Squat Challenge for Beginners: Our Complete Guide


If there's one exercise we could all use a little more of, its squats. An essential body exercise that should be in every gym-goers workout regimen, squats can build the legs you've always dreamed of. For beginners, it can sometimes be a little daunting to jump in the squat-rack and throw on a few plates. A squat challenge for beginners lets you ease into the workout mentality and gives you a sense of direction each day.

Squatting doesn't have to be the rough and tough rack at the gym, and you can do it from your own home. All you need is your body and a little room to move in. So for all the new gym aficionados or newbies, we've found the best squat challenge for beginners.

What Is a Squat Challenge?

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A squat challenge for beginners is a planned set of squat exercises you do daily. These daily exercises could be done for a week or a month. These challenges usually have the participant perform an increasing number of squats -or a mixed variation of them- to build muscle mass and familiarity with the movement. By going through with these challenges, your body gets used to the movement you want to master. By increasing the number of squats you can do in a period, your legs will gradually build more muscle.

The main draw of these challenges is in the increasing difficulty. When you go to the gym by yourself, it's sometimes hard to find the motivation and will to increase the weight, or reps, you've become comfortable at. With no one telling you to throw on more weights, you become complacent. Challenges force you to increase the difficulty of your exercises daily and give guidance. Sometimes it even feels like you're part of a class trying to get through a workout together!

Benefits of Daily Squats

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We've all heard of the benefits of daily exercise, so what are the benefits of doing daily squats? Your legs are the pillars that hold up the rest of your body. You would never build the top of a structure before ensuring that the rest of the building was built properly, so why should your body be any different? 


Building a strong base helps you increase balance and create a foundation for the other muscle groups close to your legs. The legs connect to the glutes. The glutes connect to the lower back. The lower back connects to your upper, which leads to your shoulders and so on and so forth. The muscles of the body work together to create the whole. Don't skimp out on the building blocks. 

Muscle Groups



The Best Beginner's Squat Challenge

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We've scoured the internet for an ideal squat challenge for beginners and have found two to our liking. The difference in these two challenges comes in the spiking difficulty. We recommend attempting the first squat challenge for a month, then moving on to the next challenge the following month. 

My Fitness Pal's Squat Challenge For Beginners 

30 Day Fitness Challenge's Squat Challenge For Beginners


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Challenges push us to the limit and pull us out stronger than when we first dived in. They teach us commitment and give us a sense of accomplishment for having the perseverance and dedication to ourselves. 


Exercise challenges are hard. They seem easy and simple at first, then it slowly dawns on us that it will continue for 30 more days. There will be days you won't want to continue; the days you don't want to get out of bed; the long drawn-out work days when you want nothing more than to lie face down on your bed; the days where there doesn't seem to be enough time. They don't call it a challenge for nothing.

This is why we love our squat challenges and want to share them with you. On the surface it's a simple movement you do over and over again for a month. But through that month you'll find strength where you didn't expect it. That strength will carry you forward to whatever physical exercise or fitness challenge you want to pursue next.

And you'll be all the better for having tried.

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