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We LOVE The Dedicated, Driven, And Passionate, HEALTH-NUTS That Write For Defendyourhealthcare.us.

As a contributing writer for defendyourhealthcare.us, you will motivate and educate other athletes (as well as those just getting into the health and fitness scene) trying to find the best information out there. Our writers give our readers engaging content that is factual and trustworthy.

Interested In Contributing?

Please email team@defendyourhealthcare.us. Include a bio, writing samples, why you want to write for us, and pitch some ideas our way. We receive applications daily. If you catch our eye, we will reach out as soon as possible.

Contributing Content Guidelines

We only accept writers who can provide high-quality, relevant, original content with little to no direction. Passion and understanding of the health and fitness niche (along with content accuracy) are of utmost importance.

Posts are to be written in blog style. This means short paragraphs, bullets and numbered lists, H2 and H3s, plus plenty of white space.

Recommended word count: 800-1000+ Words (prefer 1,000+)

Should never have red readability in Yoast. We will only accept orange or green.

We reserve the right to tweak and edit the content for SEO purposes and content clarity.

We will only include links provided if they are relevant and high quality.

Please include a 1-2 sentence bio at the bottom of the post.

Just because you submit a post does not mean we will publish it. We will let you know once it is published and approved.

Headshot is taken from Gravatar.

Once your piece is uploaded we hope that you are responsive in the comments section should any arise. (Be professional at all times)

Can I repost my post on my blog?

No. Once a piece is published on defendyourhealthcare.us, we retain rights to that content. We are more than able to give you credit for the piece(s), but republishing on your site is prohibited as it could hurt both of the sites involved.

Example Topics We Love

  • Best Weightlifting Gloves for Bodybuilders
  • Should Women Really Avoid Creatine?
  • Is Beachbody Program All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
  • Definitive Guide To Sculpted Abs
  • 10 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Morning Routine
  • 3 Detox Water Recipies That Taste As Good As They Look

…You get the idea.

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