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Welcome to Defend Your Health! This website is designed to help you defend your body and mind against the struggles and strains of modern life. We do this by giving you the best information around regarding nutrition, staying in shape, workouts, fitness, positive thinking  and general well-being articles.

You only get one body. Many people have said that “even if I have nothing else I still have my health”. Don’t let poor lifestyle habits take yours away – start protecting it today by following proven advice from true experts.

All of the content on our website is researched and written by nutrition and fitness enthusiasts, so you can be sure we’re only giving you the good stuff.

We believe that there is more than one component to staying healthy. It isn’t just about working out, eating right, being positive or having strong relationships. In our opinion a well balanced life is about all of these things – as well as making time for plenty of fun too!

So, having said all that what can you expect to read about on our website? There’s certainly something for everyone here, so make sure you stick and come back often to read our latest and greatest.


Whether you want to stay lean, gain muscle or simply tone up we’ve got you covered. We’ll focus on training and working out fairly heavily in our weekly articles – fitness is a huge part of living a healthy and happy lifestyle. It also helps you perform at a peak level in all aspects of life.

We don’t just cater for gym rats either. If you like to hit the gym 5 times per week then great, but we know that many people only have 30 minutes or so for a couple of days weekly so we’ve certainly got options for you too. Home workouts and exercise routines which can be done at home or in a local park are getting more and more popular; we’ll be reviewing many of those, along with more traditional gym-based programs fairly often. Everything we review has been fully tried and tested by our team, so don’t worry! We’ll give you our honest thoughts, and where relevant, the actual results we achieved from using any one program, diet or strategy.

Healthy Eating

The second major focus of our articles is eating and drinking correctly – making sure you can enjoy meals, stay in shape and generally remain healthy. Also if weight loss or muscle building are goals of yours we’ll have all the nutrition recommendations you could ever need as well.

Good nutrition is a vital partner to regular exercise if you want to achieve optimal health and fitness. We’ll have you covered with all kinds of recipes, meal suggestions and strategies for losing weight, gaining muscle or simply minimizing illness.

Positive, Productive Thinking

Building and maintaining a healthy and positive mindset is certainly as important as looking after your physical self, if not more-so. From time to time we’ll have expert articles for you in all areas of happiness and positive thinking.

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High Intensity Workouts – The Best Options for Training at Home

We’re huge fitness fans here at – staying fit and exercising or training regularly is one of the best ways you can remain healthy and ensure you live a long and happy life. Fitness and working out is usually associated with going to the gym in order to make use of their expensive machines and equipment. Although this can be a great option, many people just don’t have the time to commit to regular gym visits. Others simply don’t enjoy workouts in a packed underground room with 50 other people!

With the above in mind, home workouts have become increasingly popular. Having the option to train hard and stay in tip top shape without leaving the house has obvious appeal. As a result there have been an influx of workout programs hitting the market over the last few years which require nothing more than body weight or some very simple and low cost pieces of equipment; often dumbbells alone are enough. The popularity of CrossFit and other similar training styles has helped this trend gain incredible traction. Some of the most popular programs are Insanity, Max Workouts, P90x and a whole host of others. We really are spoiled for choice, but how do you choose one home workout program over another?

What to Consider When Training at Home

Always try to follow and actual, proven program rather than just ‘winging it’ and making your own schedule. The value of having a step-by-step routine to follow each day and week cannot be underestimated. With this all but the most commit folk will eventually come off the rails.

Any workout program you choose should be:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Ideally video based
  • Proven for other people
  • Step-by-step
  • No major equipment requirements
  • Completed in short sessions (30 minutes is ideal)
  • At least some nutrition focus

The problem with those points is that they are fairly vague and open to interpretation. The way around this is to rely on REAL workout reviews, usually posted online, by people who have actually followed a given program from beginning to end.

These reviews are easy to find online and often video based, so you’re able to see a real person is behind them. Hopefully the reviewer is in pretty good shape too!

One great resource that focuses on rating these programs is: WorkoutScene – they are constantly adding to their review library as new programs are tried and tested for their effectiveness. Obviously it pays to seek out opinions from a couple of different people who have gone through a routine you’re considering, just generally these guys put out some useful articles and videos.

Here’s an example of the popular Max Workouts program by a highly regarded training called Shin Ohtake: My Max Workouts Review and Program Results – 90 Hard Days.

