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G10b Home Gym
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In today’s market, home gyms seem to be overtaking the market for convenient fitness and exercise. One in particular which has raised a good amount of buzz is the Body-Solid G10B Bi-Angular Home Gym. It appears to be a reliable option with positive reviews.

There are some things to keep in mind and to get around before you decide if this model is ideal for you. How much room is available to you and how much can you put aside in your home for a gym? What is your budget? Note that this model is produced by one of the higher end brands. Free weights and commercial training stations can be somewhat expensive at the retail level and purchasing equipment isn’t what a lot of people want to do.

The G10B Home Gym has great feedback, good reviews and competitive pricing.

The Home Gym’s Specs

The term bi-angular for this particular weight training unit refers to resistance coming from two different directions. The Body-Solid claims that this increases muscle interaction by 25% and throughout the range of motion, the movement becomes more resisted and thus offering better results from the workout.

This unit also provides the option to perform more than 50 exercises at the basic stock setup. A leg press attachment can be purchased separately for additional exercises; such as leg press and calf-raises from different angles.

The Bi-Angular Home Gym comes with the 2-210 pound stack of weights, so you can be assured there is quite a bit of resistance available for all training levels. The upholstery is durable and strong, being made from Durafirm. This is the same brand of upholstery used on high-end commercial gym equipment and other expensive fitness gyms.

The workout unit is quite comfortable to use, offering plenty of lumbar and spine support during relative exercising. The pressing and pull-down apparatuses offer plenty of range of motion so that even the tallest individuals can enjoy training with the G10B.

How Sturdy Is This home gym?

We’ve used a lot of home gyms stations. Unlike many we see, customers seem very impressed with the sturdiness and build quality of this model. It doesn’t rattle around even with a significant amount of resistance on the pull-down station or vertical bench press.


Nothing is perfect. While the Body-Solid Gym is quite good, sturdy and resilient, there are a few factors which buyers should keep in mind.

Rubber stoppers are used instead of springs between each weight plate so over time this can cause the plates to lean on angles and eventually the stoppers will need to be replaced. With the amount of gravity hitting the plates at times while doing exercises, they will start to show signs of use.

The incline and military press positions are a bit awkward at first but over time you will learn to lean forward while doing these exercises and improve your workouts. Just like any home gym on the market, ensure you assemble everything according to the instructions.

The Angular Home Gym uses up a lot more room than most other home gym apparatuses because it’s heavy-duty and built to last. Something to be considered beforehand is that it doesn’t fold up like other types of workout stations, so make sure you have enough space in the room for the full machine and make planned pre-calculations.

Body Solid has boasted this particular home gym as being of a high commercial quality. It’s made of hard alloy steel and other elements which provide for a very firm and durable workout experience. Setting up the home gym may take work and some effort at the beginning, following the simple instructions that they lay out for you, you’ll have the G10B Bi-Angular assembled and ready to go in no time.

Some users mentioned that they did have to adjust a few elements on the Body Solid here and there until they got the right preference and in order to make it more usable to them; however, this is something that should be expected from such a large unit. While this model is pricier in comparison to a lot of other home physical fitness stations, the quality, sturdiness and unequaled customer service provided may just be worth it to those who love to stay fit at home.

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Summary: This model has overwhelmingly good customer feedback. It is built well and offers lots of functionality for different exercises and workouts.

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