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A Piyo workout a day is a great way to start eating healthy and getting fit. Sometimes it can be difficult to become motivated to do these things and we understand.

Being fit and eating healthy are not only good things to do, but they super trendy these days. With more awareness brought to healthier lifestyles, people of all ages are trying to change their diets to include healthier foods and exercise on a regular basis.

Because there’s such a huge market for health and wellness products right now, there is an influx of fitness trends and experiences you can engage in. With so many different exercise programs on the market, it can be tough to know which one to choose or which you’ll benefit most from.

Yoga and Pilates are both exercise programs that produce great results for people. Classes for both have become extremely popular, and many like to take both because of the different benefits each provides. Because of this, the new buzz word on the streets is PiYo. A PiYo workout is a great option for people looking for low impact workouts that they still can get major benefits from.


What Is A PiYo Workout?

PiYo is pretty much exactly as it sounds: a workout designed to combine elements of Pilates and Yoga. It’s not simply individual moves from each workout, but instead a professionally designed workout aimed to be fun, low impact and challenging.

The PiYo workout is designed to tone your muscles, burn calories, help you with your balance and get your muscles stretched to peak performance. With no weights or jumping involved, PiYo is an ideal exercise regimen for beginners and intermediate exercisers of all ages. If you have injuries or joint problems, it can be a great option as well! The creator of PiYo designed the program to be accessible to people of all ages and physical fitness levels.

To get a sneak peek at what the exercises are like, watch this video:

What it Does

Pilates is designed to help you build and sculpt lean muscle. In contract, Yoga helps you improve your balance, flexibility and fluid movement. You get the best elements from both plans! When you do a PiYo workout, you can expect an action-packed, fast-paced session where you’re constantly moving, toning and sweating off those unwanted pounds. It is designed to work on all of the fitness aspects of shaping, building, and defining your muscles. PiYo isadvertised and reviewed to be low impact for all ages with great results. The most important thing is that they make it easy to follow along with the videos, so it’s good for people of all ages.
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Piyo Workout Reviews

Low Impact

This is great for people who struggle with difficult stretches, jumps, or cardio exercises like running or jogging. Customers agree that this program is truly designed for anyone to do including young children, pregnant women, or very physically fit people who need to take it easy to recover from injuries. If your doctor told you to cut back on the high-impact exercises, a PiYo workout is a great alternative.

If you’re a seasoned fitness expert looking for something to really challenge you, this isn’t the best choice. It’s designed to be more low-key and less intensive than other popular workout programs. In these workouts 200-400 calories are burned per session which isn’t a lot compared to other activities. If you’re looking for something that burns more calories you may want to try more intense programs that you can find by searching online or checking the other reviews on our website.

Everything Is Included

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, you’ll love this! The PiYo workout dvd set comes with ten separate workouts on three DVDs and it’s easy enough that you can even do them from home. Your quick start guide is there to help you get going on your healthy lifestyle journey. The PiYo workout 60 day calendar helps you create a routine and stick to it. There is also a Get Lean eating plan to supplement your workout with proper eating suggestions so that you can maximize your weight loss and sculpting results.

A tape measure is included so that you can keep track of your progress. Finally, you have the Buns workout to help you tighten and tone those problem areas. Even the critics were hard pressed to find a con in this area, considering the price is actually affordable for most budgets, with the whole kit averaging about sixty dollars.

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Requires No Equipment

PiYo is convenient and easy to use. If you own a yoga mat and yoga shoes, they’ll definitely make your workout a bit easier but aren’t required. You simply need your body weight for this workout to be effective. Another plus to PiYo workouts is that they are relatively short, ranging from twenty-five to forty-five minutes long. They suggest doing the workouts on a weekly basis, (six times per week) in order to achieve your maximum results.

Each workout chooses different problem areas to target, so you aren’t working the same muscles over and over. They break the workout plan down in an easy-to-understand chart.

Also, if you prefer a four or five-day-a-week workout plan, simply take it at your own speed. You might not see results as quickly or dramatically but your body will still hugely benefit from the exercise.

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Appeals To Target Demographic

While PiYo is designed to be appropriate for any and all demographics, it tends to be most popular with women. Females of all ages find the pace and difficulty to be really beneficial. With the hybrid workout routines available to combine PiYo and Insanity or other high impact programs, even the hardcore audience can appreciate this exercise program.

PiYo Workouts Program Targets Problem Areas

A complaint about many workout programs is that they only target one or just a few specific areas. This leaves you to look elsewhere if you’re trying to get a full-body workout. Sometimes this frustration makes people stop exercising altogether which isn’t good. You don’t have that excuse with a PiYoworkout. It targets, sculpts and defines just about every muscle in your body.

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How Is A piyo Workout Designed?

PiYo workout includes eight different workouts including:

1. Align

With the basic fundamental positions, you will learn to align your body to get optimal results.

2. Define Upper Body 

You’ll work on defining your triceps and shoulders.

3. Define Lower Body

This workout will work on your legs, including your calves and hamstrings.

4. Sweat

Yoga based positions and resistance exercises in this workout combine to give you solid cardio and strength training.

5. Core

Just as it advertises, this workout focuses on your abs and core muscles.

6. Strength Intervals 

This one is a fast-paced but shorter workout designed to eliminate fat as you move quickly from strength to cardio and back.

7. Drench 

Yes, that’s a warning. This is probably the toughest endurance workout of the set. Working every muscle in your body to maximize fat loss, you will sweat. And sweat. And probably sweat some more.

8. Sculpt 

In this workout, you will be stretching your muscles for extended periods of time to define and sculpt each muscle.

What Can You Eat?

Following the PiYo diet is considered to be an integral part of the routine, helping to optimize your results. This diet is called the PiYo Get Lean Eating Plan. It’s simply a healthy diet that consists of 40% carbs, 35% proteins, and 25% healthy fats each day. These foods consist of primary vegetables, secondary vegetables and grains, fresh fruit, lean protein, and healthy fats in a combination designed to help you fuel your body so that you can use that energy in your workout. Because of this, eating right is crucial to being productive, and this is especially so when you are working out six days a week.

Included in the workout package is instructions to help you determine how many calories you should eat in order to give yourself enough energy and to lose weight. You then match that caloric amount to one of the four meal plans that are provided with the PiYo diet, and you have a recipe for successful weight loss.

Does It Work?

Yes! There are many success stories from people who have seen great results from following the PiYo workout routine. Fitness experts agree that this is a great breakthrough in low impact workout plan. They want to get the word out about PiYo in order to get more people exercising, since it’s so manageable for many people. As with any workout and diet plan, results to differ from person to person.

Since the workout is designed to be low impact, you might feel like you’re not getting as full of a workout. If you still want to build cardio or other more strenuous exercises into your routine, doing PiYo is a great option for your rest days. It’s good to mix up the variety and type of exercises you’re getting so your body doesn’t get used to the same thing over and over.

PiYo is very new to the fitness market but has received rave reviews so far. If you hate to exercise, you should definitely give a PiYo workout a try. It’s affordable, popular with a wide variety of people, and has scientific evidence to prove it’s good for your body.

So, if you’re looking for maximum results, combine this strategy and workout schedule with a clean and healthy eating plan and workout five to six days a week. Remember to give yourself time to adjust and not to expect life-changing results overnight. As with anything, it takes time to and persistence to see major changes but if you stick with it, you’ll eventually start to see the positive change!

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