Should You Buy the Body-Solid EXM 3000 Home Gym System?

Body-Solid EXM 3000
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  • Body-Solid EXM 3000
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This dynamic piece of machinery is designed to offer you the same quality of fitness exercises that you would receive from a specialized health club or full gym facility. This EXM 3000 multi-stationed home gym is manufactured and created by the popular Body-Solid® brand. They have been trusted and proven to create workout units that are compact but provide everything you need to deliver the results you’re looking for.

This innovative unit has a number of outstanding specifications that include safety measures such as easy access and selection of the two 210-lb weight stacks. The gym also features multiple functions that allow for multiple types of exercises that range from shoulder press, incline press, bench press, and chest supported mid-row exercises.

The section below examines some features in detail.

  • It is fitted with an adjustable Perfect Pec™ station has range limiters and allows you to regulate the intensity of the workout so that you can achieve the desirable results you are looking for. This feature also allows people of various sizes and strengths to use the home gym. Therefore, it can be perfect for family and even office use.
  • Its dimensions are 73″ x 91″ x 83″ which is enough to fit in any average home gym room without causing unnecessary inconveniences or taking up to much space. However, before use, you‘ll need a clearance space of at least 3 feet on all sides so that you can have a comfortable amount of room for usage.
  • It has a leg press station that is designed in the ratio 2:1 for more intense workouts and increasing the efficiency of your workouts; contrary to the traditional designs that adopted the Leg/Knee Extension. It also has extension room for you to add the Vertical Knee Raise VKR30 in case you want that extra option.
  • The material used to make the product is heavy gauge steel which has reliable strength, sturdiness, and rigidity. Consumers have said that this makes it very durable and long-lasting.
  • It is designed to be multi-user and allows up to three people to workout side by side.
  • It is contoured with DuraFirm™ pads that are thick and durable which is enough to protect and support your lumbar regions. This feature ensures that you don’t get physical injuries during the workouts while still offering a soft surface for you to feel comfortable with during exercises that require you to lie on your back the whole time.
  • For the sake of consistency, the gym does not allow cable changes. It is, therefore, advisable that you don’t tighten the pulleys fully during the installation process until you have run all the cables. This will ensure that you don’t need to change the cables and won’t have to start the installation process from scratch. Remember to fully tighten when you have run all the cables.
  • It has a footplate that is encased with rubber to reduce shock due to the impact between your foot and the footplate. Rubber also reduces friction and ensures that you don’t get internal or external injuries such as blisters whenever you’re working out at higher intensities. The footplate is also designed not to slip which is very important in providing you with extra stability.
  • It has two stack weights of 210-lb. they offer adequate resistance and are sufficient enough for home gym exercises of varying levels.


The primary use of the Body-Solid EXM 3000 is for building muscle and staying in shape because of its convent design which allows you to conduct a number of varying exercises that are good for many parts of your body.

Leg Press & Extension Exercises: it comes with a leg press which can be angled and adjusted to vary the concentration of certain leg muscle groups.

Lat-Pull Downs: it has a standard pull down bar which allows you to pull from the rear or front.

Standing Cable Curls: it has higher handles attached to resistant cables and offers an original curls exercise.

Pec Deck Exercises: these are exercises that are typically done using a pec deck machine and involve pulling cables using your arms (not hands). They are vital for building your arms and chest.

Reviews & Conclusion

This high-end home gym has gotten a lot of customer satisfaction. I’ll give this model from Body-Solid 4.3 stars. It is indeed a very ‘solid’ fitness machine. Also being highly ranked in the popular and most purchased exercise equipment category; this makes it a dominant contender in home gym technology for anyone wanting to get in shape.

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Summary: This machine has received excellent customer feedback and is a very comprehensive home gym solution. Great build quality, functionality and value for money.

RatingRated 4.5 stars

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