Simply Fit Board Reviews (Seen On SharkTank): Effectiveness, Benefits And Results


Simply Fit Board Reviews (Seen On SharkTank): Effectiveness, Benefits And Results

The Simply Fit Board is a huge craze in the American workout scene. We’ve worked to bring you a Simply Fit Board reviews so that you can determine if the board is a good choice for you.

About The Simply Fit Board Company

Composed of a hard plastic, the Simply Fit Board is designed to help you tighten your core and cut out the fat that’s stored in your waist area.

The Simply Fit Board first became famous when the inventors appeared on the ABC television show “Shark Tank” in November 2015. Mother-daughter team Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman received an offer of $125,000 for a 20 percent stake in their organization.

After seven months of Greiner’s investment, sales went from $575,000 to $9 million.


Simply Fit Board Reviews (Seen On SharkTank): Effectiveness, Benefits And Results
Lori Greiner invested in the Simply Fit Board on ‘Shark Tank’

The Simply Fit Board Inventors

As just mentioned, the Simply Fit Board was developed by the Colorado mother/daughter duo of Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman. Gloria wanted to help her mother with her bulge issue, as well as Linda’s desire to have a better and more concise workout.

Simply Fit Board Reviews (Seen On SharkTank): Effectiveness, Benefits And Results
She Knows

What exactly is the Simply Fit Board?

Made of strong and durable plastic, the board’s surface is slip-resistant and has convenient handles to prevent you from falling. You can buy it online in five different colors.

The company’s website also hawks their videos on YouTube which has a number of workout techniques. It also comes with a video when you buy the board.

Simply Fit Board Reviews (Seen On SharkTank): Effectiveness, Benefits And Results
Shark Tank Blog

Benefits of Balance Boards

Simply Fit Board is a type of balance board. The main goal of balance boards, otherwise known as wobble boards is to help improve one’s balance. This is buttressed from a piece published in 2011 by the American College of Sports Medicine, which asserts that you can improve your balance with age.

Is The Simply Fit Board Worth The Hype?

This is a somewhat new piece of workout equipment that purports to help with your waistline and balance. The board features a curve in the middle of it, allowing you to twist during use.

Whether or not the Simply Fit Board is ‘worth the hype’ is a matter of perspective. It is all a matter of what you are looking for in a specific workout device.

Can You Use The Board for Weight Loss?

The Simply Fit Board is certainly a fun device, especially as a way to interact with children and grandchildren, but it is not meant for a hardcore workout. We will delve into more about the board and the workout it provides as we go forward.

Features That Are Exclusive to the Board

The people at Simply Fit Board stress that their product is an easy use and help improve one’s balance. Furthermore, the company asserts that its design allows it to be portable and lightweight.

It comes with the following:

  • Guide for eating
  • Board
  • DVD

Weight And Size

  • Length: 26 by 11 and ¾ inches
  • Weight: About three pounds

Muscle Groups Targeted

  • Legs
  • Abs
  • Arms

Using The Simply Fit Board

Those who make the Simply Fit Board warn that using it on a rougher surface like cement can damage it significantly. Here are a few moves you can do with the board:

  • Walk
    • Stand shoulder length apart
    • Rock the board
  • Surfer
    • Stand shoulder length apart
    • Squat down with your arms out, like a surfer
    • Stand and repeat
  • Twist
    • Stand shoulder length apart
    • Twist back and forth, playing any music you want
  • Rock
    • Stand shoulder length apart
    • Rock back and forth, as if you were on a teeter-totter.
    • Ensure you go left and right.

Some Other Features

Here are some other notable features of the Simply Fit Board that haven’t already been mentioned:

  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Very little stress on your joints
  • Can be used by anyone, regardless of his or her body type

The Workout

The Simply Fit Board can provide a decent workout, despite not being a hardcore cardio machine like an elliptical. It can take 5-10 minutes to get settled on the board and you will feel a burn within another 5-10 minutes.

Simply Fit Board Reviews (Seen On SharkTank): Effectiveness, Benefits And Results

Claims About The Simply Fit Board

Here are some of the claims the Simply Fit Board purports to make:

  • Simply Fit Board contends it is able to help you lose weight in one simple motion by focusing on your core.
  • The company also says the twisting you do on the board lets your core stay engaged and tones your legs and abs.

It Falls Short Of Expectations

One reviewer lamented that he could not maintain his balance on the Simply Fit Board. One other concern is the board could not get him toned as advertised. It also wasn’t very good on his carpet.

Another echoed the same concern about the board working well on carpets, but said it worked well on hardwood and vinyl floors. The same person complained that the board moves way too much during use and worsens his sciatica.

Good For A Quick Workout

Adam weighs in with his Simply Fit Board review on Reviews Simple.

It’s a board for that everybody can use, regardless of size and age. The board, despite its simple look, is very versatile and give you a very solid workout.

The Simply Fit Board is good to have around if you want something quick, but you should still have a treadmill and/or an elliptical around too.

Our Conclusions About The Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board does a good job in terms of how it functions. It is not a game changer but is certainly formidable with its videos and design. If you are looking for something else to supplement your workout, the Simply Fit Board will do nicely.

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