Waist Training Corset: The Risks and Benefits You Should Know


Waist Training CorsetThe Risks and Benefits You Should Know

Waist training has recently taken the celebrity world by storm with actresses and models showing them off in Instagram photos.

But what exactly are waist trainers? Do they actually work as advertised?

The term “waist training” typically refers to the use of steel boned corsets to develop an hourglass shape on your body. This was en vogue centuries ago.

It is not permanentand thus requires continued effort to to maintain the shape and it is recommended to continue working out and perform targeted exercises to stay in shape.

The phenomenon has been popularized today by celebrities including Amber Rose and Kim KardashianLatex waist cinchers are on modernized waisttrainers allowing them to stay on during their workout (seen below).

Waist trainers are a good way to appear slimmer after pregnancy. Don’t spend loads of money on a tummy tuck, try other alternatives first because youcan get the same results in other ways, it just depends on how your body reacts.

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So What Exactly is Waist Training?

As previously mentioned, waist training utilizes a steel boned corset which can help shape one’s waist in an hourglass shape. The results will be semi-permanent.

Women will also wear them for fashion or to help buttress their posture and back. It should be made clear that a waist trainer on its own will not help youshed pounds.

It will however, keep you from eating a certain amount of food while wearing it.

The latex waist trainersthat Kardashian and her ilk advertising should really be called waist taming.

Try a waist trainer today

Some prefer body shaper belts instead of the waist trainer. This might be more suitable for regular, everyday wear.

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Is Waist Training Dangerous?

Waist training is not bad for you and there are not dangers, if used properlyThe important thing to do is use common sense and be aware of what yourbody can handle. Be safe when using a waist trainer. If the device is causing you pain, loosen it or remove it.

What Results Can You Expect From Waist Training?

There is no clear answer on what sort of results you can get. Everybody is different: These results all are dependent on several factors:

  • How long are you wearing the corset?
  • Do you diet and exercise?
  • How tight is your corset?

Another important factor in waist training is genetics. For example, two different people who have the same waist size and wear the same exact corset forthe same amount of time can get different results.

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That being said, Orchard Corset has a list of waist trainer stories. These are real stories from women who share their waist training experiences.

There Are Risks of Waist Training

Here’s a different take on waist training from Marie Claire:

When wearing this device that has been in existence for 500 years, you  end up crushing your ribs and lungs. This can make it very hard to breathe.

Some women have passed out as a result of wearing a waist trainer for too long a time.

Where Can I Buy a Waist Trainer?

There are tons of places online to buy a waist trainer, but we recommend checking out reviews on Amazon to see which product is most recommended by consumers who have used the products. Also, it‘s a great way to get the best product for cheap.

A Real Experience

Elite Daily’s senior women’s writer Laura Argintar details her experience wearing a waist trainer over the course of 17 days. It was a mixed bag. Check outher experience:

Day One: 2.5 Hours

Argintar mistakenly eats right before putting on the waist trainer and is concerned she will vomit or soil herself. She thinks about quitting weed as itreduces the ability to take in oxygen.

She notes that while it does not hurt, it is certainly uncomfortable. Argintar notes that she is excited for the corset to help her posture. She is also concerned because she is unable to take any deep breaths.

Her goal on this first day is to last for two hours, and she lasts for 2.5 hours.

Day Two: 3 hours

Argintar notes that putting on the waist trainer was worse than having to wear it. She notes that this was probably due to the fact she had someone else tighten it for her. With all that aside, she was able to wear it smaller than the previous day.

She tried having a beer and steak for supper while wearing the waist trainer, but was not able to decide if this was a really good move or a really stupid one.

waist trainer

Day Three: 3.5 hours

Argintar says the waist trainer is only getting annoying, as she says there is never a good time to put onThat aside, she thinks it is doing the job.

Day Four: 4 hours

This is the first day she is wearing it while in the office. Argintar says sitting down can cause her a lot of discomfort.

Day Six: 6 hours

Argintar tries walking to work while wearing the corset, but her steps aren’t as big. She also finds herself taking huge breaths.

waist training

Day 13: 7.5 hours

Argintar can just about pulls the strings all the way around her waist trainer. She commends the event by eating french fries.

A reader, Vanna B, makes a suggestion of doing some bicycle crunches and adopting a better diet. She has been doing this, at least a looser version of this, four days a week.

Day 17: 5-ish hours

Argintar’s conclusion on the waist trainer is that the waist trainer isn’t some fly-by-night weight loss solution that can burn fat away instantly. She did lose 1.5 inches along her torso, but she attributes that to changes in her diet.

Her posture has also changed. She can walk ‘taller’ and sit a little straighter, thus making her look thinner.

Argintar asserts that the waist trainer can help you suck in your stomach and is helpful for wearing t-shirts when you don’t want it to stick out

Story sourced from Elite Daily.

In Conclusion

While waist training is not for the faint of heart, it is something a lot of women feel is worth a try! Just exercise caution when you‘re wearing a waisttrainer and keep track of your results over time.

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