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by Jessie Simmons

Recently, I decided to purchase The Fat Diminisher program as it had been receiving a lot of coverage. The team here had also been asked if it is worth buying or not (or even if it was a scam), but frankly we didn’t know if the program was of high quality or not. Supposedly, the program’s creator (Wesley Virgin), is able to help users achieve substantial weight loss results in under a month using healthy strategies.

My review takes a close look at the program and the results it actually delivers for real customers.

There’s certainly a lot of hype and marketing around this diet. From heart attack victims to diabetics with lifetime struggles, there are stories saying Wesley has been able to get them into shape using only a fundamentally sound diet program – no crazy workouts or supplements necessary. Some claims say users lose on average 30 pounds in four weeks. I thought that seemed a little too good to be true when reviewing the marketing material/website.

What’s more, it is claimed the program can create a seven pound fat loss in week 1 alone. Again – seemed like a lot.

To be honest there were lots of questions I had about this program and its real-world fat loss results. You likely have some of the same questions too. Hopefully review provides comprehensive answers to help you make the right decision about whether this program is right for you.

Who Is This Program Designed For?

It makes sense to touch on this first because the program may not actually be designed for someone like you. The general criteria:

People who want to lose weight quickly but in a healthy manner, without committing to intense workout schedules.

Basically, the ‘average person’ (if there is such a thing) who is busy but just wants to get in better shape. This isn’t made for bodybuilders, people who want to hit the gym every day or anyone interested in using supplements/drugs to lose weight. You’re going to need to be able to stick with this for at least one month too, and also accept that changes in diet will be necessary.

Wesley provides shows examples of people who are in their fifties and older, with poor health and even people who are very busy and don’t have time to workout all day. We’ll take a look at some customer results later – some of the examples are fairly extreme.

The overall message is that it doesn’t actually matter how bad your health is (within reason) – you may feel like you’re too far gone but Wesley is confident that his methods can help you.

First Impressions of The Fat Diminisher Program

The program makes a bold first impression, but not in the way you might think.

Instead of the usual diet rhetoric and images of scantily clad twenty something’s we’re instead plunged into a story of a soldier’s near death experience. That soldier is the creator of Fat Diminisher, Wesley Virgin. Even when you grasp that fact it’s still hard to wonder what it has to do with fat loss initially.

Nevertheless, the story is engaging enough to watch the intro video – the longer it goes the more apparent the story becomes. Wesley was responsible for improving the fitness of the soldiers in his regiment and he found himself with a group of average middle-aged men and women who struggled to get fit.

You can see the full video here (it is fairly entertaining).

Wes hid the salt shaker from the table in the mess hall, he banned carbs from the diet of the soldiers and he even had them drinking a tonne of water each day in the hope that these things would help them shift those stubborn pounds.

Don’t worry, none of these ‘strategies’ are used inside the program.

Despite using conventional methods he found it hard to get the results his superiors demanded and according to the story, it was this proving ground that allowed Wesley Virgin to test new methods and tweak them based on the results the group were getting.

Over time, so the story goes, Wesley was apparently able to understand what changes were needed to help the trainees healthily shed a substantial amount of fat relatively quickly. It is these methods he learned that he now teaches in his group fitness classes and those same strategies used in the Fat Diminisher program.

Wes Discovers the Thai Severino Diet Plan

The turning point in Wes’s success was meeting someone called Severino who we are told was kicked out of Harvard Medical School because he was able to shed an unusual amount of fat in a short space of time using a particular Thai inspired weight loss plan. You might be wondering why that would get him kicked out rather than celebrated… apparently the reason for this is because Severino’s plan didn’t require expensive supplements. Certain corporate interests didn’t like this fact and wanted to make sure the Severino weight loss diet didn’t get too widely known.

In the initial video, Wes shows us some before-and-after photos from his customers which to demonstrate the results his newly learned Severino fat loss tactics can achieve. Before we continue with the this review, let’s briefly discuss those results.

What Result Can You Expect From the Program?

Wes goes to great lengths to make the point that the results his clients gets are the same results that the average person can achieve if they apply the methods in the Fat Diminisher program. I guess its good that ‘average’ people’s results are being used to sell the program, rather than outliers or people who followed a different and more strict system.