As you an see the write-up is pretty in depth and tells you all you need to know, including the program length, structure and the actual day to day exercises you can expect to be doing.

So get reading, check out some review sites and choose the program which seems to be the best fit for you. The important thing is not to get hung up of which routine to follow – just choose one, stick to it and see it through to the end!

You’ll certainly be glad you did :)

Should You Invest in a Medical Guardian System? Our Review Provides Full Details

Have you ever felt like the seniors in your life aren’t well prepared for an emergency if one were to arise? Are you afraid that if they fall and get hurt or just can’t get back up that they will be stranded with no one to help them? This is exactly what companies like Medical Guardian are there to help with. This provides your loved ones with a security system that will help if anything happens. And with 3 different products for you to choose from to ensure that your loved ones are safe from an emergency, you can’t go wrong with this product. It ensures that someone will always be available to help in an emergency.

Classic Guardian

Medical Guardian LogoThe classic guardian system includes not only the base unit which connects to a telephone line and possesses a 72 hour back up battery to protect you from a power outage, but it also has the option of a waterproof necklace or wrist pendant which will allow you to stay connected all over the home. This system has a 400 foot range from the base unit to ensure that you can go where ever you want within your home without needing to find a way to get help by managing to get yourself close enough to the unit. Classic Guardian is also the cheapest package they have available and allows you to use it for both emergency and non-emergency purposes. If you need to contact a friend, family member, or an ambulance, you are connected no matter what happens.

Mobile Guardian

Mobile Guardian is the second package offered by Medical Guardian and comes with a necklace or wrist pendant as well as a carrier case which is waterproof to ensure you can use it anywhere you need it. This mobile unit is great for more active seniors as it has a completely mobile unit that you can carry with you. The unit has GPS which can track your location and ensure that if you are out and about and need help, Medical Guardian will be able to send services to your exact location when you need help. The pendants only have 350 foot range from the base unit, but since the base unit can be carried with you in your pocket or purse, it allows you to go where you need to without worry.

Fall Alert

The newest product offered by Medical Guardian, and also the most expensive package is the Fall Alert system. This system comes with a fall detection pendant which can easily be carried in your pocket, a base unit, and a necklace or wrist pendant. This system has an LED display which will show you the date, time, and temperature inside your home as well as notify you when the system needs to be tested. It is also the only system that is offered that can be connected to the AT&T wireless network. The amazing technology offered with this system not only provides you with the highest amount of comfort and security, but also automatically notifies Medical Guardian if you fall and don’t report it yourself. This ensures that if something happens and you need help but are unable to call for it, you still receive the help you need when you need it.

Testimonials – Are These Devices Effective?

Medical Guardian has been rated 4.6 stars out of 5 by its users and is considered to be one of the best systems available on the market. It has even received the eKomi silver seal of approval. This means that they have been highly rated and provide the excellent service that they promise right from the beginning. Many of their clients not only enjoy the service, but also find it to be a little less expensive and allows them to be more active than other services. Many customer reviews say that they would recommend this product to friends and family members who need a little extra help around the home in an emergency situation. Other people leave comments about the answering system and how they were surprised that the answering service was so responsive.

Other not-so-positive reviews claim that the customer didn’t think the service was worth the money they were paying and that when they canceled the service, the customer had to pay to send back the equipment. Another customer had difficulties hooking up the equipment which caused concerns and another had a problem with the AT&T Wireless services at the location that they were trying to use the system. While these testimonials are very few and far between, there hasn’t been a seriously concerning review that makes this product a bad product for customers. And many of the reviews have been replied to by Medical Guardian to ensure that they have done everything in their power to ensure customer satisfaction.

More about the Medical Guardian Service

While many other systems charge you for your equipment, activation, possess limited warrantees on their equipment, and require a 1 to 2 year contract, Medical Guardian does not. They provide you with free equipment, free activation, no contract, and a lifetime warranty on all of their equipment. Their main goal is to ensure that seniors are safe and free to do what they want rather than being kept in the house all the time to prevent possible injury. Seniors deserve the freedom to live on their own if they want and should be able to stay safe in their own homes. They should be able to have a piece of equipment that provides them with peace of mind that in an emergency situation, they can get the help they need even if they are the only one home.

How Does It Work?

