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Welcome to Defend Your Health! This website is designed to help you defend your body and mind against the struggles and strains of modern life. We do this by giving you the best information around regarding nutrition, staying in shape, workouts, fitness, positive thinking  and general well-being articles.

You only get one body. Many people have said that “even if I have nothing else I still have my health”. Don’t let poor lifestyle habits take yours away – start protecting it today by following proven advice from true experts.

All of the content on our website is researched and written by nutrition and fitness enthusiasts, so you can be sure we’re only giving you the good stuff.

We believe that there is more than one component to staying healthy. It isn’t just about working out, eating right, being positive or having strong relationships. In our opinion a well balanced life is about all of these things – as well as making time for plenty of fun too!

So, having said all that what can you expect to read about on our website? There’s certainly something for everyone here, so make sure you stick and come back often to read our latest and greatest.


Whether you want to stay lean, gain muscle or simply tone up we’ve got you covered. We’ll focus on training and working out fairly heavily in our weekly articles – fitness is a huge part of living a healthy and happy lifestyle. It also helps you perform at a peak level in all aspects of life.

We don’t just cater for gym rats either. If you like to hit the gym 5 times per week then great, but we know that many people only have 30 minutes or so for a couple of days weekly so we’ve certainly got options for you too. Home workouts and exercise routines which can be done at home or in a local park are getting more and more popular; we’ll be reviewing many of those, along with more traditional gym-based programs fairly often. Everything we review has been fully tried and tested by our team, so don’t worry! We’ll give you our honest thoughts, and where relevant, the actual results we achieved from using any one program, diet or strategy.

Healthy Eating

The second major focus of our articles is eating and drinking correctly – making sure you can enjoy meals, stay in shape and generally remain healthy. Also if weight loss or muscle building are goals of yours we’ll have all the nutrition recommendations you could ever need as well.

Good nutrition is a vital partner to regular exercise if you want to achieve optimal health and fitness. We’ll have you covered with all kinds of recipes, meal suggestions and strategies for losing weight, gaining muscle or simply minimizing illness.

Positive, Productive Thinking

Building and maintaining a healthy and positive mindset is certainly as important as looking after your physical self, if not more-so. From time to time we’ll have expert articles for you in all areas of happiness and positive thinking.

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High Intensity Workouts – The Best Options for Training at Home

We’re huge fitness fans here at – staying fit and exercising or training regularly is one of the best ways you can remain healthy and ensure you live a long and happy life. Fitness and working out is usually associated with going to the gym in order to make use of their expensive machines and equipment. Although this can be a great option, many people just don’t have the time to commit to regular gym visits. Others simply don’t enjoy workouts in a packed underground room with 50 other people!

With the above in mind, home workouts have become increasingly popular. Having the option to train hard and stay in tip top shape without leaving the house has obvious appeal. As a result there have been an influx of workout programs hitting the market over the last few years which require nothing more than body weight or some very simple and low cost pieces of equipment; often dumbbells alone are enough. The popularity of CrossFit and other similar training styles has helped this trend gain incredible traction. Some of the most popular programs are Insanity, Max Workouts, P90x and a whole host of others. We really are spoiled for choice, but how do you choose one home workout program over another?

What to Consider When Training at Home

Always try to follow and actual, proven program rather than just ‘winging it’ and making your own schedule. The value of having a step-by-step routine to follow each day and week cannot be underestimated. With this all but the most commit folk will eventually come off the rails.

Any workout program you choose should be:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Ideally video based
  • Proven for other people
  • Step-by-step
  • No major equipment requirements
  • Completed in short sessions (30 minutes is ideal)
  • At least some nutrition focus

The problem with those points is that they are fairly vague and open to interpretation. The way around this is to rely on REAL workout reviews, usually posted online, by people who have actually followed a given program from beginning to end.

These reviews are easy to find online and often video based, so you’re able to see a real person is behind them. Hopefully the reviewer is in pretty good shape too!

One great resource that focuses on rating these programs is: WorkoutScene – they are constantly adding to their review library as new programs are tried and tested for their effectiveness. Obviously it pays to seek out opinions from a couple of different people who have gone through a routine you’re considering, just generally these guys put out some useful articles and videos.

Here’s an example of the popular Max Workouts program by a highly regarded training called Shin Ohtake: My Max Workouts Review and Program Results – 90 Hard Days.

As you an see the write-up is pretty in depth and tells you all you need to know, including the program length, structure and the actual day to day exercises you can expect to be doing.

So get reading, check out some review sites and choose the program which seems to be the best fit for you. The important thing is not to get hung up of which routine to follow – just choose one, stick to it and see it through to the end!

You’ll certainly be glad you did :)

Plastic Surgeons – How Do You Know Which One is Right for You?

Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is a fairly major choice in anyone’s life. Whether you’re looking into surgery purely for aesthetic reasons, or to improve your health, you need to be certain that your choice of surgeon is the right one for you.

Most major cities have a lot of choice. Surgery is big business, and the competition between clinics is tough. If you’re located in a large metro area such as New York or Los Angeles then the decision process could prove to be difficult – you really are spoilt for choice!

To help you out, here are a few guidelines to follow when decision which plastic surgeon is ultimately be the one you do business with.


This is the first thing you should look for – it really is a basic requirement. Watch out though as there are many certification bodies which sound rather official, but don’t actually require much from surgeons to be given the seal of approval. To be safe and ensure you’re dealing with a true surgical expert who has experience and a proven track record, only deal with someone that’s been passed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The ASPS enforces the highest standards, which really is necessary when choosing any kind of healthcare professional – and especially a surgeon!

Portfolio & Testimonials

Although it is fairly common sense, there really is no reason to work with a surgeon who doesn’t have a portfolio available for you to review. You want to be able to see what kind of results they’ve bee able to deliver for other patients – particularly ones who have had a similar procedure to the one you’re considering. If the surgeon is also able to provide recommendations and/or testimonials from previous patients then that is even better.

On that note, it is also a good idea to look for a surgeon who actually specializes in the particular type of procedure you’re considering. You’ll be able to find specialists in any area of surgery from revision rhinoplasty (nose jobs) to full ‘mommy makeovers’. Why choose someone who generalizes when there is the option of dealing with surgeons that have real expertise in your chosen area? It doesn’t make sense. Here’s an example of a specialist in New York – they focus primarily on post-pregnancy procedures.

The Surgeon Themselves

The last thing to consider is the actual person you’ll be dealing with. It may seem trivial, but the whole experience will be a lot more comfortable for you if you actually like and get on with whoever is going to be performing your surgery. Don’t be hasty and pick someone based purely on track record and recommendations if you don’t actually feel comfortable around them. There are so many high quality professionals out there to choose from that it is certainly worth waiting until you find the perfect fit, before parting with any money.

So that’s it – a short and sweet list that gives you a few things to think about when looking into surgery. Obviously there is much more to the process, and you’ll be able to  learn a lot and get more inspiration by searching elsewhere online – especially on specialist websites. In the meantime if there are any questions or queries you have please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team – we’ll happily give you any guidance we can if you’re looking at cosmetic surgery and don’t know where to start.