The first example that Wesley Virgin gives us is the Patricia Wron weight loss story. She was a 45 year old out-of-shape woman who had a sudden heart attack brought on by her weight and diet. The health scare prompted her to look at a better way to lead her life, after applying the methods of Wesley she lost 38lbs in around 4 weeks.

Wesley also shows us Patricia’s 33 day transformation in picture form with three pictures taken before, during and after as well as another before and after where you can visibly see the weight loss. It is interesting that Patricia Wron was literally incapable of doing any strenuous exercise, so diet and sensible eating alone is what got her into shape.

Some other example customers results (again it is mentioned these should be considered ‘average’):

  • Crystal from Houston says she lost 30 pounds and several inches. She found she’d gone from a size 15 to a size 9
  • Charles, also from Houston, lost 40 pounds in five and a half weeks and saved $200 per month he was spending on diabetic supplements that he didn’t have to buy anymore
  • Linda from Detroit who says she lost 30 pounds in her first month
  • James from Rockford, Illinois who lost 20 pounds in less than four weeks while on the road travelling with work

Next we’re shown an email from Jennifer from Little Rock, Arkansas who tells Wesley she’s lost 26 pounds in 33 days – seven and a half pounds per week since she started.

These do appear to back up the weight loss claims made in the program’s promotions. We’ve included a link below to watch the customer feedback though, as we’d recommend you make you own decisions about it.

Here is the link to see those user comments and before/after images etc.

Wesley does put a fair amount of emphasis on the point that this isn’t a get skinny quick program, even though the results and time frame might suggest it. He mentions that it’s a longer term program which has a quick kick start at the beginning but then gradually delivers further weight loss with each week. Fair enough.

What Do You Need to do to Get The Results?

I was skeptical about the level of effort required to achieve the results that supposedly average people were getting.

The stats for the number of people who buy diet books and programs that never make it off the shelf is scary. Knowledge is powerful but it’s the application of knowledge which makes it more so – simply put- if you don’t follow the program you can’t expect to get the results promised.

Here’s how the Fat Diminsher works, and what you’ll need to do…

Wes assumes you’re in the market for a weight loss plan because you have problem that you acknowledge and you recognize that it’s time to change.

The next step is to put that new way of living into practice.

This program focuses on the fact that when it comes to losing weight the success comes from daily habits which form routines – and routines which create results.

Creating long-lasting habits is a key focus of the program.

The daily habits are to follow the eating recommendations and to do the simple exercises as laid out in the book. Examples:

  • Reducing your intake of refined, process carbs that promote fat storage
  • Eating more whole foods
  • Getting more of the right herbs and minerals in your diet
  • Knowing how to react if you ‘fall off the wagon’
  • How to make better choices in social eating/drinking situations without excluding yourself

Basically, it is about making small choices which promote weight loss and getting used to doing so – they add up.

Try not to change anything and stay as true to the program as possible. If you’re asked to do something, understand that it’s for your own good and it will help you get the results you want. As far as I can see all of the recommended lifestyle changes and ‘habit’ changes are sensible, and will promote fat loss.

A Note About Timeframes for Results

One good thing about the Fat Diminisher program is that the initial results are usually fairly quick.

Quick enough that they should provide enough encouragement for you to keep following the rules over the duration. It’s by sticking with the program you’ll get the results you want. Hopefully people will notice your weight loss quickly, providing further encouragement.

Keep this in mind: Habits take around 4 weeks days to form. If you’re sticking with the program recommendations for the 28 day period things will be a lot easier than they were in week 1. This also means your weight loss should be able to be maintained and you won’t just ‘go back to your old ways’.

Unfortunately that’s how habits work – they take time to form, but do become stronger with time.

What Did I Like About The Program’s Approach to Fat Loss?

The main positives surrounding the Fat Diminisher program for me:

  • Speed of results, without cutting corners
  • The number customer success stories
  • The type of people who have done well with the program

Let’s address them in reverse order.

Firstly, Wesley Virgin has had the advantage of training thousands of people both in the military and also in his group fitness classes. These were largely everyday people, many of whom were out of shape and simply not prepared to rely on working out for fat loss.

Working one-on-one is great but having a number of “test subjects” to work with allowed Wesley to test his methods and get a large amount of real-world feedback. I guess he kept refining things until they worked consistently for the average Joe, hence all of the customer testimonials he’s able to provide.

