Thinking About Cleansing Using Apple Cider Vinegar? Here’s What You Could Stand to Gain


This cleanse is a great way for you to improve your overall health and sense of wellbeing. Sometimes known as the liver cleanse, this brown liquid detox drink is made from crushed fermented apples. While pasteurized versions are available, most cleanse recipes do recommend that you find unfiltered unpasteurized variations for the bulk of the health benefits, including high levels of potassium and nutrients that are lost during the pasteurization process.

Benefits of the Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse

apple cider vinegar glassAs you begin the cleanse, you’ll experience a number of benefits associated with it. This includes several unique benefits like the removal of toxins, boosted liver health and even lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels. All of which can lead to a better life.

Flushes the Body of Mucus

When you consume this mixture, it will begin to break down phlegm buildup in the body, mucous and even fat deposits. In theory, this flushing will help to boost the health of your entire body.

Remove Toxins from the Body

Thanks to the high levels of minerals, nutrients and enzymes in the vinegar, you’ll find that your body begins to expel toxins from it. This is an important part of the apple cider vinegar liver cleanse as it is helping to expel the toxic buildup of the liver. This flushing will help to curb some of the ailments that you may be experiencing and can help you to feel better. As an added bonus, it will also help to balance the PH level of your body.

Boost Potassium Levels

Low potassium is a concern that many people face. When it becomes too low, there can be concerns with blood pressure, bone health and even hair loss. Apples are naturally high in potassium and apple cider vinegar can help to boost the potassium levels in your body as part of the cleanse. This will help to strengthen teeth, fingernails, hair and even help to improve your blood pressure naturally.

Lower LDL Levels

When you use unfiltered and unpasteurized vinegar as part of your liver cleanse, you’ll benefit from the pectin that is found in the vinegar. Pectin is a form of fiber that is naturally found in apples that is water soluble. This can help you to better regulate the LDL in your body, while helping to also lower the fat in your body. LDL is the bad cholesterol that can be attributed to a number of cardiovascular events.

Improve Digestion

As it helps to break down fat in the body, it will also help to boost your digestion. When you routinely take it before meals, you’ll notice that your digestive health begins to improve over a short period of time and you should actually experience acid indigestion less frequently.

Enhance Skin Health

With regular consumption, you’ll also notice a boost to health of your skin. Since you are regulating the PH levels in your body, you should notice fewer breakouts and have smoother, clearer skin. The alpha hydroxy acid it contains has been shown to help reduce oily skin and that means that you should experience fewer clogged pores. You can enhance this effect by rubbing some on your skin with a cotton ball for targeted skin improvement.

Better Immunity

With an increase in vitamins and nutrients, you should notice that you are able to improve your health. As the toxins are removed from your body, you will be able to combat the common cold and even the flu. In fact, if you find you are getting a cold, experiencing food poisoning or have a sore throat, place 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into some hot water and enjoy it. You’ll notice an improvement fairly quickly. In fact, if you are putting off your cleanse due to these health ailments, this can help you to find the respite you are looking for and allow you to begin the process faster.

Balance Blood Sugar Levels

While doing the cleanse, participants experience a hidden benefit. That is the fact that is naturally helps to balance blood sugar levels. That doesn’t mean it cures diabetes by any means, but those who stuck with this cleanse for a period of time noticed a significant improvement to their blood sugar levels.

Burn off Excess Weight

As part of a 12 week study in Japan, the use of apple cider vinegar that is used in the cleanse was used to determine if there was any additional benefits to people. During this time, it was determined that the vinegar helped participants to actually lose weight. That makes this cleanse beneficial for those interested in quickly losing weight and boosting their overall health. In fact, some researchers have suggested that when you consume the vinegar, it can actually help you to trigger genes that have been shown to break down fats.

The Health of Your Liver

Obviously, the major benefit associated with the apple cider vinegar liver cleanse is the impact on your liver. For the liver, this can help to remove a buildup of toxins, help you to better metabolize fats and to better secrete bile during the digestion process. While this can help to improve the function of your liver, you do need to take a proactive approach and help to further improve the health of the liver. Avoid toxic substances when possible, consume more whole, organic foods and ensure that you properly cleanse your system with plenty of water.

If you are concerned about the health of your liver, a cleanse can be a great option. With the additional benefits for the rest of your body, it is something to strongly consider. Just keep in mind that before you begin any diet and cleanse, you need to speak to your doctor. They can help you to determine if the apple cider vinegar liver cleanse is a safe option for you. After all, everyone’s medical history is different and what might be perfectly safe for one person, might be a problem for another person.

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