You are probably wondering how the service works and what makes it so special. It is simple. When you call to sign up for the service, a Representative will help you choose the system that fits your needs, wants, and lifestyle while ensuring that the system is affordable on your budget. Once you have chosen your system, the representative will help you to create a personal profile that will include medications, medical history, physicians, family and friends that can be called in an emergency, preferred hospital location, and local emergency services. The information that you provide is not only confidential but also ensures that you receive the best possible care from their knowledgeable staff. And since they are available 27 hours a day and 7 days a week, 365 days every year, you can be positive that you will always be able to reach someone who can assist you.


There are many benefits to getting Medical Guardian. It will make your family feel safer as most families will get on their loved ones case over not having a plan for an emergency. Some customers keep the device because of this amazing benefit that also keeps their family out of their hair when they try to do things independently. Another huge benefit of the system is that you can even take the pendant in the shower which means that you will never have to worry about being without the device and even if you need help in the shower due to a fall, it is within reaching distance if you need it. The final major benefit of the system is it will make you feel safer as well. While most seniors don’t need to use this system all the time, when it is needed you will certainly be thankful that you have it. Many customers keep it just to ensure that help is available if they need it for any reason.

Pros and Cons

There are many pros to the Medical Guardian system that cannot be ignored. While most people may not realize these pros when they first look at the service, they do eventually realize the endless benefits that they receive.

  • 24/ 7 Availability of Assistance
  • Peace of mind for yourself and your family
  • They provide amazing services and really care for their clients
  • Convenient
  • Can go anywhere with the pendant, including the shower
  • Costs about a $1 per day to keep your family safe
  • Many levels of products to give you what you need
  • Can be set up by yourself, however help is only a quick call away
  • Care about their clients

There are a few cons that customers have come to notice over time, however Medical Guardian is always there to try to help even if you dislike the service. Many testimonials and reviews have been replied to by Medical Guardian to attempt to assist with the situation before you cancel your service.

  • If you cancel, they do not pay for shipping and handling to return the equipment
  • There have been reports of calls being made to emergency contacts for payments on canceled services.

While many customers have an excellent experience with Medical Guardian, the best way to ensure that you like the service is to call and try it out for yourself.

Visit the official site here if you’d like to sign up and try the service.

The Paleo Recipe Book: Should You Purchase It Or Not?

Many health diseases including autoimmune diseases, obesity, heart problems, and cancer have become common nowadays, despite the advancements that have been made in modern medicine. Modern technologies have provided us with so much comfort. Much of society has become lazier and has also become larger. Now there are more than 560 million humans in the world that are suffering obesity, which has now become a disease.

However, most of these problems were hardly ever seen in the distant past. So what has changed from then to now that might have caused us to be more susceptible to these unhealthy diseases? The answer might just lie in the difference between our diets and the diets of our ancestors.

The Paleo Recipe Book by Sebastien Noel provides an excellent answer to this modern health dilemma and gives a perfect solution!

What Are Paleo Recipes?

The Paleo diet is also known as the Stone Age diet. It is based on us consuming the same types of foods that our ancestors used to eat several thousands of years into the past. Its name is a reference to the Paleolithic era, and it is a natural diet system.

However, do not be alarmed thinking that you will be sacrificing taste for health. The Paleo Recipe Book provides delicious recipes that are extremely healthy for your body. In addition it offers immense diversity and variation, so you do not have to worry about having to eat similar tastes over and over again.

Why Should I Consider Choosing the Book?

The Recipe Book CoverThe Book has an incredible number of more than 370 recipes included. This makes it one of the most complete recipe books on the market, making it a better choice than the other recipe books that are being sold. With over 370 recipes included, you will be able to enjoy a different meal every single day for an entire year. For once, living and eating healthy does not involve you trying out disgusting and gross-looking concoctions. Now, you can eat in style and still have a healthy body.

The book has also become increasingly popular over time, with many glowing reviews from purchasers. This shows that customers are extremely satisfied with the results that they have been getting from the product. Also, it has been pronounced as one of the best recipe books of the year. If this book is getting so much attention, then most likely, it is something that you would want to invest in as well.

What Is Included?

First of all, buying the Paleo Recipe Cookbook will grant you more than 370 healthy and delicious Paleo recipes. But that is not all! The book also comes with many bonuses. It includes a weekly meal plan for 8 weeks, Paleo desserts, Quick and Simple meal books, as well as a guide to herbs and spices. Last but definitely not least, it also includes a guide to help you fix most of the common issues people run into when they first try to attempt a Paleo diet. What could go wrong?

What Does a Paleo Diet Consist Of?