The third aspect which makes this program different from many others is the speed of results. We live in a “right-now” society where we want things immediately and unfortunately fat loss doesn’t work like that. The Fat Diminisher program gets you the first signs of weight loss quite quickly. This can be very motivating for people who have struggled to lose weight for many years.

A Note About Delivery of The Content

The program is available only as a digital download, which for me is both good and bad.

The eBook format makes it instantly accessible, so you can get going right away. Having to wait five to thirty days for the content to arrive via mail would be frustrating at best and demotivating at worst. I went through the content fairly quickly upon receiving it and the reading was fairly easy. Getting started on your weight loss journey within a few hours is definitely possible with the program.

On the other hand, many people don’t like to HAVE to read things on a computer screen or tablet. It would be nice to perhaps have a physical copy of the content sent as well, so you can get started with the digital version and then use a hard copy when it arrives. I guess that would increase the price though.


What Other Reviews Fail To Tell You?

Many of the reviews out there on the Fat Diminisher Program are light on the details; from the looks of them I doubt many of them have actually bought the program and seen behind the curtain like I have.

I’ve tried hard to make this the most comprehensive review available, as I’ve actually studied the program in detail.

The one thing most reviewers fail to tell you about the program is that you will be required to make time to gather all the relevant ingredients needed for the nutrition side of things. Ideally you’ll be to making smoothies and preparing new meals you’re probably not used to.

If you’re used to just microwaving convenience food there will be an adaption period needed where you get used to making the time; however, it’s a small sacrifice when you consider the extra years healthier eating and a more managing weight can add to your life. It will become a habit too.

After a week or I found it fairly easy. You’ll be given a shopping list, foods and recipes you can use every week, you’ll start to know where you need to go to pick up the vegetables and fruits you need, as well as key vegetables to avoid. Also, the cooking time is fairly short which means you’ll be able to make the food for the full day in around thirty minutes per day.

The Actual Fat Diminisher Diet Plan

The Fat Diminisher diet plan is rooted in good old fashioned healthy eating and common sense (nothing revolutionary). The key features of the diet plan are:

  • High quality protein – Protein is the building block for your muscles which helps your body take shape so that when you drop pounds and tighten up your body transforms rather than leaving you lighter but still soft
  • Healthy fats – Many diets drop fat out completely and as a result they limit their results unwittingly. Without an adequate amount of healthy fat the body is unable to produce the hormones it needs for regular function as well as body fat loss such as testosterone which is important to help you keep muscle and shape your body.
  • Minerals and nutrients – The diet has a lot of vegetables and nutrient rich foods which help you to cover all of your nutritional bases. Getting in shape is great but it’s important to be able to have a healthy body, after all, we only get one of them so we need to look after it. This is even more important when you consider that most of the people who buy The Fat Diminisher program have created a significant amount of metabolic damage as a result of their past diet so taking control of this quickly is critical.
  • Carbohydrates – Yes, in a diet book. The dirty word for dieters everywhere is found in this book a lot. The Fat Diminisher program encourages you to eat more carbs, but to make better choices. Specifically to avoid fast digesting “white“ carbs and instead focus on slow releasing carbs which regulate blood sugar so you don’t get spikes which give you hunger pangs and derail your diet.
  • Eating meals slowly – By eating slowly we get over the “20 minute” trick our brain plays on us which can cause us to overeat and feel bloated afterwards. The theory here is that it takes the brain 20 minutes to realise the stomach is full so during this period we keep eating when we’ve already eaten enough. By chewing slowly we overcome this problem and eat just enough to satisfy our hunger.
  • Drinking a lot of water – Drinking lots of water is good for a number of reasons. Firstly, drinking lots of water helps to keep you feeling full. It’s often said that when you feel hungry it’s actually a sign of dehydration. The “5 clear urinations per day” is a good target to aim for rather than “X” liters per day of water and this is clearly what Wesley is working towards. There’s also a little calorie burn if you drink ice cold water as the body uses calories to heat the water up to body temperature. Lastly, additional water helps to mobilize fat cells – that means that you can literally flush the fat out of your body. When you are in a calorie deficit (e.g. you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in) your body breaks the fats down and they are mobilized from fat cells into the bloodstream where they are “burned”. It’s water that helps to mobilize them so this recommendation is well worthwhile.
  • Regular low fat meals – The Fat Diminisher program also encourages regular low fat meals. This is designed to reduce dangerous LDL cholesterol which has long been linked to a raft of diseases. The diet takes a sensible approach and doesn’t force you into stupidly low fat meals but rather offers the dieter enough healthy fats to let the body thrive and then asks the dieter to limit any of the other “bad” fat sources from their diet.
  • Eat Leafy Greens – The staple of many other diets and for good reason. Leafy green vegetables allow the dieter to get a wealth of vitamins and minerals and they are filling with next to no calories. Iron is particularly prevalent and is a useful mineral to support your body transformation goals. There is a list of vegetables to avoid in the Fat Diminisher too, which is quite helpful and will be surprising to some people. The program also stresses the importance of other herbs and minerals for weight loss too, which you may not be eating regularly currently.
  • Get rid of carbonated drinks – The Fat Diminisher diet also asks the dieter to cut out carbonated soft drinks from the diet; usually because they contain high levels of sugar. Some diets allow sugar-free soft drinks but the artificial sweetener in them can cause hunger pangs and there is evidence to suggest they still negatively affect blood sugar levels so they are best to be avoided too.

