more Before & After results here! Or read these reviews.

wild diet reviews

Follow These Tips for Getting Started on The Wild Diet

-Get started with The Wild Diet book in hand. Don’t cheat your way out of getting the book or you will fail. The book can help explain the diet in greater detail.

-Also, do not set yourself up for failure. This IS NOT another fad diet bound to fail. Instead, look at it as a simple lifestyle change. In fact, don’t think of The Wild Diet as a diet at all. Consider it a way of simply eating better.

-When you hear the word diet, you likely think of diet pills and prepackaged foods that taste more like cardboard than actual food. You will experience none of that with The Wild Diet.

-Are you a fan of chocolate? Great! Don’t give up that love that you have for it. Instead, replace it with a healthier, organic version of dark chocolate.

-Chart your progress. This will keep you motivated and help hold you accountable. If you make it a game, it won’t feel as regimented.

-Eat fresh food out of the fridge, not processed food out of the pantry.

Here are some additional tips and rules from the Wild Diet founder to get you started.

About the Founder, Abel James

The best way to learn about Abel James is to listen to The Fat Burning Man podcast. Each podcast introduces you to the man behind The Wild Diet. You get the chance to hear the conviction and sincerity in his voice rather than just reading words on a screen. James is not a doctor or nutritionist by any means. He’s also not a bearded, husky, mountain man that lives as a hermit in the woods. Instead, he’s a normal human being just like you.

abel james wild diet

He tried many diets only to experience failure, which drove him to research nutrition and health. His research lead him to the discovery that everything he thought he knew about a healthy diet was wrong. For that reason, he created The Wild Diet, to help people just like him lose the weight and become healthier versions of their former selves.

Abel James wrote plenty of other best-selling books, apps, online programs, and music, which are on his website. ( He also has an online support community for his users known as the “Fat Burning Tribe.”

Wild Diet Approved Recipes

wild diet chocolate cheesecake
via (recipe here)

Unlike other diets, you will find a broad range of delicious recipes. Many diets feature bland, boring diets with little to no flavor. That is not a problem with The Wild Diet. Instead, you get approved recipes, mostly found on Pinterest and The Fat Burning Man website, like chocolate cheesecake. Here’s a list of other approved recipes include:

  • Coconut Macaroon Cookies
  • Wild Superfood Power Cookies
  • Homemade Sauerkraut
  • Cajun Blackened Catfish
  • Grass-Fed Chimichurri Steak
  • Kalamata Chicken & Caprese Salad
  • Creamy Chocolate Pudding (recipe here)

There are plenty more sinfully delicious, yet healthy recipes for you to discover. Some of these are found online, but more are found in the book. Although you might not like all of them, most dieters agree that many approved recipes were quite tasty. Many also review the recipes online. And Pinterest has a TON of ideas.

How to cook your food: While most carbs should be avoided, such as white rice and bread, Abel explains that you can actually lower the glycemic index in starchy foods in how you cook them.

We have a post here that lists some free wild diet recipes here:

Your ‘Wildest’ FAQS Answered

Do I have to join a gym?

The most important part of this program is the nutrition portion. You do not have to join a gym. Feel free to do the exercises at home with no equipment.

Is the diet for men or women?

Both. And There are different strategies for each sex in the manual.

I’m not in my 20-30s. Will this diet still work for me?

The program boosts metabolism regardless of age and many people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s have found success with the Wild Diet.

Can I start right away or do I have to wait to get all the equipment I need?

You can start right away. The ebook you purchase online will give you instant access to everything you need. There is no waiting for meal prep containers or anything of that nature.

Does this diet require supplements, powders, or pills?


Can I do the Wild Diet as a vegetarian?

Yes! You’ll just have to modify it to fit your needs but it is still completely doable.

What about if I eat gluten free?

Even better. You’ll be one step ahead on the diet.

Will I have to workout a lot on the diet?

80% of this diet is about what you put in your body. Exercising 15-45 minutes a few times a week can accelerate your results.

What is included in the book?

The Wild Diet has tips and strategies to burn fat, flatten your stomach, and see your abs. This diet is mainly about nutrition, but also includes exercises. It gives you real facts about the health and fitness industry. There is false hype about the “real” way to lose weight. In reality, it’s much more simple than people make it out to be.

How do I download and use the ebook version?

You can order it on Amazon or on Abel’s website. Once you purchase and download, open and read as a pdf. Most newer computers use Preview (apple) or Adobe Reader. From there you can read it on your computer or print it out. For the more tech-savvy folks, you can add it to the Books area on your iPhone.

Final Thoughts On “The Wild Diet: Go Beyond Paleo to Burn Fat, Beat Cravings, and Drop 20 Pounds in 40 Days”*

the wild diet by able james
Check out the book on Amazon.

Overall, The Wild Diet seems like a worthwhile investment. For those who are working with a limited budget, you can still find plenty of approved recipes without having to purchase the book. The diet itself seems like an excellent choice for anyone who has tried dieting and failed. However, many reviewers expressed a bit of disappointment with the actual book.

Although the book provides helpful information, some of it seemed slightly generic. Also, reviewers were a bit disappointed by the lack of pictures above different recipes. Plain-text recipes do not seem to capture as much interest. Otherwise, the diet itself offers a nice, healthy, and flavorful way to lose weight. Most importantly, it is an easy diet plan to follow without a ton of sacrifice.

wild diet featured

The reason this diet works is because it involves simple fresh ingredients but is still enjoyable and fun. Charts show and James’ site claims this is the #1 diet in America (currently). What can 30 calendar days do for you?

Interested in trying it out yourself? Find the The Wild Diet book in digital pdf format (Kindle), hardback, or paperback here.

the wild diet

*Product Review Disclaimer: Although the book title claims you can lose 20 lbs in 40 days, this is not the case for everyone and results may vary.

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