If you are considering trying out the Paleo diet, which is highly recommended nowadays, you might be interested in knowing more about what being on a Paleo diet would consist of before jumping right in.

Again, it is based on the everyday diets of our Paleolithic ancestors. Some scientists still believe that our genetics have not changed too much since then, meaning that our bodies are still adapted to the Paleo diet. It is a diet that is mostly organic. All types of processed foods are completely restricted.

Meats. Furthermore, all meats are also considered to be part of the Paleo diet. Meats can be divided into 2 categories: grain-fed and grass-fed. You should stay away from grain-fed meat. Being grain-fed harms the animal as well as you. Stay away from processed meat as well as fatty meat. Fish, however, is extremely important as part of the Paleo diet. It is an extremely rich source of Omega oils and is also good for your muscles and joints.

Vegetables. Vegetables make up a huge part of the Paleo diet. They are also considered best when eaten raw. Vegetables contain nutrients that the body requires in order to have a stronger immune system. Stay away from cooking for with a lot of starch, such as potatoes and squash. These are high in starch, yet have very little nutritional value. If you are on a Paleo diet, you want to eat high quantities of vegetables with high nutritional value.

Natural Fats and Oils. Natural oils and fats are also part of the diet as they contain high quantities of minerals and vitamins. You can obtain natural oils from ingredients such as nuts. This way, your body will be able to create the energy it requires to keep going.

Fruits. Fruits are important as they include fructose, a natural sugar. They can be used to make Paleo desserts, which will help indulge your sweet side. This way you will be less inclined to eat unhealthy desserts that your body does not need.

What Should a Paleo Diet Not Have?

You will want to stay away from soft drinks, alcohol, energy drinks, and candy, as they hold an unnecessary amount of sugar and unhealthy fats. You also want to focus on getting naturally made fruit juices rather than the ones you buy from the store, as they are highly concentrated. Wheat, dairy, and legumes are also not part of the Paleo diet at all.

You also need to be careful with salt, as excessive intake in sodium leads to many health problems. Daily intake should be 1.5 mg a day, so you do not have to completely take it out of your diet, but make sure that you do not overdo it.

How Else Will Following a Paleo Diet Make Me Healthier?

Your diet will be much more natural, leaving behind preservatives, artificial sweeteners, fertilizers, and processed foods. The food in your diet will also have high proteins and fibers, which will aid greatly in muscle development. The fiber in your diet will also help digestion and lower cholesterol, which can even help prevent heart disease. The Paleo diet also helps those who suffer from gluten or lactose intolerance by eliminating the foods that you may be allergic too. Furthermore, your body will be able to reach the weight that it is supposed to be at. Unnecessary carbohydrates will be eliminated, helping you reach a much healthier weight. All of the additional vitamins and minerals will keep you healthy, free from disease, and have more energy to use each and every day.

Why You Should Get the Paleo Recipe Book Today

The book will of course not reward you with a healthy body instantly. Instead, it is important to understand that beginning the Paleo diet is a lifestyle change. It is a healthier way to consume your food, while still enjoying what you eat. By eating food that is not part of the Paleo diet, you are harming your body, and why on earth would you want to do that?

Start becoming more conscious of what you are doing to your body. It is time to take responsibility for your own health and to make better decisions.

The Paleo Recipe Book has over 370 recipes that you can use along with many bonuses, listed previously. It provides more variety than most other books with Paleo recipes. It is also a book that has only gained in popularity since its release and has an overabundance of highly positive reviews, showing great customer satisfaction. If a Paleo diet is something you seriously want to adapt into your life, there is no better recipe book to help you along the way.

Remember, this book will only help you and your body if you commit. You must have the dedication to stick with the Paleo diet consistently without weak moments where you cave and go to the nearest McDonald’s drive-through. It must be part of your everyday life.

As long as you can stick with it, you will start seeing positive changes in your life in little to no time! If you are interested in getting more information about the Paleo diet, trying doing some research on your own to see how else a Paleo diet can positively influence your life. You will be pleasantly surprised with your discoveries. Also, if you do try out the Paleo diet with this recipe book, do not forget to share your results with your family and friends. This way, they can have access to a healthier lifestyle, just like you. Even if they are not suffering from any health issues at the moment, the Paleo diet is also a good way for them to maintain their health to prevent possible health issues from coming up in the future.

Good luck with the your Paleo adventure, and may you enjoy the recipes it has to offer.

Visit the official site and pick up the book here.