This presentation explains a little more about what’s inside the plan

Comparisons With Other Similar Plans

There are many rapid fat loss diet plans out there which use similar principles including the Three Week Diet, The Cruise Control Program and The Venus Factor Program. We’ve tried and reviewed them separately, but the Fat Diminisher in my opinion is a narrow favorite due to its simplicity and fast results.

More famously, there are the P90X/Insanity type solutions which require aggressive exercise plans and a lot of time commitment, instead of focusing just on diet diet.  P90X and insanity get a lot of attention and they sell a lot of DVD’s but after seeing a lot of people go through the program I find the results to be below par, mostly because the stick-rate is low (a lot of commitment and a huge amount of willpower needed).

The workouts in these intense programs are fine and the diet advice (although being largely an afterthought) is fundamentally sound but the program is often too intense, too soon for the majority. Asking a 250 pound person to go through the workouts is hard enough but to get them to persist for the duration is near impossible. It’s the reason why personal trainers get their clients doing easy things which they enjoy to begin with and then ramp up the intensity from there. P90X etc instead takes them straight into the intense cardio based workouts which can and often does cause people to give up because it all feels like too much work.

Then we have the Atkins diet which succeeds largely by restricting carbohydrate levels to trick the dieter into thinking the diet is working. What they don’t tell you is that the “fat loss” is often mostly water.

The body stores three grams of water for every gram of carbohydrates stored which means that if you restrict carbohydrate consumption drastically you can cut a lot of water quickly – that’s where the 10+ pounds per week weight loss comes from.

The problem is, as soon as you reintroduce carbohydrates the body restores the water balance and you’re back where you started or at best a few pounds of fat lighter.

The three week diet is similar to the Fat Diminisher program in that it promises dramatic weight loss in a short period of time and because the diet and workout advice is similar. With that said, it’s the double your money back guarantee which makes the Fat Diminisher program better in my opinion so that’s my choice.

Tips for Getting The Most You Can and Getting Through The Program

There are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best results from this program. Number one, it’s important you follow the program as it is laid out by Wes.

You might be tempted to make modifications or customize it for yourself but do yourself a favour and stick to the script as closely as possible and you’ll get far better results.

Secondly, don’t expect miracles within days. For some people it takes a little longer to get results so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the immediate results the people on the sales page get.

There are many people who get no results and then after a period of days they experience a sudden rapid fat loss that equals the amount they would have lost if they lost a little every day. These are called “Whooshes” and are fairly common so whether it’s little-by-little or in big whooshes the good news is the fat will shift just have faith and stick to the program.

Fibre is especially useful to help mobilize stools and get the scale dropping so if you experience a “blockage” then increase your water and fibre intake and before long you’ll see the scale move in your favour.

You should also try to incorporate little amounts of your favourite foods to keep you on the wagon. When you get a craving it’s often better to indulge in it very lightly than try to suppress it as often this causes it to come back with a vengeance and derail your diet completely when you go “off-diet” for a week before starting again.

If you have a sweet tooth a square of very dark chocolate can be enough to satisfy the craving and then get you back on the road to success.

If you do fall off then it can actually work in your favour. There is science to overeating which is known as a reefed. A period where calories and carbs are purposely overeaten to release the hormone leptin which is the fat burning switch is a basic description of a reefed.

When you diet for extended periods the body thinks it is starving and after a while it stops the fat loss to keep you alive. When you have a reefed with an abundance of calories and carbohydrates the body is “reset” as it recognizes it’s not starving and the hormone leptin flicks the fat burning switch back to fat loss mode.

So if you do fall off the wagon, treat it as a reefed and get back on the wagon immediately.

Should You Buy?

As humans we have this peculiar trait which makes us think we’re special and that we need something specifically for us to achieve any results.   The truth is a solid set of principles is all we need to follow but to alleviate any scepticism Wesley includes a full sixty day money back guarantee so you can try the program out for the full sixty days and see for yourself what type of results you can get.

The regular price is $37, but currently you can get access for $19.99 super-easily (I explain how below in red). If you’re happy with your results then you can keep the eBook, if you’re not then you can request a refund of the program cost and receive a no-questions asked refund in a prompt fashion.

Better that that, not only will you get a refund of the $37.00 you spent on the program; Wesley will give you a 200% refund – that’s how confident he is that the program will work for you.

That means you’ll get back $74.00 if you feel it wasn’t worth your while – literally no risk to you to try the program – that’s a bold move from Wesley and should give you confidence in the ability of his program to deliver the results it promises.

More details about the refund policy are at the end of this video

How to Get The Discount – $19.99 PRICE TIP:

1. Visit the main website HERE and wait for the video to start.

2. Go to close your browser tab by clicking on the X in the top right corner

3. You’ll see a popup offering a discounted price. Now click the OK button to be taken to a section where you can buy for $19.99 instead of $37.

That’s what I did and it worked perfectly.


In Summary

When you have a desire to lose fat as quickly as possible there are a lot of programs out there to choose from; a real minefield.

For the person who is out of shape it’s even harder, the harsh reality is that they didn’t know enough about what to eat and how to exercise to stay in shape – that makes them open to abuse from people who claim to have the answer for them.

Even the honest guys there like the P90X guys might be misleading them because although the program works if you don’t complete it you won’t get the results and therefore the person looking for a program needs a program that can work with them – a program they can stick to after the initial motivation has worn off and the hard work sets in.

The Fat Diminisher diet is fairly close to the perfect diet, in my opinion, for people who are short on time, at any stage of health and fitness who just want simple rules to follow and quick results to encourage them.

At a very affordable $37.00 ($19.99 with if you follow the steps for the discount in red above) and with the double your money back guarantee I’d definitely recommend this program.

I wouldn’t waste time on other research and inferior programs; head over to the official site and pick up your copy and start the journey toward your new body and your new life.

Click Here to get the program at the lowest price online

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Summary: The Fat Diminisher Diet program provides a straight forward, proven plan to lose fat in a very reasonable timeframe (28 days for great results). We’d highly recommend trying it out.

$19.99 to $37.00
RatingRated 4.5 stars

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  1. I am interested in the Fat Diminishing Program but I need to know if a vegan,vegetarian diet can be followed. I have been vegetarian for 43 years and vegan for a short while. Please let me know and also is there a phone number I can call to make the payment? Thank you very much!

  2. I definately want to try but don’t get my check untill the first of June! I am 65, Ben overweight all my life, diet after diet. ….. So tired, I am old but would still just once in my life be the right weight. I Ben trying for years but always lose very little then gain it back. I have already started eating healthy, feel better but haven’t lost only few pounds in months, would have already given up if not for my daughter. I have dieted with others ate what they did, ate less than hay did, still I seem stuck, they lose, I have motivated others who succeeded for that I am happy, but I van did the military diet to the letter, I lost, .4 oz, and gagged some of the foods down but made sure I did it exact . Please if you can send me this location to my email, I don’t know how to get back to it on the first of June.

  3. Do we have a prayer on this diet being GF, dairy free and nightshade free, hate cooked veggies and love sugar?

  4. Interested in losing 20 lbs have colitis and maybe starting new medication next week have just been on prednisone since November 2nd and gained 5pounds since

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